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Thinking About Contacting Minc Law? Here’s What to Expect

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If you are the target of internet defamation, online extortion, sextortion, or another form of internet harassment, taking the first step to contact a law firm can feel like an overwhelming task.

At Minc Law, we strive to make your initial experience with us as straightforward and painless as possible. When you contact Minc Law to help resolve your internet issue, you can expect the following process:

  • You can contact us via telephone, chat representative, or website contact form to schedule your initial no-obligation consultation with our intake team;
  • We will ask you to provide as much information as possible about your internet issue;
  • A Minc Law intake specialist will assess your legal issue and determine if we are the right fit for you and your situation;
  • Our intake team will discuss the potential cost for the consult and help you determine the appropriate consult for your unique needs; and
  • A Minc Law intake specialist will pair you with an attorney who is right for you.

In this article, we explain how to contact Minc Law to schedule your initial no-obligation consultation. Then, we list the information you should provide when contacting us, and what you can expect after your initial contact.

How Do I Contact Minc Law?

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with a phone call, while others prefer speaking to a real person right away. For your convenience and comfort, our firm can be contacted in one of three ways:

  • By telephone at (216) 373-7706;
  • Via chat with a Minc Law chat representative on our website; and
  • Using our website contact form.

No matter how you decide to contact us, any communication with our team is kept completely confidential. You are not legally obligated to hire our firm or give us any information you do not feel comfortable sharing.

However, keep in mind that our intake specialists will ask for information about your case to evaluate the matter and determine if we can assist you.

Internet Defamation lawyer Checklist

Telephone Call

The most direct way to contact Minc Law is by phone at (216) 373-7706. The benefits of speaking on the phone include immediate feedback and clear communication. Also, hearing a real person’s voice can comfort and reassure victims of harassment that someone else is on their side and working to resolve the issue.

While you can call our office number any time of the day or night, our business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM EST. If you call us at another time, our after-hours representatives will take your information. Our staff will then return your call the next business day.

However, for emergency situations (such as sextortion), an after-hours representative will put you in touch with an attorney immediately if one is available.

Providing Information About Your Case Over the Phone

Due to the types of cases Minc Law handles, most of our callers inquire about matters involving privacy violations, defamation, and sexual extortion. It is completely understandable to be nervous or hesitant to share details about your sensitive and private legal issue. However, no matter how bad or embarrassing you believe your case to be, our team has likely dealt with that exact situation.

Every staff member at Minc Law is dedicated to providing an empathetic and judgment-free space so clients (and potential clients) can feel comfortable confiding in us. Remember, any information that you share with us is completely confidential and legally privileged.

We have seen the worst of internet harassment and scams, and we understand how difficult it can be for victims.

Even if you do not mind discussing your legal matter in detail, there may be other logistical hurdles that could make calling us difficult. For instance, you may not be in a private place and do not feel safe speaking to us where others may hear. If calling our office is not an option, you can contact Minc Law through a chat representative.

Speak With a Chat Representative

Starting a chat session with one of Minc Law’s live chat representatives is an effective way to make first contact since you can communicate in real-time with an actual person, even if the office is closed. Also, a chat representative can inform you immediately if your case is one that our firm can handle.

A Minc Law chat representative’s primary objective is to obtain as much relevant information about you and your internet issue as possible. That way, our intake team may comprehensively assess your claim and determine whether we are the right fit for your matter.

Please keep in mind, however, that the Minc Law chat representative is not an attorney and cannot provide you with legal advice or pricing information.

For a more in-depth explanation of expected costs for your internet issue, we recommend checking out our Minc Law Pricing Page.

Filling Out the Website Contact Form

If you do not need to speak with a Minc Law employee or representative in real-time, we recommend filling out our online contact form.

After submitting this form, you will receive an automated email response confirming receipt. A Minc Law intake specialist will then be in touch within one business day to discuss your case’s details and guide you through the intake process.

Please remember that anything you share on the contact form or with an intake specialist is kept private and confidential. This is an ethical obligation and cornerstone of our industry and practice.

When filling out the contact form, please be as thorough as possible so our intake team can effectively evaluate your matter and connect you with the help you need. In the next section, we detail the kinds of information requested in the intake process.

What Information Will I Need to Provide When I Contact Minc Law?

To enable us to begin working on your defamation, sextortion, or online harassment matter as quickly and efficiently as possible, we ask that you please provide us with as much information as you can. The more in-depth an explanation and robust the resources and/or documentation you provide to the intake specialist, the better we can maximize your initial, no-obligation consultation.

At a minimum, we ask that you provide us with the following information:

  • Details of your internet-related issue;
  • The websites or direct URLs to the content in question;
  • How long the harassment or harmful content has been a problem;
  • Confirmation that you have legal authorization to start an attorney-client relationship (which may be an issue if you are a minor or are contacting us on behalf of another person or business);
  • Your budget expectations;
  • Your goals and objectives for retaining our law firm’s services; and
  • Any other background information you can provide, such as evidence of communications, screenshots, documents, contracts, or anything else you feel might be relevant.

