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What Types of Matters Qualify For a Free Consult at Minc Law?

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    The process of consulting with and retaining an attorney can be confusing at best. Understandably, many potential clients at Minc Law are curious about what types of matters warrant a free consultation at our firm.

    At Minc Law, we aim to be as transparent as possible about our pricing and services so that you can make an educated decision about your legal matter. Our goal is to ensure that your time is not wasted and that you find the most appropriate fit for your internet-related issue.

    In this article, we explain how to decide if Minc Law is the right fit for your case, the types of matters that do and do not qualify for a free consultation, and what to expect from a free consult at our firm.

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    Is Minc Law an Appropriate Fit to Help With Your Legal Matter?

    Before scheduling a free consultation, our client Intake Specialists can help you determine whether Minc Law is likely to be a good fit for your case. These professionals are extensively trained to advise you on your best options with our firm.

    This intake process allows us to gather the necessary information to determine which type of consult is best suited to your matter. After taking your concerns and goals into account, they can direct you through the qualification process for speaking with an attorney.

    If you are facing an emergency or are in need of substantive legal guidance, an Intake Specialist will likely offer an immediate, paid consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

    If you are considering reaching out, make sure to read this resource explaining what to expect when contacting Minc Law.

    What is the Difference Between a Free & Paid Consult?

    There are several key differences between a free and paid consult at Minc Law. For example, one primary difference between free and paid consults is their duration. Free consults take roughly 30 minutes, while paid consults can last an hour or more.

    This length of time is because a paid consult requires paying the attorney’s hourly rate. Most clients pay for an hour because that is often enough time to answer your questions—but you may pay for more if you wish.

    Further, in a free consultation, an attorney will inform you in general terms about the ways Minc Law can help you. But in a paid consultation, a Minc Law attorney can provide legal advice. Such actionable advice might include answering questions like:

    • What can I say to avoid defamatory accusations?
    • What can I do to handle this matter on my own legally?
    • What can I say or do to avoid being sued for defamation?

    Paid consults allow attorneys to review all relevant content, information, and background history more extensively. Instead of sitting down to discuss your case in general terms, the attorney can review the evidence and context to provide specific legal advice about your internet-related issue.

    At Minc Law, we aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to pricing and have compiled this comprehensive Pricing Page to help you better understand potential costs to resolve your internet or online reputation management issue.

    Internet Defamation lawyer Checklist

    Information We Need to Pre-Qualify You For a Free Consult

    To determine whether a free consult is a right fit for you, start by calling our office and speaking with an Intake Specialist who can pre-qualify you for a free consult. To help our Intake Specialists better understand if you qualify for a free consult, be sure to explain your specific concerns and provide background information relative to your internet-related matter.

    In this call, you should also describe your goals. Are you looking for content removal, a defamation lawsuit, help with identifying an anonymous harasser, or something else entirely? Ask the Intake Specialists any questions you have, and let them know of any concerns you have concerning your issue.

    Following your discussion with one of our Intake Specialists, we will email you an online form with a pre-consult questionnaire. The form will ask for information like your name and contact information, as well as more specific questions like:

    • What content are you concerned about?
    • What are your goals with retaining Minc Law?
    • What is your budget for legal services?
    • What are your questions for the attorney?
    • Can you provide a link (or links) to the content in question?

    All of this information is relevant in helping to assist you with your matter. It is important for the attorney to know the above prior to your consultation so that we can properly assess your matter and provide you with the best solution for your unique situation.

    Having a general idea of your case and goals (and providing us with this information) also allows us to have a productive attorney consult where your questions and concerns may be addressed right away.

    Types of Legal Matters That Qualify For a Free Consult at Minc Law

    In general, most clients who are interested in retaining an attorney for content removal or litigation services will qualify for a free consult at Minc Law.

    The most common matters that may typically be addressed in one of our free consults include:

    Business & Consumer Review Removals

    In today’s online world, a business’s reputation lives and dies by online reviews. Fake and negative reviews can easily snowball into more bad-faith attacks, viral publicity on social media, and lost customers and revenue.

    Our firm is highly experienced in removing defamatory content from popular review sites like Google, Yelp, and Zillow. We have extensive experience navigating platform reporting procedures, reaching out to individual posters, and removing damaging reviews without drawing unwanted attention.

    Social Media Defamation & Impersonation

    Untruthful and damaging statements on social media—otherwise known as social media defamation—can have devastating effects on your reputation if left unchecked. At Minc Law, we understand the significance of keeping up a positive reputation online.

    Our legal team can help you remove damaging posts from various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. We typically send a demand letter to the poster asking them to remove the content in lieu of a lawsuit. We have considerable experience navigating social media flagging and reporting processes.

    Depending on your internet privacy issue, our Digital Risk Protection service may also report impersonation accounts to the platform to have them taken down.

    News Article Removals

    While the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech protections to the media, there are some situations in which news articles are harmful to individuals’ lives and reputations.

