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What to Expect If You Are Applying & Interviewing at Minc Law

If you are reading this article, you may have already applied for a job with our firm. Or perhaps you are doing your due diligence before applying—which is already a sign you might be a great fit for our team.

When applicants apply for a job, it is often unclear what the company’s hiring process is like, how long it will take, or the steps involved. We value transparency in all aspects of what we do at Minc Law—including in the hiring process— and have created this article to help you better understand what you can expect before and after applying.

We have a clear mission, to protect and improve the reputations of 15,000 people by 2035, and adhere to a values-based culture that combines empathy and compassion, professionalism, and loyalty, to achieve the best results for our clients. The most successful applicants at our firm, and those who fit in best, share these core values and are team players who are not afraid to ask questions, give (and take) feedback, and are motivated by transparency and accountability.

In this article, you will learn what Minc Law’s hiring process looks like at a high level and find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions applicants usually have about our process.

Where to Start: Recommended Reading When Applying to Minc Law

As a starting point, check out the comprehensive Careers Center that our team has built. We have it specifically so that potential applicants like yourself can find information and learn more about employee compensation and benefits, our firm culture, processes, news, and more.

We recommend that you read through these resources and articles to understand better what it is like to work with us—so that during the application process, we can focus on what matters: determining if we are the right fit for one another.

Building a strong team of professionals that serves our clients effectively means finding applicants whose core values align with ours. You can start learning about our team’s culture and values by reading these articles:

The following articles are great starting points to learn more about how benefits and employee compensation are structured at our firm:

For further insight into who we are and what it is like to work at Minc Law, we recommend watching our team member interviews from our quarterly employee spotlight series:

Our Hiring Process

Application and hiring at Minc Law is a multi-step process, but it is still relatively straightforward. Our goal is to ensure you are the right fit for us—and we are the right fit for you.

It is not our intention to leave you in the dark about our hiring process, which is why this section will walk you through the steps that each applicant goes through, from seeing the job post to attending a final interview.

Step 1: The Application

We post all of Minc Law’s open positions on major online job boards. Interested applicants can find all up-to-date job listings on our Careers Page.

Interested applicants MUST call the number listed on the job ad to apply, listen to the voicemail instructions, and submit their application via the method outlined in the voicemail.

Per the instructions we provide in our job ads/listings, we do NOT consider job applications submitted directly through job site portals or email. Applicants must call the number and listen to the voicemail message and follow the instructions given in the message.

This application process of calling a designated phone number is intentional. No matter the position at Minc Law, applicants must show that they pay attention to details and can take and follow instructions, starting with the initial application process.

Step 2: The Initial Interview (By Zoom)

After reviewing your application, assuming your qualifications meet the requirements for the open position, we will contact you and set up an initial interview.

The interview will take place via a Zoom meeting and will last about thirty minutes. During the interview expect questions that will ask to find out more about your experience and interest in the position you are applying for.

Step 3: A Short Test Assignment

If the initial interview goes well, the next step is that we will provide you with a simple test assignment that pertains to the job duties/skill for the open position you are applying for at the firm. Test assignments must be completed within 24 hours of receipt.

Test assignments are meant to be relatively short and straightforward. They should not take more than 1-2 hours (at most) to complete. This step in the interview process is simply another way we test a candidate’s skills and attention to detail, as well as their continued interest in the open position.

Step 4: Complete Two Assessments (PRINT & Kolbe ~ 10 Minutes Each)

Depending on the position you apply for, the next phase of the process is to complete two assessments called PRINT and Kolbe. Both of these assessments will be sent to candidates within a few days to one week of the test assignment’s completion.

The first assessment, PRINT, is used to measure a person’s unconscious motivators. The second assessment, Kolbe, measures a person’s instinctive strengths and ways they prefer to take action and work (or “MO” Modus Operandi). Each assessment only takes about 10 minutes to complete. Results are delivered within 24 hours.

To be clear, Kolbe and PRINT are not “tests.” There are no right/wrong answers or results, and they are not intended to disqualify any applicant. The information we learn from these assessments will be shared with you and help us learn more about candidates we are going to interview and who have a genuine interest in hiring for the open position.

We have people take these assessments because they give us an objective picture of who you are, what modes and styles of communication work best for you—and the type of environments where you thrive in most, as well as what your inherent strengths and modes of operation are.

All team members who work at the firm are trained to utilize their assessments, as well as their team members, to improve team communication, avoid unnecessary drama, and find the best ways to work together and thrive as an organization.

Step 5: The Final Interview(s)

The final step in the process is the in-person interview, which is always held in person with our CEO, Aaron Minc, and your potential team manager. For example, if you are interviewing for an attorney position, your interview will be with Aaron Minc and Managing Partner, Daniel Powell. If you are interviewing for a paralegal or intake position, you will interview with Aaron Minc and Darcy Buxton, Intake & Paralegal Manager.

This final interview will typically last between sixty (60) to ninety (90) minutes. During the interview, we are going to ask you in-depth questions about your educational background and each of your past work experiences. We will also ask you questions that look for examples of characteristics, skills, and experiences that relate to the job you are applying for. There will also be an opportunity to ask more questions to learn more about the firm, the position, and our culture. This is your opportunity to interview us as well.

Additionally, for most positions, you will also have a preliminary interview/meeting with current Minc Law team members that are in the role you are applying for currently. So, for example, if you are applying for an attorney position, you will meet with other attorneys and will be able to ask them questions so they can let you know what it is like to work at Minc Law. Similarly, if interviewing for an intake position, you will meet/interview with other current Intake Specialists.

At the end of the interview, we will let you know what to expect in terms of the timeline that we are working with to make an offer and fill the potential position. We try our best to make this part of the process go as quickly as possible to let candidates know if we will be offering them a position once all final interviews are conducted.

Step 6: The Offer

If you are the best fit for the open position, we will make you an offer for the job after all candidate interviews are completed. We typically make offers to candidates first verbally, by phone. Our expectation is that, except for something like a short but necessary conversation with a spouse or significant other, you will be able to give us an answer as to whether you accept the offer or not when we call (or within 24 hours).

Following the call, you will receive a formal written offer letter confirming our offer of employment. If we do not hear back within 24 hours of receiving an offer confirming acceptance, the offer is rescinded, and the firm will move on to other candidates.

At Minc Law, Culture Matters

Be aware! We prioritize a firm culture that adheres to and furthers our core values of professionalism, empathy and compassion, results, and loyalty. This is reflected in all of our firm’s processes, especially the application and hiring process. We do this to ensure that applicants are a cultural fit and to best achieve our mission of protecting 15,000 reputations by 2035.

The team members who fit in best at our firm are excellent writers and storytellers. You should be able to communicate effectively—even how or why you believe you align with our culture during the interview process. And no matter the role you are applying for, we look for detail-oriented applicants with excellent time-management skills.

Also, do not be discouraged from applying just because you do not have the exact experience described in the job posting! Some of our best team members came to Minc Law from other fields or with no prior experience relating to their current roles with us.

Finally, be sure to answer questions authentically as you go through our application and tests. We are looking for a culture fit on both sides—not only for our firm but for you as well.

“I truly enjoy my job and the work that I do for the firm. The team that I work with are always wonderful to me and are one of the best teams I’ve ever been a part of at work.”

-Ava Miller, Digital Services Administrator at Minc Law

Ready to apply? We are excited to meet you! Explore open positions and apply through our firm’s Careers page today.

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