This information allows our intake specialists to assess your matter, explore your legal options and remedies, and determine the appropriate attorney to handle your case. Once again, upholding your privacy is paramount and we will not share your information with anyone.

In some cases, your internet-related issue may not even require the assistance of a Minc Law attorney. For example, Minc Law paralegals handle most guaranteed content removals from specific websites, such as cheater and public shaming sites. Our team is experienced and adept at removing content from these websites—but if we are somehow unable to secure its removal, we provide a refund.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them during your initial contact with our firm. Not only will asking questions help save time, but it will help us both decide if Minc Law is the right fit for you.

If you contact us by phone, please have all of the above information on hand and be prepared to provide it to the intake specialist. Depending on what you share during your initial contact, we may follow up later with more questions.

What Happens After the Initial Contact With Minc Law?

After you contact Minc Law and provide all the necessary information to assess your claim, our intake specialist will determine whether we are the right fit for you.

Our firm handles internet-related issues for both individuals and businesses, such as:

We also provide online reputation management, expert witness services, and digital risk protection services. Check the Our Services page on our website to see a full list and explanation of each, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

If your problem is unrelated to the internet, it is likely we will be unable to take your case. In that situation, our intake specialist will endeavor to provide a referral and point you to further resources for resolving your matter.

You can also reference our article about other top online defamation service providers that we recommend contacting if we are unable to help.

If you need an attorney’s assistance, you can also contact your local bar association for help or a referral to one of their member attorneys. For example, if you are located in Ohio, you can use the Ohio State Bar Association’s Find a Lawyer online search tool.

Scheduling Your Attorney Consult

After assessing your internet issue and determining that we are the right fit, we will schedule your consultation with a Minc Law attorney.

At Minc Law, while we do offer free consultations in limited circumstances, most matters require a paid consultation. All paid consultations at Minc Law are one hour long and start at $500. For more complex matters, however, the consult fee may be $750 to allow additional time for the attorney to review the details of your case and conduct necessary research.

Consultations are generally scheduled by video conference call (over Zoom) or by phone within 24 to 48 hours after your initial communication with our intake team. If your initial contact with Minc Law was by website contact form or chat session, a Minc Law intake specialist will email you back to schedule your attorney consultation.

The intake specialist will pair you with the most appropriate Minc Law professional to handle your case. To find the right attorney for you and your matter, we consider a number of factors, such as:

  • The type of legal issue at hand,
  • Your budget, and
  • Your personal preferences.

For example, if your intimate photos or videos have been distributed online, you may want an attorney of your same gender handling your case. To represent you to the best of our ability, we need you to be as comfortable as possible. Of course, if you want a specific attorney, we are more than happy to accommodate your request.

If your legal matter is an emergency, a same-day consultation is possible. An intake specialist will let you know if an emergency consult is right for you, the cost for that consult, and if we have an attorney available at that time. The fee for same-day or after-hours emergency consultations starts at $500.

For further reading, please see our comprehensive article ‘Free vs. Paid Consults: Understanding Minc Law’s Attorney Consultation Policy’.

How We Conduct Consultations

Consultations are critical for resolving your legal issue because they provide Minc Law attorneys with an in-depth look at your case. But just as importantly, they allow you and your attorney to meet and decide if an effective attorney-client relationship is possible.

We conduct most initial Minc Law consultations through a Zoom video conference. However, if you are more comfortable speaking by phone (or do not have an appropriate place to have a video chat), we are happy to accommodate you.

Please be sure you are in a quiet and private place for your Zoom or phone consultation. You likely do not want anyone else to hear you describe the details of your situation to our Minc Law attorney. On our side, attorney-client privilege protects what you share during your initial consultation. This privilege holds true even if you do not hire us to represent you.

If you are in the Cleveland area, you are more than welcome to have an in-person initial consultation at the Minc Law office. Just let the scheduling intake specialist know you would like to meet in person, and we will make arrangements for you to visit our office.

What Happens During the Attorney Consultation?

The goal of the first consultation with a Minc Law attorney is to discuss your legal issue, your rights, and the legal remedies available to you. The intake specialist will provide your attorney with your background so they can be prepared to answer your questions and discuss your case in detail.

During your initial no-obligation consultation, we will discuss the details of your case. The attorney will strive to understand your end goal and lay out the legal options (and associated costs) for your matter.

After the consultation, our team will send you an engagement letter within 24 hours. We encourage you to read this letter thoroughly before signing.

Please see our comprehensive guide for a detailed explanation of what happens during and after your attorney consultation.

Need Legal Help With an Internet-Related Issue?

If you have read this far, you are likely facing a difficult internet harassment or privacy-related issue and want to resolve it as quickly as possible. Our team at Minc Law is here to help you stop online harassment and restore your reputation as quickly and painlessly as possible.

“I am so happy with the first class service I received. Thank you for helping me re-claim my good name!”

Steve G, MD

Feb 5, 2023

Do not hesitate to contact us via any of the three primary methods of contact:

If you still are not ready to schedule an initial no-obligation consultation with our intake team (or you would like to learn more about internet-related legal issues), we recommend exploring Minc Law’s Legal Resource Center.

Contact Minc Law

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