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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Minc Law

Now that you have had your consultation with one of Minc Law’s attorneys, or spoken to one of our paralegals, you should have received or will be receiving your engagement letter soon. You are now faced with a decision: should you hire Minc Law to assist you with your online defamation, content removal, internet harassment, or internet privacy issue?

Choosing an attorney is a difficult decision that should not be taken lightly. You want to feel confident that your choice is the right one, and that your chosen attorney will have your best interests in mind and do a good job for you.

At Minc Law, we understand the difficulty of your choice and do not take it lightly. After helping over 2500 clients, litigating over 350 cases in 26 states and 5 countries, and removing 50,000+ pieces of content from the internet, we know what internet attack victims want from their legal representative – and we know what it takes to deliver on our promises.

Minc Law is an excellent choice for your internet defamation, content removal, online harassment, and internet privacy needs for a few reasons:

  1. We get results where others fail.
  2. We demonstrate transparency and trustworthiness.
  3. We know how to further your best interests.
  4. Our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.
  5. We offer cost-effective, cutting-edge legal solutions for clients of all budgets.

In this article, we will discuss why you should choose Minc Law and our services, and answer some potential questions that you may still have after your attorney consultation.

If you stumbled upon this page on our website or through an online search and have not contacted us yet, make sure to check out our blog post “Thinking About Contacting Minc Law? Here’s What to Expect,” where we explain the three ways you can reach us to schedule your free, initial no-obligation consultation with our intake team, and what information we need from you.

We Have the Experience Needed to Get Results

While many attorneys practice in various areas of law, our licensed attorneys limit their practice to internet defamation and online harassment. This deep experience & focus allows us to be the go-to leaders in our chosen field, rather than spreading our experience thinly across different niches of the law.

Limiting our scope of practice allows us to dive deep and thoroughly explore the different kinds of internet defamation, content removal, and internet privacy cases out there. We have experience dealing with every kind of website, online platform, and search engine where our clients are attacked on the internet. We have deep knowledge experience in:

We strive to be the best at what we do by finding ethical, unique, and innovative ways to solve your internet issues. Doing right by our clients and keeping things above-board and transparent is always our top priority – but this does not mean we are limited to a straightforward approach. We consider problems from every angle and make sure we explore every possible avenue to get you results within the bounds of the law and ethical responsibility.

We understand that you are dealing with an upsetting or costly issue, and we make sure to be discreet and professional at all times. Minc Law understands how important you or your business’s online reputation is, and are here to act as your advocate and voice.

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We are fiercely loyal to our clients. We do not give up easily; we are passionate about doing everything possible to get the job done. Our deep expertise in online defamation, content removal, and internet privacy gives us the experience needed to understand how to handle such sensitive situations.

Transparency & Trust

Unfortunately, the content removal and online reputation management industry tends to attract untrustworthy and irresponsible actors who like to take shortcuts. At Minc Law, we take great pride in holding ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and trustworthiness.

We strive to be honest and transparent about ourselves, our services, our costs, and your chances of success in pursuing your case. We invite you to call in, visit our website, and if you are in the area, even stop by our offices in Cleveland, Ohio.

We also understand that we cannot always be a perfect match for every client. We still want you to find the right representative for your needs. Someone who will represent you with experience and integrity. If you are thinking about hiring someone else, make sure to ask the right questions to help you understand who will be working on your behalf.

Here are some questions you should consider when debating between different lawyers, firms, and other services:

  • Can you look them up online and see where they work?
  • Do you have their address, email, and phone number?
  • Can you see their picture and read their bio online?
  • How long have they been in practice?
  • What is their track record of success?
  • If something goes wrong, what recourse do you have?
  • Are they open and transparent about how a successful result will be obtained or is it “confidential”?
  • How will they inform you of developments in your case?
  • Can you report them to a state agency or other government entity if something goes wrong?
  • Do they carry business or malpractice insurance?
  • Will they give you copies of the communications they are sending on your behalf?
  • Can you request a copy of your file?

These are all important questions to ask yourself anytime you are considering hiring legal representation. Your top priority should be finding a reputable, professional, and transparent service to work with you on your internet case.

Minc Law Attorney Search Tip: When looking for a trustworthy attorney to handle your case, make sure to do your research. Aside from asking questions directly and checking their client reviews, you can check attorney search databases such as Avvo or Martindale to look up their practice areas, lawyer reviews, and any disciplinary records.

We Know How to Further Your Best Interests

In cases of online defamation, content removal, and internet harassment, it can be tempting to try handling it on your own. You might be wondering what we can do differently over what you can do yourself.

But before you try handling the problem yourself, remember these points in our favor.

