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Content was removed in under 5 days. Honestly I was prepared to get my money back as some of these websites state it is impossible to move the data. However, I was happy to get the information removed. A little expensive but money well spent for peace of mind...
, Feb 18, 2020
Minc was responsive and professional while walking me thru the process of removing online slander that was completely false. I consulted with several other law firms and none of them mentioned results, only options and I felt trapped. I would strongly recommend that initial call to Victorya or others at Minc, they specialize in this and are the real deal.
, Feb 18, 2020
I was glad I found Minc Law. Attorney Dorrain did an amazing job. She was quick and easy to communicate with. She listened and understood the situation very clear. Attorney Dorrain knew what I wanted and from there she didn't hesitate to take actions and fulfilled every request I made. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to work with you.
, Feb 6, 2020
Dayra and the team were so helpful and Very quick to resolve my issue! I felt like my matter was important to them. I highly recommend!
, Feb 6, 2020
We are in an age, that electronic has taken over, and often we forget that the human touch is not only essential, but of prime importance. The efficiency of Ms. Hayden was remarkable. Thank you
, Jan 27, 2020
Thanks a lot for the help. Very professional team. Very punctual in their service. They were able to assist me in a very quick manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire their services.
, Jan 23, 2020
Quick & easy. Great work from the team, and Victoriya for the frequent follow-up + quick service.
, Jan 21, 2020
Darcy was fast, professional, and efficient and the results were exactly what was promised! I would highly recommend this law firm for an internet defamation action.
, Dec 19, 2019
Ali Arko gets great results. She is persistent and will get the job done for you. She had a newspaper article removed after an ex employee made inappropriate allegations about me to the newspaper. The newspaper did not check any of the facts of the case. The newspaper went through 3 different editors, and Ali was able to talk to two of them and was able to get the false article removed. The google search of my name was hurting my business. Thank you Ali for your great work. I highly recommend her.
, Dec 9, 2019
Victoria sheyyfer has been amazing in her dealing with my case.. she has acted very well and has been a great support even despite me being overseas.. Thank.you
, Dec 4, 2019
Alexandra Arko worked with me on a sensitive and difficult issue with a major publication and delivered a positive result. I would highly recommend Ali and Minc law as they are hard working and compassionate and can successfully navigate difficult issues.
, Dec 4, 2019
Minc law, and specifically Melanie, was a huge help during a very frustrating situation. They responded to my inquiry and handled my issue very quickly. They were easy to work with and attended to my issue without any judgement. I am very grateful for the work of Minc Law.
, Nov 28, 2019
Ali was sensitive to my situation while also being proactive, professional, and extremely timely. It was clear how invested she was in her work and in helping me and she was able to give me results that I didn't believe were possible. Ali made me feel comfortable and supported through a really uncomfortable and demoralizing time. She responded to emails after hours on Friday nights, and acted just as excited as I did when she had good news to share. Ali, along with the rest of her team at Minc Law have the tools, knowledge, and strategies to track down and reason with the most stubborn and slimy of site hosts. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone in need of online content removal, and I could not be more grateful for her and her work!
, Nov 22, 2019
So far so good. Took care of the nonsense I wouldn’t have been able to fix on my own with nothing I feared happening in the end.
, Nov 21, 2019
I am very happy with the work that Victoriya Sheyfer did..she is professional and fast. Very polite also when dealing with her. I would recommend getting in touch with her when you need a good law firm. Thank you so much.
, Nov 19, 2019
Victoriya was a pleasure to work with. She communicated the process and kept us up to date on progress as she closed out the matter. Very efficient.
, Nov 13, 2019
The group at Minc is AMAZING. VIctoriya was fantastic!! She was very attentive to my needs and extremely prompt in dealing with the difficult situation at hand. She was very responsive to my many questions and took care of the situation effectively and rapidly. I definitely should have contacted them sooner. They had all the damaging content removed in less than a week. Thank you so much!!!
, Nov 9, 2019
Attorney Nadeen Hayden did a great job in dealing with an individual that was extorting/blackmailing me. From the initial onboarding and early actions taken, to handling a couple of curveballs encountered along the way, she addressed the matter with both timeliness and professionalism resulting in the individual ceasing the activity and not releasing any potentially embarrassing or damaging information.
, Nov 9, 2019
They're willing to work with your schedule and really easy to work with. Very professional and pleasant to deal with.
