Internet Defamation

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Stop Defamation, Privacy Attacks, & IP Infringement

Many times, simply identifying an anonymous source and removing harmful or unwanted material from the Internet will not be enough to stop a defamatory cyberattack. Material that is removed from a website can be re-posted. New information and content can be released. Content can be syndicated and copied throughout the Internet automatically if not timely dealt with and contained.

The Internet attorneys at Minc Law excel at stopping defamatory cyberattacks at there source. Confronting the source of a defamatory cyberattack, sending out cease and desist letters, contacting law enforcement agencies, obtaining court ordered injunctions and removal orders can often be the only way to guarantee that a defamatory cyberattack can be stopped for good.

In addition to stopping online attacks, Minc Law works with a team of online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and public relations experts to defend and repair your online image and reputation. Our team offers individuals and companies a one stop solution to put an end to online attacks and manage an online image, reputation, and company brand.

If you or your business is dealing with a defamatory cyberattack contact us to discuss your specific matter.

Online Defamation is a growing epidemic in the USA
Images can be a source of online defamation