We Take Emotion Out of the Equation

As the injured party, it can be difficult to remain objective when dealing with the perpetrator, news media organization, or other difficult to approach online platforms. While we are personally invested in your case’s success, we are also professionals, which allows us to be emotionally detached enough to remain cool and collected during correspondence with other involved parties who may be at fault. This also allows us to objectively pick the best arguments, take the best approach, and make the best case to accomplish your goals.

We have dealt with these types of situations time and time again, and extensive experience liaising with websites, content managers, third-party arbitration firms, and authors of damaging online content. We can take the emotion out of our correspondence and conversations – and can instead present a professional, knowledgeable face for your case.

In many cases, you only have one shot to make a first impression. We want it to be the strongest and most positive impression possible and for it to give you the best chance at success, and the least risk possible for any further harm or damage.

We Understand the Law

At Minc Law, we deal with online publications, social media platforms, websites, and internet search engines on a daily basis and have a good idea of the perspectives at play.

Given our extensive experience with representing thousands of individuals and businesses from across the U.S. and the globe, and authoring nearly two dozen state-specific defamation law guides, we have a deep understanding of the laws applicable to your issue.

We can help navigate you through the complicated arena of the Internet and Internet law.

We Can Act Quickly

In cases of online defamation, damaging content, and internet harassment and privacy violations, time is of the essence. If you do not take immediate action to remove the offending content or stop the online abuse, it can continue to get worse or even spread.

Stopping damaging content and internet harassment in its tracks can also prevent a bigger problem in the future. The internet is forever; and defamatory content will not simply go away just from ignoring it.

In most cases, it is best to deal with the problem now before it gets worse or more attention is drawn to it.

Minc Law Reviews & Testimonials

Compared to other law firms and companies in the defamation, content removal, and internet privacy world, our experience is unmatched. We pride ourselves on maintaining stellar online reviews and a digital footprint. Client satisfaction is an integral part of our mission.

You can read our testimonials from real clients about our services and their experiences on our website and Google. All of our reviews are from actual clients we have helped.

We Provide Cost-Effective, Cutting-Edge Solutions

Our experience handling thousands of cases means that we have developed cost-effective and efficient strategies to combat online defamation, remove damaging content, and put an end to online harassment and other internet attacks. We keep legal costs as low as possible and work with clients who have specific budgets to keep costs contained.

When considering the costs of a lawsuit, keep in mind the cost of failing to do things right the first time around. The continued harm to your reputation will result in compounded costs if you fail to remove the harmful content quickly.

Attempting self-help options or hiring a company that will not give you the best chance for success can cost you more in the long run. An ill-suited first attempt to resolve your internet issue with the involved parties could unfortunately prevent any future chances of a successful resolution.

We often have clients who come to us after first spending money on inexperienced law firms and online reputation management agencies, who ultimately did more harm than good. After failed attempted negotiations, those clients come to us to have the mess cleaned up. They end up spending much more than they could have if they had first contacted us – and they tell us so.

Rushing into a half-formed initial response to your internet issue will end up losing – not saving – you money.

For an in-depth look at the potential costs required to resolve your internet issue, make sure to check out our Minc Law Pricing Page.


Key Reminders About Minc Law Services

Now that you have a good idea of why hiring Minc Law might be your best option, we should go over a few things to keep in mind when you prepare to hire us for your defamation, content removal, and internet privacy protection needs.

1. Content Removal Is Not Always Guaranteed

Keep in mind that we cannot make any guarantees about your case. Whether you want to remove a negative news article or fake Google review, identify an anonymous poster, or remove an intimate image or video of you from a revenge porn websites, remember that with all legal matters, we cannot guarantee the results you want.

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to removing content from the internet – and we have succeeded in removing over 50,000+ pieces of content for our clients – but unfortunately, we are still limited by factors outside our control. Sometimes it comes down to the ruling of a court or the willingness of an online platform to take the action that they should.

If any law firm or other company promises you guaranteed results, you should run the other way. The fact is, no one can guarantee an outcome involving matters controlled by third-parties.

We do however offer guaranteed content removals from specific types of websites, such as cheater, scam, and public shaming websites. We refer to these types of content removals as “guaranteed removals” because we are confident in our ability to remove damaging and defamatory content from them, otherwise, we will refund you for any content not removed. However, we are promising to give you your money back, we are not “guaranteeing” a result no matter what.

Regardless of outside factors, we make sure to do everything within our power to achieve the optimal outcome for your case.

2. Our Retainer for Hourly Matters is Not a Flat Fee

The retainer fee we require to resolve most internet matters (except for guaranteed content removals) is simply a down payment for our services; it is not an all-inclusive flat fee quote for your legal matter.