, Nov 3, 2019
Dan Powell was exceptional. Extremely knowledgeable about the law and insightful as to the reality and expected outcome of my case. I would strongly encourage and recommend Minc and Daniel Powell.
, Oct 30, 2019
Mr. Powell was fair, knowledgeable, and most importantly a good listener and talker. I work with attorneys and realtors and CPA's everyday and have become a connoisseur. I will call him back when we are ready to move our case to the next level. He gave us a very helpful consultation. He was to the point and realistic and then creative about solutions.
, Oct 29, 2019
Victoriya did an amazing job with the defamation removal. It was gone within 3 days. She kept me informed about the process and got it done quickly!
, Oct 25, 2019
Victoriya was wonderful to work with. She handled everything in a very professional manner and treated me with care and respect. Will work with Minc again.
, Oct 18, 2019
Minc took care of my matter quickly and professionally. I would recommend this service to anyone seeking this type of service.
, Oct 15, 2019
Alexandra Arko was able to bring me the desired result in a short amount of time, she is very professional and prudent in her approach and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her and Minc Law again!
, Oct 14, 2019
I had a great experience with Minc Law. I've never hired an attorney in my life and didn't know where to turn when I discovered that someone had posted damaging comments and a photo online about me. I Googled defamation attorneys and Minc Law was one of the first results. I spoke with Aaron Minc for my initial consultation. Aaron understood my situation and was able to quickly get me in touch with Alexandra Arko, who specialized in my type of situation. Alexandra quickly acted and knew all of the correct methods to get the damaging information removed in a matter of weeks. Definitely 5/5 stars and I would definitely recommend Alexandra and Minc Law for anyone that is stuck in a similar situation! Thank you Aaron and Alexandra !!
, Oct 13, 2019
I worked with Melanie and she was awesome through the whole process. I had an issue with someone posting very bad information about my company, maybe a competitor or a troll. I would highly recommend this company they really helped me out.
, Oct 8, 2019
A vindictive person wrote and published some seriously embarrassing and harmful information on the dirty.com 10 years ago … I tried to get it off by writing the dirty to take it off … they didn’t ,and in addition people kept adding to the negative message that was on there … so I just lived with it … until it actually affected one of my staff that used my name as a reference and all of the horrible comments that were there effected there ability to get a job … So I tried again,and looked up agency’s that specialize in this kind of removal and just like you I came across MINC…My wife and I were very skeptical so we did an extensive background check on this company ....one of main reasons was because of the unusual amount of 100% positive reviews … thy came up sqeeky clean… in fact they are unbelievably accredited! So we took a chance! DAYNA assured us it was possible to remove in a week😅! To my surprise it was removed as well a google link searches! Completely erased !!! My life has now changed ! My name has been restored and I don’t have to worry if someone has looked up my name and read all of the lies that were published ! I recommend this company 1000% they are the real deal .Some of the best money and investment that I spent In my life !!! THANK YOU MINC ! I won’t forget what you have done ✅ for me ❤️
, Oct 7, 2019
I contracted Minc Law for the removal of a defamatory posting tied to my phone number and first name, and its removal from major search engines. Everybody I came into contact with at the firm was friendly, professional and attentive throughout the process. Dayra Lomba was assigned my case and she did a great job - she answered all of my questions thoroughly and honestly throughout, and responded to my email inquiries in a prompt and timely fashion. The removal work was completed within the time frame that was promised and I was very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Minc Law and Dayra Lomba for this type of service, and if their work on this is any indication, I'm sure they would be great for any other services they offer.
, Oct 3, 2019
Choosing Minc Law was the best decision I could've made! Victoriya was amazing and so helpful. From the moment I emailed her with my inquiry she made me feel at ease about the entire situation. She always emailed me back right away and answered all my questions. My case was handled within a week with the most desirable outcome possible! I cannot recommend them enough!!!
, Sep 30, 2019
Excellent customer service. Dayra responded to my emails, calls, and inquiries promptly and was a pleasure talking to.
, Sep 29, 2019
Minc Law did an absolutely fantastic job at helping me and protecting my professional reputation. They were very attentative and thorough, I am more than pleased with a top notch job!
, Sep 27, 2019
Dorrian has been so accommodating and effective within a short time span. Minc has done more in four months than other firms we've hired have completed in three years. I highly recommend Minc's servies.
