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Need Help with Consumer Complaint Removal?

Is your business the target of defamatory and damaging consumer complaints, and you want to:

  • Remove damaging and fake consumer complaints and reviews;
  • Identify anonymous posters behind the complaints and hold them liable for their actions;
  • File a defamation lawsuit; and
  • Put an end to the online attacks for good?

Defamatory and negative consumer complaints, reviews, posts, comments, and content can have devastating effects on your business’s ability to operate and overall bottom line.

The reality of today’s digital consumer landscape is that people frequently formulate their first (and sometimes only) opinion about your business or service based on consumer reports and reviews, so it is imperative that your business put its best digital footprint forward.

At Minc Law, we can remove almost anything and everything from the internet. We can even guarantee content removals from specific types of websites, such as consumer complaint, consumer review, scam reporting, and other smear websites.

Let’s take control of your business’s online reviews, profiles, and presence together.

How We Approach Removal of Consumer Complaints

With a practice dedicated to internet content removal, the team at Minc Law can help your brand and business build and bolster a positive internet presence.

We offer litigation, non-litigation, and guaranteed content removal services to remove consumer complaints from the internet.

Our consumer complaint removal services eliminate and remove damaging consumer complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible, without drawing unwanted attention to it or worsening the situation.

We pride ourselves on transparent, ethical, cost-effective, and swift permanent consumer complaint removals, and do not take half measures or employ temporary fixes which cause more problems in the long-term.

Our attorneys draw on their technical and business experience to provide unique and cost-effective solutions to remove defamatory and damaging consumer complaints by:

  • Working closely with consumer complaint website administrators, and third-party arbitration firms;
  • Flagging and reporting unlawful content for Terms of Service violations;
  • Filing internet defamation lawsuits to secure court ordered consumer complaint and internet content removals;
  • Confronting and sending demand-letters to perpetrating parties and consumer complaint websites;
  • De-indexing unwanted and damaging complaints and content from internet search results.

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What Can We Help You With?

While our consumer complaint removal services are not limited to specific websites, we have extensive experience removing content from the following types of websites.

RipOff Report

Remove fake and damaging consumer complaints from, de-index them from internet search results, and hold anonymous posters liable for their defamatory complaints.

Consumer Review & Rating Websites

Remove false, defamatory, and damaging reviews and content from popular rating websites such as,,,,,, and


Remove fabricated and negative consumer complaints and reviews from

Scam Websites

Remove defamatory accusations and complaints from scam reporting and smear websites such as,,,, and

Competitor & Employee Defamation

Put an end to both competitor and employee defamation, identify who is exactly behind the attacks, and hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions.


Remove damaging complaints, posts, comments, and content from and other consumer advocacy websites.

Unfair Trade Practices

Put an end to fraudulent, deceptive, unethical, and unlawful behavior that is causing damage to your business and misleading customers.

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Why Choose Us?

We help businesses permanently remove defamatory and damaging consumer complaints and file internet defamation lawsuits to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

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We have removed 50,000+ pieces of defamatory and damaging online content.

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