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Top Online Defamation & Cyber Investigation Services

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Here at Minc Law, we value transparency. We’re honest with prospective clients if we think another company can better serve their needs. Online defamation of character services are not a one-size-fits-all solution and there are many reputable service providers who offer services that we do not.

We provide a variety of legal services for an array of online defamation problems, but we may not always be the best fit for your needs. Fortunately, you have options even if we cannot help.

Our goal is simply to ensure you receive the best, most efficient service, even if that means referring you to another company.

In general, Minc Law will not be a good fit if you’re looking for:

  • Reputation building services
  • Link building services
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) services
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Forensics
  • Protection from “brand-jacking”
  • Reputation assessments
  • Data breach prevention and response

As a law firm, we aren’t an ideal fit for those who don’t want to work with an attorney or clients looking for non-legal services. We also do not offer contingency fees (where you only pay once a result is accomplished) or provide free legal advice.

Fortunately, there are reputable companies who fill in the gaps-offering the services we do not offer. There are also other providers who may offer contingency fees and pro bono representation, if that is what you’re looking for.

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Our Recommendations for the Top Online Defamation Services

The following seven service providers are usually able to help clients in ways we cannot. Read on to learn about each company’s specialties and background (and whether they might be the best fit for you).

1. ReputationX

Reputation X logo

ReputationX has been offering reputation repair, building, and management services for nearly 20 years. They do not charge for consultations and their service pricing starts at USD $1,500.

More specifically, they are able to remove content, suppress negative content, and de-index search results. They also offer Wikipedia page development, SEO services, and review generation for those looking to build their online reputation.

According to their website, they also offer customized action plans for small companies, personal reputation, and local search issues. Their services are available for everyone from mom and pop shops to professional service providers to large firms and hospitals.

Finally, they help clients manage their online reputations by monitoring reviews and conducting root cause analyses for clients dealing with negative online content.

Contingency Fee Fact: Many clients have seen commercials where lawyers advertise, “no fee, unless you win!” This is commonly referred to as a “contingency fee” structure (see article: How Much Does a Defamation Lawsuit Cost?), because payment is contingent upon a specific result. While contingency fees are popular in some legal fields this type of fee structure is incredibly rare for online defamation cases.

2. DiamondLinks

DiamondLinks logo

DiamondLinks is a white label reputation management company owned and operated by highly experienced professionals. They even conduct SEO testing at their own expense to save their clients money.

You can outsource your SEO needs to DiamondLinks for a fraction of the price of an in-house SEO expert. Their link-building services can also help you get links or featured stories in a variety of premium newspapers and online publications – like Forbes, Buzzfeed, and The Wall Street Journal. If you’re looking to develop brand recognition, pre-sell clients, increase trust, and enhance your digital metrics – DiamondLinks is probably a better fit.

3. Cyber Investigation Services

Cyber Investigation Services logo

Cyber Investigation Services is managed by a group of cyber investigators, data breach analysts and former law enforcement members. Some of their specialties include digital forensics, cyberstalking and hacking. Here are some of the ways they may be able to help if you have found yourself in need of their services:

  • Digital Forensics: phone and computer forensics, network and log analysis, and internet search and data recovery
  • Cyberstalking: identification of anonymous IP addresses and website owners, online counterfeiters, and cell phone tracing
  • Hacking: computer and phone hacks and wiretaps, corporate network intrusions, and advanced stalkers

They offer cyber security and monitoring, including prevention of “brand-jacking”, website defacement and SEO manipulation.

While attorneys at Minc Law conduct online investigation services for businesses, the team at Cyber Investigation Services are tech gurus. Their services are ideal for people facing privacy breaches, such as victims of sextortion, hacking, and imposter websites.

Internet Defamation Fact: When you hire an internet defamation attorney, you don’t just get access to an attorney, but a team of experts who have access to confidential private investigation databases, understand how to sift through mountains of technological data, and have proven success litigating in foreign countries.

4. Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself logo

Brand Yourself is a popular company that has been featured on Shark Tank, The Young Turks, NPR, and CNBC.

One of their most unique offerings is an Online Reputation Score, similar to a credit score, which helps you assess and monitor your digital reputation. They can also help you discover who’s searching for you and what they’re searching for.

Another of their key services is privacy protection. They’ll scan the internet for any of your private information that’s been exposed by data brokers, hackers, or on the dark web. They even scan for old accounts that may still be storing your data and alert you if they discover any private information.

Brand Yourself is an excellent option for individuals or businesses looking to protect private data and conduct reputation analyses.

5. Guaranteed Removals

Guaranteed Removals logo

Guaranteed Removals is a content removal company based in Ontario, Canada. Whether you live as close as the United States or across the pond in the UK, Guaranteed Removals is likely to assist you with your removal needs.

They offer free consultations for their content removal and public relations services, and only charge fees once the content is removed. They are ideal for clients looking for content removal on a contingency fee basis or a payment plan (something Minc Law does not offer).

6. Vestige Ltd.

Vestige logo

Vestige is an electronic evidence company specializing in digital forensics and cyber security. They’ve been in business for more than 15 years and are the leading U.S. electronic evidence experts.

They help their clients with the ability to acquire and preserve data from digital devices such as email servers, digital recorders, cellphones and more. This is ideal for those who are being defamed anonymously via email or text message.

Vestige also offers services such as IT General Control audits, cyber security awareness training, and a “Hunt Team” that scours your database for active indicators, markers and red flags that attackers leave behind. If you have been hacked in the past and are looking to beef up your security efforts, this is a great starting point!

One of their key offerings is data breach prevention and response – an important service for businesses who store confidential data. If your main goal is to protect data or enhance your organization’s cyber security, Vestige Ltd. is a considerable option.

Reputation Management Tip: Businesses can remove unwanted and fake Google reviews by (1) asking the original author to remove the review; (2) flagging and reporting the review to Google; and (3) pursuing legal action and obtaining a court order to have the review taken down.

7. Local Bar Association or Legal Aid Society

If you recognize that you need a lawyer but are looking for pro bono or contingency-based representation, your local bar association or legal aid society is your best resource. Legal aid societies can provide free legal advice and assistance, depending on your situation. Your local bar association is also a wonderful resource to find local attorneys who may be able to assist you on a contingency-fee basis or those who accept payment plans.

Your local bar association would also be able to assist you if you have contacted Minc Law but your situation was not related to defamation.

When prospective clients come to us and decide they cannot afford our services or require the assistance of an attorney who specializes in a different area of law, this is typically where we refer them.

Your Next Steps

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Thinking of working with Minc Law but are unsure if you can afford our online investigation services? We recommend checking out our legal resource on the subject, “How Much Do Online Investigation Services Cost?” to get a good idea of what costs to expect and why they are necessary.

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