, Aug 8, 2019
Aaron was on my podcast and he was an incredible guest. A wealth of knowledge that I know my listeners will enjoy 🙂
, Aug 7, 2019
Facing a very urgent and difficult situation, Attorney Nadeen Hayden and her Paralegal Darcy promptly responded to my request for help within hours. They both were very compassionate, professional, and resourceful. I am now a client for life ! Regardless of what type of legal situation you find yourself relating to the internet, you can engage Minc Law with total confidence ! ——-JR
, Aug 3, 2019
Atty Horsey and the staff at Minc were extremely professional, have great communications skills and obtained excellent results. I nothing but the highest praise for their services.
, Jul 25, 2019
Working with Ms. Hayden was a wonderful experience for me. She responded to my inquiries swiftly and thoroughly and helped me feel secure in my decision making with a potential client. I am so grateful for her counsel!
, Jul 16, 2019
Quick, efficient and professional. We appreciate Ms. Horsey and her abilities. Thank you!
, Jul 14, 2019
I am a recent client who utilized the services from the Minc Law Firm. For nine years, I allowed a news story to affect my career even though the story was filled with lies and half-truths. As an educator, we can never tell our side of the story due to rules involving confidentiality so one can only hope that others are willing to accept there is always another side of the story. My situation was hopeless until I came across Dorrian Horsey and the team that supported her. Dorrian has literally changed the trajectory of my career by working hard to ensure the negative information posted about me was removed. Being from Texas, I researched and contacted those that stated they were experts in the field of online reputation, but I either encountered individuals who did not return phone calls or lied about their expertise. Everyone at Minc are experts and Dorrian is heaven sent so I wholeheartedly recommend them to assist you with any issues you have. Do not wait as long as I did!
, Jul 6, 2019
Nadeen is a leader and highly respected attorney in our local legal community. Having known her professionally for over 15 years and having worked together as co-counsel, I can honestly say any client would be lucky to have her as their advocate. She is diligent, responsive, and truly cares about her clients. Nadeen is someone I can rely on for legal advice as a colleague, and I would undoubtedly trust as a client.
, Jun 17, 2019
Brinton and Dorrian were the professionals who got the job done. I just wish I had found them sooner. Thank you, Minc LLC. I really appreciate your help in getting an error corrected by another party.
, Jun 13, 2019
I'm a News Director who spoke with Dorrian Horsey about removing some stories about a client. We aren't required to remove stories, but I did in this instance because of Dorrian's professionalism and because she was genuinely nice. I've dealt with a lot of attorneys in my career and usually they're rude and demanding and they don't understand that legally we don't have to remove any of the stories. I appreciated Dorrian's approach so I had no problem helping her out.
, Jun 11, 2019
Minc Law firm helped resolve my legal needs promptly for a reasonable fee! Darcy was my main point of contact and she is most definitely the reason I chose Minc. She was friendly, professional, and compassionate and made me feel at ease. Darcy always answered my emails and calls promptly and addressed my questions and concerns. Thanks so much Minc Law!
, Jun 3, 2019
I have been very pleased with the excellent work of Ali. She has been able to have a local editor remove a damaging, inaccurate article about me from Google searches. My reputation will benefit from her dedicated, hard work. She responds to my questions quickly and has an excellent understanding of how to deal with issues such as mine. I could not be more satisfied with her work. I would heartily recommend her to anyone.
, May 29, 2019
I am extremely thankful to have found Minc. Before working with them, I had been dealing with various companies over the years but never had good results or a good experience. I don't know how they did it, but the folks at Minc were able to completely remove multiple negative posts that were false. It was simply incredible. After all of my interactions, I can say that the folks at Minc are truly exceptional and know (better than anyone else I have worked with before) what they are doing. My only regret is that I did not find them sooner.
, May 24, 2019
The Minc Law firm has been a complete success for me. I had the privilege to work with Ali. She had complete success and I couldn’t be happier. She is professional and had great communication skills with me throughout the entire process. I would 100% recommend Ali as a lawyer!
, May 17, 2019
Very thorough work and excellent communication. I would highly recommend this firm. Can't say enough about Darcy one of their paralegals who was tremendously helpful
, May 8, 2019
I did not believe we could find a resolution to our situation. The counterparty was difficult and demanding. Ali's communication with me and tactical efficiency provided an outcome that exceeded my expectations. Because Ali is really smart and understands very well the subtle nuances of technology in the legal system my matter was quickly resolved.
