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How Employee Compensation is Structured at Minc Law

At Minc Law, we pride ourselves on transparency and trust. That is why we aim to ensure that all our team members (as well as potential team members) understand our philosophy on employee compensation and incentives.

This article provides a summary of our firm’s guiding principles related to compensation and incentives, how team member compensation is structured, and details regarding other benefits offered by the firm.

Please note: This article is meant only as an overview and summary. It does not list every compensation policy or benefit offered by Minc Law in full detail. Qualified applicants may request full details of all current compensation policies utilized by the firm.

Our Guiding Principles for Compensation

At Minc Law, we strive to correct the shortcomings inherent in traditional law firm compensation models by compensating all team members appropriately and justly. The following are our guiding principles as it relates to team member compensation:

Competitive Salaries

We offer competitive salaries at or above what similar-sized law firms or other businesses pay for similar roles in the region.

Ensure Equity & Reward Performance

Teammates who have the same job titles, similar skills, and comparable levels of experience, are paid similar base salaries within a defined pay range. As teammates become more experienced, achieve greater skills, or produce superior results they will earn higher base salaries.

Incentives For Team Success

Our success as an organization depends on the hard work, contributions, and results of all team members. All teammates impact our ability to succeed. Therefore, incentive pay is based on team results. If the firm is producing profits and successfully operating, all teammates have the opportunity to be rewarded proportionally.

How We Structure Employee Compensation

Each full-time team member at Minc Law receives a base salary based on their position, skill level, and experience. On top of paying base salary, we also offer a profit-sharing plan that enables team members to receive incentive payments of up to 15% of their base annual salary when the firm achieves certain profitability targets each year.

Base Salary Levels

All positions within our firm have base salary levels based on the following factors:

  • Position and position level–including the scope of work and performance expectations for the role detailed in the table below;
  • Experience level and skill set necessary to perform the expectations of the role; and
  • External market data–or how similar roles are paid in our industry and geographic region.

Salary discussions are scheduled with each team member annually to discuss salary increases, typically within a range of 2% to 10%, based on: (1) the teammate’s continued achievement of established goals, (2) the firm’s overall financial performance, (3) market factors, and (4) whether the teammate has been promoted to a role of increased responsibility or scope.

Incentive Plan Opportunity

Minc Law is committed to rewarding employees for the overall success and profitability of the firm. As mentioned above, our profit-sharing plan enables team members to receive up to 15% of their base annual salary in incentive pay.

For incentives to be paid, the firm must achieve certain minimum levels of profitability. The annual benchmarks and other eligibility requirements are outlined and shared with all employees in an Incentive Plan Overview document at the beginning of each year.

Other Minc Law Employee Benefits

On top of the monetary compensation and incentives outlined above, our dynamic, dedicated team also enjoys numerous perks and benefits. We offer a progressive, healthy workplace that prioritizes work-life integration, diversity, and autonomy.

  • Parental leave;
  • Generous vacation packages;
  • 401k Retirement plan (with annual employer contribution after vesting period);
  • Full vision and dental insurance;
  • 50% medical insurance with a highly competitive, low deductible plan;
  • Free parking;
  • Remote and hybrid work style;
  • Reasonable attorney annual billing requirement (1500)
  • Monthly in-office massages;
  • Annual onsite team building and professional development training workshops;
  • Reimbursement for continuing education and professional development.

Our art modern design office is also located in Pinecrest in Orange Village, an award-winning mixed-use district and development with some of the best shopping, dining, and fitness options in the Cleveland area. Further, each Minc employee receives a brand-new ergonomic workstation complete with a sit/stand desk and a widescreen monitor.

Join Us & Make a Difference

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If you are ready to put your problem-solving skills to use in a progressive, dynamic work environment, we invite you to join us as we help empower victims of online harassment, defamation, and extortion.

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“I truly enjoy my job and the work that I do for the firm. The team that I work with are always wonderful to me and one of the best teams I’ve ever been a part of at work. “

Ava Miller, Digital Services Administrator at Minc Law


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