    In these cases, our legal team has been successful in removing unwanted and harmful new articles from the internet. We have extensive experience filing editorial requests for retraction or corrections, and we can also submit de-indexing requests to remove outdated search results from Google.

    Revenge Porn & Adult Content Removals

    If you have been the target of revenge porn, you need an attorney on your side who can have those harmful images, videos, and other media removed from the internet quickly and discreetly. Our team can help remove sensitive content from a variety of popular revenge porn websites including:

    • PornHub.com,
    • YouPorn.com,
    • XVideos.com,
    • XHamster.com, and more.

    Identification of Anonymous Posters & Defamers

    If you are being harassed by anonymous individuals online, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

    Our attorneys can help identify and unmask anonymous posters so that you can take the next steps in resolving your matter—whether that includes asking them to take down the harmful content, filing a lawsuit against them, or bringing perpetrators to justice.

    For further information on the types of matters that qualify, please see our comprehensive resource explaining the types of cases we accept and turn down.

    Types of Matters That Do Not Qualify For a Free Consult at Minc Law

    In some unique situations, you may not qualify for a free consult.

    For example, if you are experiencing online sextortion or blackmail, you are likely receiving threats to reveal intimate, damaging content of or about you. The perpetrator is demanding money or another ransom right away in exchange for keeping the content secret. In these situations, your case needs urgent attention and will require a paid, emergency consult with an attorney. Emergency sextortion consults require an upfront payment of $500, after which you will be able to speak with an experienced sextortion attorney that same day.

    Additionally, If you’re seeking legal advice regarding false allegations of sexual assault, these cases necessitate a detailed and comprehensive review by an attorney. Considering the wide range of factors and intricate details that must be reviewed to effectively address the allegations and outline your legal options, this thorough assessment and consultation are provided at a fee of $500.

    There are several other instances in which you may not qualify for a free consult, including if:

    • Nothing has been posted online (or there is no threat of harmful content being posted online);
    • No defamation or harassment has occurred;
    • Your matter has been ongoing for a long time and requires extensive review by an attorney prior to the consultation; or
    • You would like specific substantive legal advice provided by an attorney. Free consultations are used as brainstorming sessions to discuss your options with our firm; attorneys cannot provide legal advice in a free consult.

    While the above are types of matters that do not qualify for a free consult at Minc Law, we still recommend reaching out to us if you are in need of representation or are unsure if you may qualify. Our Intake Specialists will be able to provide more detailed information about your options after assessing your individual matter.

    When is Someone Better Suited For a Paid Consult?

    Depending on your internet-related issue, a Minc Law Intake Specialist may recommend a paid consultation to address your case. If your matter involves internet defamation or online content removal—but does not qualify for a free consult—we may suggest a paid consult in order to speak with an attorney. This may occur if:

    • You did not provide adequate information in your pre-consult questionnaire, such as not providing links or screenshots of the content;
    • Your matter has been ongoing for a long period of time, and there is a great deal of paperwork, content, and background information for the attorney to review;
    • You would like specific legal advice, such as how to respond to defamation or whether or not a post you made is defamatory.

    As emphasized above, if you are facing online extortion, sextortion, or harassment, an emergency consult may be required due to the urgency of the matter. Consultations for these types of matters are paid because we receive a high volume of extortion and harassment-related inquiries, and the consults may happen on the same day the payment is received.

    What Happens During Your Free Consult at Minc Law?

    After you have been pre-qualified by a Minc Law Intake Specialist, you will schedule a time to speak with an attorney. Before your meeting, the Intake Specialist will provide the attorney with your background information so that they can be prepared to hear your questions and advise on your specific issues.

    Free consultations at Minc Law generally last 30 minutes and take place via phone call or video meeting.

    Many law firms stay surface-level during free consultations and only provide general information. But at Minc Law, we see our free consults as strategy sessions where we can inform you about what our firm can do to assist you with your unique matter.

    As opposed to paid consults—where attorneys can offer substantive legal advice—free consults are used to discuss possible legal approaches we might take if the client were to retain our firm.

    In short, our team’s goal during these consults is to assess your case’s potential and get a clear picture of the best legal strategy moving forward.

    During the consultation, the attorney will answer your questions and advise you on your legal options. The attorney will also cover topics such as:

    • The costs of your case and the retainer fee amount needed, how best to set up your payment plan,
    • Whether your matter may require litigation,
    • Statutes of limitations for your case, and
    • Possible defenses to defamation that the defendant may use.

    Everything discussed during your consult is confidential. If you choose to proceed in retaining Minc Law, we will send you an engagement agreement shortly after your initial consult.

    For further information, please see our comprehensive resource explaining what happens during and after a free Minc Law consultation.

    Get Started With Your Defamation or Online Harassment Matter Today

    At Minc Law, we understand how overwhelming it can be to find the appropriate legal representation to handle your internet defamation or online privacy matter. We pride ourselves on transparency and trust, and always aim to make this process as painless as possible.

    If you believe we are a good fit for your internet-privacy needs and want to explore your options to tackle defamation, online harassment, or sextortion head-on, reach out to us today.


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