, May 8, 2019
Alexandra Arko is a compassionate professional, not only was she a tremendous help while helping me with a difficult situation, she takes time to listen, offers deep and cogent advice, has integrity, and works hard for her clients. She was always honest with me from the beginning and took care of my problem in a very timely manner. Her prices are fair, and she was extremely polite whenever I had any questions or concerns about my case. She made me feel like I was in good hands all throughout the process and the outcome was exactly what I wanted. I would recommend her to anyone who is need of a lawyer and wants quality results. If I ever need an attorney again, I would not think twice before calling attorney Arko again.
, May 2, 2019
If you want a law firm that will do whatever they can to save your online reputation, choose Minc! Minc took extreme care in regards to delicate matters. The representative that handled my case was always prompt at responding to my questions even before the decision was made to go through with the process. Best of all, they handled my request expeditiously and even when a step further contacting Google and Microsoft! I'm very happy with the outcome and with the help of Minc, I once again have peace-of-mind!
, Apr 25, 2019
Alexandra is one of the best attorneys I've ever had and I typically only hire partners with decades of experience. I consulted with about a dozen attorneys that refused to take on this case deeming it impossible. Not only did Alexandra take this on head first, but she delivered the results I wanted, and at lightning speed! She's truly an ace to have in your pocket when it comes to this new confusing area of internet law, and will without a doubt be one of the best in the field quickly. Thanks to her, I have my name back, and can now move forward with my life without this heavy burden following me around.
, Apr 15, 2019
After trying unsuccessfully for over a year to have a post removed from The Dirty, the staff at Minc LLC were able to have the post removed within a week. These guys are the real deal. I highly recommend contacting them.
, Apr 1, 2019
What an amazing experience to hire a company and for them to actually over delivered. Thank you Melanie for your professionalism and thank you to everyone that made the removal of that awful link so extremely fast.
, Mar 12, 2019
Minc is the guardian angel of the web. In a world where trolls will spread blatant falsehoods with apparent impunity, anyone is vulnerable to on-line attack. It is such a relief to know that there is a team of experts who know how to protect individuals and businesses when they strike. Thank you so much!
, Mar 12, 2019
This business is the most professional organization I have ever worked with. They were extremely quick to get my services completed and I never had a doubt that they would be unable to complete them. After dealing with multiple false statements posted about me online, I am finally able to relax. I have used Mr. Minc multiple times when additional false statements were located about me online and will never hesitate to refer anyone to them. Thank you, Minc LLC!
, Mar 7, 2019
Honestly, your Firm has really uplifted my/our faith in this industry. I interviewed 8 x law firms in this field before choosing Minc Law as our Law Firm and we have never doubted that decision for a second. You are all that you claimed to be via my initial consultation. Your client communication is outstanding. We also find you all to be very clever, emotionally intelligent, compassionate, empathetic, efficient, and extremely transparent. Nadeen, Darcy, yourself Aaron - everyone has been wonderful! THANK YOU!
, Feb 13, 2019
There was defamatory information posted about me on an online prank site, which I needed to have removed. After attempting to have site remove it to no avail, I reseached several law firms, before arriving at Minc Law. I decided to partner with Minc after reviewing their detailed online content regarding their focus on resolving online defamatory content issues as well as, meeting with Darcy Buxton at Minc. Darcy is very knowledgeable and reviewed the issues I was dealing with professionally and with understanding to the situation. She’s very forthright with the process required and the timing on when to expect results. As mentioned, I am very pleased with the results that Darcy and Minc Law produced. The defamatory content was removed promptly and Darcy also was very supportive on any additional follow up questions that I had. If there are any situations that may come up like this again in the future, I would use Minc Law again and I would recommend them for anyone with a similar situation.
, Feb 4, 2019
This service was amazing. Melanie was excellent and answered all questions and was very quick with responses and letting me know when the case was done. They were able to remove comments on a negative site that I requested as well as remove a complete post from another site. I am very pleased with the service I received.
, Jan 30, 2019
Brinton Resto, i owe you full profesional appreciation for understanding the nuances, and specifics of my case! You were trully the best listener and the perfect filter for this case and my views on how it should be tackeld! Thank you, Darcy, for the effortless interraction and for constantly keeping me up to date! Thank you all for your constant efforts, energy and attention that you put in and congratulations to mr Minc for puting together a great and integrated team!
, Jan 25, 2019
Great service and quick!
, Jan 12, 2019
Darcy was a pleasure to work. The damaging posts were removed quickly and efficiently. Thank you!
, Nov 30, 2018
I had such an amazing experience, they are easy to communicate with, they stayed on top of my issue and resolved it very fast. Thank you!