Video: What is a Retainer Fee Agreement? What are the Benefits?

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Minc Law attorneys will bill their time against that retainer until it runs out. After the retainer is depleted, you will receive monthly invoices with a breakdown of what was done on your matter, how much it cost, and the total amount owed.

If there are any funds left on your retainer after your matter is completed, the retainer will be refunded to you.

We do charge a flat-fee for guaranteed content removals, which you can read more about here.

3. Additional Services May Be Needed

Since you are signing an hourly agreement, additional services can be included under this agreement, if you agree to them in writing. Most legal matters we handle are fluid, so we are extremely flexible with our services and strategies.

We change course as needed and appropriate, as new information often becomes available and circumstances change. We always discuss any proposed changes to the initially defined scope of the contract to ensure that:

  • We are on the same page going forward, and
  • Achieve results as effectively and efficiently as possible.

For example, we may be attempting to remove a news article for you. During the course of our work, you or Minc Law might discover another article you were not originally aware of – and you decide you would like us to attempt to remove that one as well. We can add that matter to our list of responsibilities under the hourly agreement by agreeing to it in email correspondence.

Further, to provide our clients with the best legal services possible, we encourage all Minc Law clients to sign up for our Digital Risk Protection (“DRP”) Service (in partnership with ZeroFox) to proactively identify, monitor, and eliminate ongoing digital threats to your online brand, reputation, and personally identifiable information.

We offer new Minc Law clients a special discount when signing up for our Digital Risk Protection Services, which includes 3 months of free DRP Services after payment of a $249.00 activation fee. You also agree to pay $99/month for the remaining 9 months of your 12-month subscription – this is a 70% discount off of standard pricing and valued at $2,847.00. For a basic overview of the service and common questions, check out our article, “Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Risk Protection“.

We want to emphasize that any additional work will result in additional fees and we will always discuss additional work with you before adding it to your bill.

4. Local Counsel Considerations

If we are filing a lawsuit outside of the state of Ohio, we may need to hire an attorney in the state where the lawsuit is going to be filed.

Most of the time, we will provide a retainer to the local attorney we agree to use from the money you provided us in the original retainer. In most of our cases, we are able to negotiate a small retainer of no more than $2500 to retain local counsel. The local attorney’s involvement and responsibilities are typically kept very minimal and their costs are usually very low. They assist with filings, court hearings, and to advise the Minc attorney handling your case on local rules and procedures we may be unfamiliar with.

When we retain local counsel, Minc Law will generally act as the lead counsel on your matter. We do not pass off matters to other attorneys unless we discuss it with our client first and they agree it is in the best interest of their specific case and circumstance to do that. In many cases, the Minc attorney can be admitted to that state on a temporary basis for your specific case. But we only do that if necessary.

Keep in mind that if the retainer provided to local counsel runs out, you will be responsible for paying the local counsel’s invoices as well. But we do everything possible to keep these costs down and monitor all local counsel costs closely.

5. We Cannot Sue Google

Remember, we cannot help you sue Google or other similar platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter.

This is because, for the most part, platforms such as Google only act as an aggregator of third-party content. So, if someone posts malicious or defamatory content online, Google is not generally liable for that content because of a law called Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. For an easy-to-understand explanation of Section 230 and why it should matter to you, check out our video below.

Video: What is Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act?

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We will need to pursue the person who is responsible for posting the content on the internet – and in most cases, that party is not a platform like Google or Facebook.

If you need more information about why we cannot go after Google or other hosting platforms, please read our article: Can I Sue Google?

I Have Had My Consultation. Should I Hire Minc Law?

If you are the victim of internet defamation, damaging online content, or internet harassment, it is normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and to want your issue resolved as painlessly and quickly as possible.

With all the legal options out there, it can feel paralyzing to choose the right representation for your case. Minc Law has extensive experience helping internet victims like you, and we understand how difficult the decision can be to trust someone else with such a delicate and personal situation.

“They were very understanding. They did not judge me and they were very helpful. It gave me peace of mind to have someone who I could turn too in a stressful situation.”
Jordan Fong, January 7, 2022

If you do decide to take that next step with us, rest assured that we will do everything in our power to partner with you going forward and work for a quick solution to your problem.

On the other hand, if you feel like Minc Law is not the best fit for you, please feel free to visit our article about other Top Online Defamation Services for more information about other services that may be able to assist you.

Are you being defamed online? We will get it removed. Contact Minc Law today!

If you are still unsure whether to hire us or if you have additional questions that were not answered either in your consultation or in this article, please reach out to our team at 216-373-7706.


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