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The Benefits of Working For Minc Law

At Minc Law, we pride ourselves on giving individuals and businesses peace of mind in the digital world. Along with the highly rewarding, cutting-edge nature of our work and competitive pay, our law firm offers team members a wide range of benefits – from its dynamic profit-sharing plan, free monthly massages, stocked pantry, and reimbursement for personal and professional development.

In this article, we give you a window into our company culture and what makes our firm unique. Then, we explore the many benefits of working for Minc Law, from the financial compensation to the extra benefits and perks that you may not find elsewhere.

Our Purpose

Our work at Minc Law has deep meaning because it is connected to a strong purpose. Our purpose is what drives us. Our purpose is the answer to “Why” we do what we do every day and what motivates each of us to come to work engaged toward reaching a common goal.

Our purpose is to give peace of mind in a digital world because the reputational, financial, and other personal harm that is caused by online defamation, harassment, and privacy attacks can be catastrophic to any business or individual. Our work makes a difference in the lives of our clients, their families, businesses, and employees.

Our Culture

Every work experience is shaped by a larger organizational culture, which comprises the shared set of values, goals, attitudes, and practices that make up an organization and support its purpose.

Simply stated, culture is what you do as a business. And what you do, is who you are. At Minc Law, our culture is based on a shared set of values, discussed below, that guide our decisions and actions of what we do every day.

Minc Law’s Core Values

Our core values are the supporting behaviors to our purpose that we strive to operate by. They are the answer to the question of how we act when no one is around and offer guidance on what to do or how to handle a difficult situation or problem. They are the hidden instruction guide for ambiguous situations. They are the set of assumptions that we use to resolve the problems and challenges we face every day. And, they dictate how we behave when no one else is watching.

We fervently serve clients and support one another at the firm by exemplifying professionalism, achieving stellar results, exercising empathy and compassion for both clients and colleagues, and practicing fierce loyalty to all.


We are reliable and consistent, always acting with proper etiquette, transparency, integrity, and ethics.


We are serious about getting results. We set high standards, take ownership of our goals, find creative solutions to solve unique problems, and strive each day to make ourselves (and those around us) better.

Empathy & Compassion

Clients often come to us on one of the worst days of their lives. We always exercise patience, understanding, gratitude, and genuine care for both clients and colleagues.


We are fiercely loyal to our clients, colleagues, and mission. We work hard, get the job done right, and never give up.

We Value Transparency & Accountability

Minc Law is an open-book firm. We pride ourselves in our transparency in everything from goals and values to what we charge clients and employee compensation. On a quarterly basis, all team members develop and outline goals to achieve. We hold regular all-firm, team, and individual one-on-one meetings on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis where we review progress on our goals, celebrate what we have achieved, and acknowledge how we can improve.

We encourage feedback from all team members and prioritize open communication that flows both ways—from supervisors to subordinates, and vice versa.

We Are Employee-Focused

We place a high priority on team member goals and personal fulfillment. We believe in investing in our team because employees are our greatest asset.

As part of our mission to be employee-focused, we prioritize:

  • Holding firm-wide quarterly gatherings and events to check in and celebrate reaching firm goals, as well as for more informal social gatherings.
  • Investing in education and training—including reimbursement for continuing education classes and professional certifications.
  • Encouraging and supporting personal growth—including by offering substantial vacation time and regular wellness perks.

Only when employees feel valued, challenged, and fulfilled can a business reach its fullest potential.

We Aim For Work-Life Integration

“Work-life balance” is a misnomer. When it comes to work and your personal life, there is never any true balance; work is a part of life and life and work are rarely in true “balance.” However, we firmly believe that your work should smoothly integrate with your life without taking it over.

We believe that while every staff member should work hard, it is equally important for them to take time off to completely unplug and enjoy their life outside of work.

For example, we require attorneys to meet a (reasonable) minimum threshold of a 1500 billable-hour requirement annually, but we are very flexible with when and where they complete that work. We understand each team member thrives in different environments and strive to offer different types of working arrangements, including in-office, hybrid, and remote. We want all employees to have a schedule that works for them and allows them to make time for self-care.

We Embrace Inclusivity & Employing a Diverse Team

Diversity of all kinds is a necessity for a thriving, well-rounded, and healthy workplace. Not only does robust diversity strengthen our firm’s culture but it also provides a wide array of perspectives and life experiences. The more varied our team’s backgrounds, the better equipped we are to think out of the box and solve any problem that comes our way.