, Nov 29, 2018
I posted an ‘ad’ (which I immediately regretted) on a website to name and shame an individual and was not able to retract it. I contacted Minc Law and they got back to me immediately. Melanie Hughes who dealt with my case, was always pleasant and helpful. She was always ready and available to answer any questions and assured me that the ‘ad’ I had posted could be successfully removed. She did a thorough search and found that the post had been copied and pasted onto 6 other websites. All were successfully removed in a couple of days! I did a test search on google and to my horror, again found the same post had been copied and pasted onto another website. I contacted Melanie again and she herself admitted that she had not heard of this particular website before but she was confident that the post could be removed. Once again, the post was removed successfully. I am so grateful to Minc Law. It has been costly but to have that peace of mind and a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, has been worth every penny!
, Nov 12, 2018
Melanie & Darcy were very professional and courteous. They updated me on every change about my case. Thanks
, Nov 5, 2018
Hired another company before this law firm and the results were terrible. Reached out to this company and within days saw results of the negative and deformation posts being removed. The price is well worth the work they do. I hope I never have to do it again but I would definitely hire them again if had to.
, Nov 2, 2018
Great Service!!
, Nov 1, 2018
Everyone was so friendly & helpful. They worked so quickly, too. When Melanie had emailed me that everything was completed, I had tears in my eyes because I couldn't believe how quick the process was. It was such a relief that things went so smoothly.
, Oct 28, 2018
Extremely helpful and fast service. I highly recommend using Minc.
, Oct 26, 2018
Darcy was an absolute joy to work with! She produced results in a very timely manner having a couple dishonest websites and internet searches removed that were posted by a former, very disgruntled employee. She has restored a little peace in our home. Worth every cent! We can’t thank Darcy and Minc, LLC enough.
, Oct 19, 2018
I cannot believe what this firm was able to accomplish. I had a situation that the media took to the next level and they were able to handle it without recourse. They were professional, caring and more importantly efficient and effective. I simply cannot believe what they were able to do for my life and career.
, Oct 19, 2018
Hello Great job!. I am grateful for your quick response, quality work, and updates relating to my case.
, Sep 14, 2018
My ex did significant harm to my online reputation all of which were lies. Sadly, the websites he posted on refused to remove his words even though they were false. It is infuriating that certain sites can get away with this legally. I waited a year hoping it would go away but it just never did. I spoke with Darcy at Minc and felt more comfortable with her than any other firm or internet reputation service. Internet defamation is incredibly costly no matter what - however - Minc offered me a far more reasonable price than any other and a much faster timeline to have things removed. I even had another company match Minc's offer but I went with my gut and stayed with Darcy. I'm glad I did. Thank you so much!
, Aug 23, 2018
Fast, efficient service with prompt and clear communication. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone seeking assistance.
, Aug 15, 2018
It is with confidence and delight that we highly recommend Daniel Powell/Minc LLC for any defamation removal needs. Daniel’s relentless and determined work ethic brought the results that we actually thought could not be achieved and the results were quick and complete. It is without reservation that we acclaim Daniel as one of the best in the industry who will fight for your rights and bring resolution for you.
, Aug 14, 2018
The staff at Minc Law was very determined to ensure we received the service we required. When it appeared there was no hope they continued to seek to resolve our issue and we ended up with excellent results! They were empathetic and diligent. I would not look anywhere else for this type of service!
, Aug 13, 2018
Thank you the prompt replies to my questions regarding my defamation issue. Within a few days the issue was resolved. Money well spent. Respectfully, LG
, Aug 12, 2018
During one of the worst experiences of my life, Minc came through and will continue to excell until the job is done. These are specialists you never want to need, but when traumatic circumstances victimize you, they have your back. Thanks Minc...
, Jun 28, 2018
It has been really terrific working with your team. Everyone was very professional and caring. The legal issue was completed with in a day or so. Thank you so much for your service.
, Jun 20, 2018
Thank you for your help and patience with my multitude of questions in this crazy time for me Darcy was non judgemental, and effective. The posts were removed in very short order. A matter of days not weeks.
, Jun 19, 2018
Absolutely solved my problem, quick and just as promised. Some have mentioned the cost but I thought it was very fair and a much better result than using a service that claims to drive search results down on Google only to have it inch back to the top in 6 months. With Minc it is removed not driven down. These guys took it off the internet for less $. Completely satisfied.
, May 31, 2018
Hello. I just want to say thank you for your quick response in removing the derogatory information. It is true appreciated. Your customer service is amzing and felt non-judgmental.
