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Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
So far so good. Took care of the nonsense I wouldn’t have been able to fix on my own with nothing I feared happening in the end.
, Nov 21, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
When someone posted false and defamatory statements online about my friend and colleague, we contacted Aaron Minc. From the moment we sat down and met with Aaron, he quickly understood the complexities of the situation. Aaron responded quickly and clearly to any questions that arose. His staff worked diligently to preserve all relevant data. We also worked with Dan extensively. Dan was extremely professional and upfront, and he developed a real understanding of all of the characters in the case....
, Apr 11, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Nadeen is a leader and highly respected attorney in our local legal community. Having known her professionally for over 15 years and having worked together as co-counsel, I can honestly say any client would be lucky to have her as their advocate. She is diligent, responsive, and truly cares about her clients. Nadeen is someone I can rely on for legal advice as a colleague, and I would undoubtedly trust as a client.
, Jun 17, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Hello. I just want to say thank you for your quick response in removing the derogatory information. It is true appreciated. Your customer service is amzing and felt non-judgmental.
, May 24, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
handled professionally. Acheived resolution of problem.
, Jul 16, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
This business is the most professional organization I have ever worked with. They were extremely quick to get my services completed and I never had a doubt that they would be unable to complete them. After dealing with multiple false statements posted about me online, I am finally able to relax. I have used Mr. Minc multiple times when additional false statements were located about me online and will never hesitate to refer anyone to them. Thank you, Minc LLC!
, Mar 7, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Loved the service and what they did for me. Very much appreciated.
, May 2, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Aaron resolved my issues. He is awesome. Would hire again in a heartbeat. Went out of his way to communicate with me even after regular hours. Thanks Aaron.
, Jul 18, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Aaron was very easy to work with and kept us informed each step of the way.
, Apr 14, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Aaron delivered as promised, thank you.
, Oct 27, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Minc Law did an absolutely fantastic job at helping me and protecting my professional reputation. They were very attentative and thorough, I am more than pleased with a top notch job!
, Sep 27, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Really great and professional
, Mar 27, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Content was removed in under 5 days. Honestly I was prepared to get my money back as some of these websites state it is impossible to move the data. However, I was happy to get the information removed. A little expensive but money well spent for peace of mind...
, Feb 18, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
After trying unsuccessfully for over a year to have a post removed from The Dirty, the staff at Minc LLC were able to have the post removed within a week. These guys are the real deal. I highly recommend contacting them.
, Apr 1, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Ali was sensitive to my situation while also being proactive, professional, and extremely timely. It was clear how invested she was in her work and in helping me and she was able to give me results that I didn't believe were possible. Ali made me feel comfortable and supported through a really uncomfortable and demoralizing time. She responded to emails after hours on Friday nights, and acted just as excited as I did when she had good news to share. Ali, along with the rest of her team at Min...
, Nov 22, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Thanks for your help, Things went as stated and I was quite pleased. The timelessness of your service was very speedy. Your staff was very helpful. Thanks again D Wood
, May 23, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I have been very pleased with the excellent work of Ali. She has been able to have a local editor remove a damaging, inaccurate article about me from Google searches. My reputation will benefit from her dedicated, hard work. She responds to my questions quickly and has an excellent understanding of how to deal with issues such as mine. I could not be more satisfied with her work. I would heartily recommend her to anyone.
, May 29, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
We contacted Minc LLC as there was a group of haters on Instagram unjustly defaming the founder of our company. Although our company is based in Germany, operating out of Canada, and the haters in India? Minc LLC was able to quickly and cost effectively squash the posts from this group. Brinton Resto was a joy to work with exhibiting high levels of compassion, knowledge and advice. Victoriya Sheyfer was very efficient in making sure that all of the paperwork was moving along as well as status ...
, Jul 29, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Quick, timely and informative
, May 8, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I had an amazing experience and couldn’t be happier with the service. Every thing was done as promised and agreed. Very professional, I highly recommend it.
, Dec 12, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Aaron is an extremely talented and innovative attorney. Would highly recommend him and his firm.
, Apr 26, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I cannot believe what this firm was able to accomplish. I had a situation that the media took to the next level and they were able to handle it without recourse. They were professional, caring and more importantly efficient and effective. I simply cannot believe what they were able to do for my life and career.
, Oct 19, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Quick, Timely and professional.We appreciate Melanie and her abilities. It was a wonderful experience for me. Thank you.
, Jun 19, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Aaron has been wonderful in assisting me with my legal issue. His staff is personable and empathetic and willing to help an listen at all times.
, Aug 15, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Darcy Buxton was beyond amazing. She worked diligently and always kept me informed during the process. Thank you for your swift work and professionalism regarding the matter!
, Apr 7, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
This service was amazing. Melanie was excellent and answered all questions and was very quick with responses and letting me know when the case was done. They were able to remove comments on a negative site that I requested as well as remove a complete post from another site. I am very pleased with the service I received.
, Jan 30, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I was extremely happy with the Minc law firm. They were courteous and efficient.I had a false claim that was online and they had it removed in less than one week.I appreciated their Professionalism and results.
, Feb 7, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
The Minc Law firm has been a complete success for me. I had the privilege to work with Ali. She had complete success and I couldn’t be happier. She is professional and had great communication skills with me throughout the entire process. I would 100% recommend Ali as a lawyer!
, May 17, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Great work and extremely fast results!
, Apr 10, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Aaron Minc has established himself as the world's foremost eraser of fake news. In the virtual world of the Internet, where truth can be impossible to discern from fiction, Minc is the leading go-to lawyer who effortlessly wipes away the fiction. Thank you, Aaron, for making the world a better place.
, Apr 8, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Working with Ms. Hayden was a wonderful experience for me. She responded to my inquiries swiftly and thoroughly and helped me feel secure in my decision making with a potential client. I am so grateful for her counsel!
, Jul 16, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Professional reaches a new level. They reversed an issue that was potentially very dangerous to my career. It was untrue, and they moved swiftly and efficiently to remove the libelous slander a disgruntled employee posted about me. The story was so ridiculous and scandalous, I'm almost feeling that maybe my life is simply too boring! But, joking aside, they were fabulous, and did all they promised.
, Apr 17, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Very good.
, Apr 18, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
They're willing to work with your schedule and really easy to work with. Very professional and pleasant to deal with.
, Nov 3, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
We were very happy with the work that was preformed by Aaron MInc for us. We found him very professional and provided excellent results.
, Mar 29, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Melanie & Darcy were very professional and courteous. They updated me on every change about my case. Thanks
, Nov 5, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Hired another company before this law firm and the results were terrible. Reached out to this company and within days saw results of the negative and deformation posts being removed. The price is well worth the work they do. I hope I never have to do it again but I would definitely hire them again if had to.
, Nov 2, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Aaron was on my podcast and he was an incredible guest. A wealth of knowledge that I know my listeners will enjoy 🙂
, Aug 7, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Thank you for your help and patience with my multitude of questions in this crazy time for me Darcy was non judgemental, and effective. The posts were removed in very short order. A matter of days not weeks.
, Jun 19, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Alexandra Arko was able to bring me the desired result in a short amount of time, she is very professional and prudent in her approach and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her and Minc Law again!
, Oct 14, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.