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Minc Law LLC provides a full range of services to help businesses of all sizes and individuals from all walks of life control their online image and reputation, and we help clients identity and stop anonymous cyberattacks. Regardless of the size of the assault, the damage to a company’s finances and reputation can be catastrophic. Individuals face not only the financial burden of responding, but they also must deal with the negative impact to their overall personal well-being and relationships. Our attorneys draw on their specialized technical and business expertise to provide unique and cost-effective solutions focused on internet defamation, cyberbullying and online harassment, revenge porn and privacy issues, online investigations, content removal, expert testimony, online reputation management and repair, and litigation.

Providing the Highest Level of Service

Our practice is dedicated solely to Internet defamation, so our clients receive the specialized and highly experienced representation of a team of attorneys who stay up-to-date with the ever-changing trends and laws, while providing the highest level of service. The experience we have gained from representing clients in hundreds of Internet defamation-related cases from across the country and around the world helps us to understand not just the legal nuances of each case, but also the private and personal nature of our clients’ distress. As such, we provide each client with both aggressive representation and respectful and compassionate counsel.

When faced with Internet defamation, online harassment or cyber stalking, our primary goal is to make it stop as quickly as possible by removing and suppressing the damaging content, identifying the anonymous offenders, and obtaining compensation for damages and emotional distress. Our experienced team of litigators has an extremely high success rate in winning motions, appeals, and temporary, preliminary and permanent restraining orders, and we have a proven success rate in securing favorable verdicts in jury and bench trials. We also work closely with our network of reputation management companies to give clients the option of ongoing Internet monitoring and protection from future attacks.

Whether a business or an individual, each client’s situation is unique. We work to resolve each case as quickly as possible, with a focus on sensitivity and compassion. Call us today (216) 373-7706or Contact us online for a free and confidential consultation.

Aaron Minc is your Internet Defamation Lawyer.