A diverse team helps us better serve our clients in other ways, too. We want new clients to see themselves in us, no matter their race, gender, culture, or other unique backgrounds. Our diverse staff lets us relate to people from all backgrounds—and as such, build authentic and fulfilling relationships with each other and with our clients.

Benefits of Working For Minc Law

We understand that monetary compensation and comprehensive benefits packages are at the forefront of employee requirements and strive to offer competitive salaries, generous benefits, and extra perks for all team members.

Competitive Salaries & Benefits

Minc Law offers competitive salaries that strive to meet or exceed what law firms of similar size pay in our area. Each position at our firm falls into a base salary range determined by:

  • The experience level needed to meet the job requirements,
  • The position’s level (especially the performance expectations and scope of work required), and
  • External market data documenting how similar roles in the industry and geographic area are compensated.

Each team member’s base salary is set somewhere along that position’s range based on individual skill sets, experience, and how long they have been with the firm. Contributions to the firm’s quarterly initiatives and goals are also considered when setting their base salary.

Annual Reviews & Salary Increases

Once a teammate has been in their role for at least six months, they are eligible for base salary increases. We have annual discussions in and around November and December with each team member to discuss salary adjustments and increases.

Increases in base salaries are calculated based on the individual’s performance, the firm’s overall financial performance, changes in the market, and whether the team member has been promoted or given increased responsibilities.

Generally, annual base salary increases will range from 2% to 10%.

Performance Bonus & Dynamic Profit Sharing Program

In addition to each team member’s base salary, Minc Law offers a dynamic profit-sharing program for all full-time employees. If the firm achieves a minimum level of profitability, each eligible team member will receive a semi-annual cash bonus based on a percentage (up to 15%) of their base salary.

Our profit-sharing program is separate from and in addition to base salary compensation. It is also separate from Minc Law’s contribution to employee 401(k) plans.

This program is intended to reward teammates for the overall profitability and success of the firm. Profit-sharing not only leads to greater employee compensation, but it encourages greater engagement, productivity, and teamwork across all positions.

For a comprehensive breakdown explaining our philosophy on employee compensation and incentives, we recommend reading ‘How Employee Compensation is Structured at Minc Law’.


Because it is a priority to cultivate work-life integration at Minc Law, we offer generous vacation packages. All team members receive 9 paid holidays (i.e. Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc…), when the office is closed. Attorneys receive 25 days of paid time off (PTO) and staff 15 days – all of which increase with tenure. We also offer maternity and paternity leave for new parents.

Insurance & Other Perks & Benefits

Alongside compensation and paid time-off, Minc Law team members receive other perks that include:

  • 401k retirement plan (with annual employer contribution after vesting period);
  • Full vision and dental insurance;
  • 50% of medical insurance premiums with a highly competitive, low deductible plan;
  • iPhone and plan for attorneys and managers.
  • Remote and hybrid work opportunities;
  • Monthly in-office massages;
  • Fully-stocked pantry of free beverages and snacks
  • Reimbursement for professional and educational development investments,
  • Free reserved parking; and
  • A brand-new ergonomic workstation that includes a sit/stand desk and a widescreen monitor.

Our office is also situated in Pinecrest in Orange Village. Pinecrest is an award-winning mixed-use development with some of the best dining, shopping, and fitness options in the greater Cleveland area.

Opportunities For Personal & Professional Growth

At Minc Law, we strongly encourage personal and professional growth. Many of our team members are work with us while simultaneously taking on other professional growth endeavors such as:

  • Attending law school,
  • Taking paralegal certification classes, and
  • Studying in courses to develop other skills.

Each quarter, every teammate sets at least three “rocks” (i.e. goals). These are used as opportunities to identify benchmarks and areas of personal and professional development. We make a point of supporting and encouraging team members to set and reach these goals each quarter.

Join Us & Make a Difference – We’d Love to Get to Know You

Do you enjoy combining problem-solving, critical thinking, and compassionate client service? If so, consider joining our experienced team of litigators, paralegals, and professionals as we pioneer the quickly evolving fields of internet defamation, privacy, and online harassment.

Our team of attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff prioritizes humanity and empathy, both in our client interactions and in our internal culture.

If you are looking for a dynamic work environment that is progressive, challenging, supportive, and rewarding, we invite you to explore open positions and apply through our firm’s Careers page today.



“The flexibility I have with options to WFH when needed which is nice with 2 kids and busy lives. I like what I do and who I work with. Minc offers nice perks and benefits which is also important to me.”

Darcy Buxton, Intake & Paralegal Manager at Minc Law


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