, May 24, 2018
Thanks for your help, Things went as stated and I was quite pleased. The timelessness of your service was very speedy. Your staff was very helpful. Thanks again D Wood
, May 23, 2018
I am a Central American who actually lives in Central America. Aaron /Alyssa / Anna/ Darcy/ Melanie and all the team managed my case in court concerning a false and defamatory publication that was made in Central America. As a result of the court process, Aaron and his team could accurately detect who made the publication and deleted the false and defamatory publication. I am very pleased, satisfied and surely recommend Aaron Minc and his magnificent team. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR EXCELLENT JOB!! =)=)
, May 18, 2018
Very professional service, and very prompt response to my emails, typically within an hour or less. My defamation on line was cleared up in just under 2 weeks. would not hesitate to recommend.
, May 18, 2018
Aaron is an extremely talented and innovative attorney. Would highly recommend him and his firm.
, Apr 26, 2018
Aaron and his team of professionals met my every ecpectation a job well done! Thank you and all of your staff for your superb support!
, Apr 20, 2018
I worked with Melanie Hughs who assisted me in removing things from the internet that were spitefully put up. I was a little hesitant at first but well worth the money to have a peace of mind. I am so glad I used MINC. She was professional and courteous. She kept me informed, and was easy to get in contact with when I had questions. Thank You MINC
, Apr 19, 2018
Very good.
, Apr 18, 2018
Melanie was a pleasure to work with. She was extremely patient and understanding in addressing my concerns. I was delighted to learn that defamatory information had been removed from a website in less than two days. I am also pleased to see that links to the information have been deleted from Google search. Thanks for your prompt and professional service.
, Apr 18, 2018
Great service!
, Apr 17, 2018
Used this law firm to assist a friend in a tough situation. Information was removed from the site and references to it scrubbed from search engines in a very short time frame. Communication with this office was excellent - the paralegal and administrative team members are top notch. Trust this law firm when you need online reputation assistance
, Apr 17, 2018
Daniel and his team were very thorough, professional and highly competent. Although my case took longer than I expected, I achieved the desired results. Thanks!
, Apr 16, 2018
When someone posted false and defamatory statements online about my friend and colleague, we contacted Aaron Minc. From the moment we sat down and met with Aaron, he quickly understood the complexities of the situation. Aaron responded quickly and clearly to any questions that arose. His staff worked diligently to preserve all relevant data. We also worked with Dan extensively. Dan was extremely professional and upfront, and he developed a real understanding of all of the characters in the case. He even worked late into the night when necessary to make sure everything was just right. Because of the exceptional work of Dan and Aaron and all of the staff at Minc, the case was resolved and a huge weight lifted. I would highly recommend that anyone dealing with online defamation should trust the Minc team to resolve their issue. I am sure that their methodical work and unmatched experience led to such positive results in this case. Thank you!
, Apr 11, 2018
Aaron Minc has established himself as the world's foremost eraser of fake news. In the virtual world of the Internet, where truth can be impossible to discern from fiction, Minc is the leading go-to lawyer who effortlessly wipes away the fiction. Thank you, Aaron, for making the world a better place.
, Apr 8, 2018
I was very impressed with Minc LLC. They were fast, effective, and delivered on our agreement as promised.
, Apr 1, 2018
I was very pleased with my results as your firm delivered as promised with the outcome I sought. Darcy Buxton was very pleasant to work with and efficient in her work. I highly recommend your services.
, Mar 22, 2018
Fast friendly & keep me posted quick responses
, Mar 20, 2018
I was extremely happy with the Minc law firm. They were courteous and efficient.I had a false claim that was online and they had it removed in less than one week.I appreciated their Professionalism and results.
, Feb 7, 2018
Excellent results. Leading to the removal of my defamatory article.
, Feb 6, 2018
I couldn't be any more happier than the results Aaron Minc's firm did to clear my clients name from defamation under his name. I highly recommend Minc for any defamation removal.
, Dec 19, 2017
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Testimonials herein are 100% volunteered without financial compensation and are solicited by the firm through private or public feedback methods. The testimonials reflect the real-life experiences of individuals and business who are or have been clients of Minc Law. As represented in the reviews below, our firm strives to achieve 100% success for clients on each matter that we handle and we are proud of the positive results and professional services that we provide to our clients. However, every case and client matter is unique. Individual results will vary and past performances do not guarantee future results or success.

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