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Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Very happy with the service. Thanks.
,Jul 22, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Victoriya did an amazing job with the defamation removal. It was gone within 3 days. She kept me informed about the process and got it done quickly!
,Oct 25, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I used Minc’s services to get images of my mugshot removed from a couple websites. I have not had success getting the mugshots removed on my own since the website administrators would not respond to my messages. Minc successfully coordinated the removal of these mugshots and made the process simple. They were easy to work with and I would definitely recommend them to others seeking similar services.
,Jun 3, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Everyone was so friendly & helpful. They worked so quickly, too. When Melanie had emailed me that everything was completed, I had tears in my eyes because I couldn't believe how quick the process was. It was such a relief that things went so smoothly.
,Oct 28, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Very efficient, did perform as per agreement and reached the goal
,Mar 24, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I could not be happier with my decision to retain Aaron. I came to Aaron with a very sensitive issue that had plagued me for years. I wasn't sure that anything could be done about it, but after countless anxiety filled sleepless nights I decided I had to at least try. During our first consultation, it became clear to me that Aaron was the right lawyer for my case. He was very easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable, sharp, and immediately understood the sensitivities and complexities of my part...
,May 11, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Atty Horsey and the staff at Minc were extremely professional, have great communications skills and obtained excellent results. I nothing but the highest praise for their services.
,Jul 25, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Choosing Minc Law was the best decision I could've made! Victoriya was amazing and so helpful. From the moment I emailed her with my inquiry she made me feel at ease about the entire situation. She always emailed me back right away and answered all my questions. My case was handled within a week with the most desirable outcome possible! I cannot recommend them enough!!!
,Sep 30, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Very professional, excellent follow up and dependable. I would absolutely recommend. I can not thank them enough. The place where hope turned into reality. Thank you, especially Darcy.
,Sep 11, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
so grateful! Best and fastest attorney for removal of false information. Thank you.
,Jul 17, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
During one of the worst experiences of my life, Minc came through and will continue to excell until the job is done. These are specialists you never want to need, but when traumatic circumstances victimize you, they have your back. Thanks Minc...
,Jun 28, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Very professional and made me feel like I was a priority and took my situation seriously.
,Sep 19, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Minc handled my reputation issue quickly and professionally. Would recommend their services to anyone.
,Feb 27, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Very professional service, and very prompt response to my emails, typically within an hour or less. My defamation on line was cleared up in just under 2 weeks. would not hesitate to recommend.
,May 18, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Attorney Aaron Minc was definitely a great help in my situation. Very quick and easy process, with the client in mind. Great firm.
,Jul 28, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Excellent customer service. Dayra responded to my emails, calls, and inquiries promptly and was a pleasure talking to.
,Sep 29, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Mr. Minc and his staff were courteous, professional, reasonable and most importantly effective. My issue was resolved in just a few days. I've recommended Mr. Minc to every small business owner I know.
,Apr 12, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Alexandra Arko was able to bring me the desired result in a short amount of time, she is very professional and prudent in her approach and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her and Minc Law again!
,Oct 14, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Excellent results. Leading to the removal of my defamatory article.
,Feb 6, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Great service and very fast! Highly recommend!
,May 5, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Darcy Buxton was beyond amazing. She worked diligently and always kept me informed during the process. Thank you for your swift work and professionalism regarding the matter!
,Apr 7, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Melanie was amazing! I had to have her help several times and each time she was kind, professional, speedy, and just overall very compassionate. I have never felt more reassured that things were being handled swiftly and correctly. I was very pleased with the services I received!
,Mar 18, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Extremely helpful and fast service. I highly recommend using Minc.
,Oct 26, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Minc Law did an absolutely fantastic job at helping me and protecting my professional reputation. They were very attentative and thorough, I am more than pleased with a top notch job!
,Sep 27, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
While it's expensive, it's worth every penny. I'm a lawyer myself, and now I'll never get anxious about someone like a new employer googling me again! Darcy was great-- courteous, professional, prompt responses, and the websites were taken down very quickly (3 days to a week). I'm very impressed. Will recommend highly!
,Dec 8, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Ali was sensitive to my situation while also being proactive, professional, and extremely timely. It was clear how invested she was in her work and in helping me and she was able to give me results that I didn't believe were possible. Ali made me feel comfortable and supported through a really uncomfortable and demoralizing time. She responded to emails after hours on Friday nights, and acted just as excited as I did when she had good news to share. Ali, along with the rest of her team at Min...
,Nov 22, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Good morning My family recently needed legal council dealing w a defamation incident. Ms. Arko was/is our attorney. She has been excellent. Her advice and handling of the situation helped us navigate this tough time in our lives and gave us great comfort. We are extremely satisfied w her council and are grateful for the work she did.
,Jul 1, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Minc was easy to contact and replied to my questions quickly and kept me up to date on my status. Communications was a bonus. Success with the outcome was icing on the cake.
,Apr 14, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Victoriya was a pleasure to work with. She communicated the process and kept us up to date on progress as she closed out the matter. Very efficient.
,Nov 13, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I performed a Google search to locate an attorney that would remove a nasty blog my ex-boyfriend posted all over the internet about me. The blog damaged my reputation and mentally destroyed me. Once I contacted Aaron Minc's office they were able to remove the blog in less than 48 hours! I feel as if I have my life back. It was a sigh of relief. My experience with this was absolutely the best I have ever experienced. The paralegal and the attorney were courteous, prompt, efficient, and just out r...
,May 12, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Great service and quick!
,Jan 12, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Melanie was a pleasure to work with. She was extremely patient and understanding in addressing my concerns. I was delighted to learn that defamatory information had been removed from a website in less than two days. I am also pleased to see that links to the information have been deleted from Google search. Thanks for your prompt and professional service.
,Apr 18, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I was glad I found Minc Law. Attorney Dorrain did an amazing job. She was quick and easy to communicate with. She listened and understood the situation very clear. Attorney Dorrain knew what I wanted and from there she didn't hesitate to take actions and fulfilled every request I made. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to work with you.
,Feb 6, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Honest, quick, reliable! Perfect experience!
,Oct 26, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Darcy was an absolute joy to work with! She produced results in a very timely manner having a couple dishonest websites and internet searches removed that were posted by a former, very disgruntled employee. She has restored a little peace in our home. Worth every cent! We can’t thank Darcy and Minc, LLC enough.
,Oct 19, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Everything was handled quickly and professionally, maybe a little more expensive than I thought appropriate, but completed well.
,Jul 12, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Victoriya was wonderful to work with. She handled everything in a very professional manner and treated me with care and respect. Will work with Minc again.
,Oct 18, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
There was defamatory information posted about me on an online prank site, which I needed to have removed. After attempting to have site remove it to no avail, I reseached several law firms, before arriving at Minc Law. I decided to partner with Minc after reviewing their detailed online content regarding their focus on resolving online defamatory content issues as well as, meeting with Darcy Buxton at Minc. Darcy is very knowledgeable and reviewed the issues I was dealing with professionally a...
,Feb 4, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Your firm made handling a sensitive matter very easy. I wanted to right a wrong and your firm made that easy. Your staff handled it quickly and professionally. You saved someone's business reputation. Thank you.
,Dec 16, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
This service was amazing. Melanie was excellent and answered all questions and was very quick with responses and letting me know when the case was done. They were able to remove comments on a negative site that I requested as well as remove a complete post from another site. I am very pleased with the service I received.
,Jan 30, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.