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Minc Law Commits to Rewarding Employees With Profit-Sharing Program

Minc Law is proud to announce that it has implemented a new, dynamic profit-sharing plan for all firm employees. The firm is committed to driving prosperity and benefit to all of its employees. Minc Law’s profit-sharing plan is an answer to industry-wide calls to increase employee engagement, pay, and the firm’s bottom line, without the negative and short-sighted drawbacks of most law firm bonus programs.

Minc Law’s Profit-Sharing Plan

Minc Law is committed to rewarding employees for their contributions to the profitability and success of the firm. Each position and role in the firm directly impacts its success. When the firm grows, employees’ benefits and pay should also grow proportionately.

– Aaron Minc, principal and founder of Minc Law

In today’s legal industry, profit-sharing plans are rare, despite the documented benefits such as:

  • Greater employee compensation,
  • Increased engagement and productivity, and
  • Teamwork across all job descriptions.

Current bonus and compensation structures used by many law firms can have significant drawbacks for all stakeholders. They tend to:

  1. Reward short term profit-based outcomes over long-term prosperity and stable growth;
  2. Foster cultural toxicity in the workplace, competitiveness, and siloing;
  3. Incentivize unethical conduct and billing practices, not in clients’ best interests; and
  4. Fail to equitably and proportionally benefit all team members who contribute to a firm’s prosperity.

And worst of all, it has been widely acknowledged for decades that they simply do not work. If someone is a good employee, they show up and give you their best effort every day because they love their job, and that’s what they are getting paid to do. A bonus does not make them work harder or better.

Benefits of Minc Law’s Profit-Sharing Plan

The profit-sharing plan enables employees to earn up to 15% of their base salary as a bonus based on the company’s profit for that year. The plan is independent of employee base salaries and is additional compensation.

The profit-sharing plan strives to avoid common drawbacks involved in most profit-sharing plans. For instance, the plan includes reward tiers based on the minimum payout threshold, the firm’s profit goal for the year, and payouts based on exceeding that goal.

The profit-sharing bonus is also entirely separate from the firm’s contribution to each employee’s 401(k) plan and is a cash payout plan on a semi-annual basis, not a deferred retirement package. The plan is designed to reward teamwork, not to expose employees to risk by shifting a portion of their compensation package from stable salaries to contingent bonuses.

Other Perks & Benefits of Working For Minc Law

This profit-sharing plan is only one of several perks and benefits of working for Minc Law. The team consists of nationally recognized leaders in the field of internet defamation and content removal.

Minc Law’s rapidly expanding team (which grew by over 20% in the last year alone) enjoys perks such as:

  • Competitive salaries,
  • Paid time off,
  • Group medical, dental, and vision insurance,
  • Parental leave,
  • Monthly in-office massage,
  • Reimbursement for professional development investments,
  • Flexible work-from-home conditions and schedules, and
  • State-of-the-art modern office design with ergonomic workstations.

Minc Law is a progressive workplace that prioritizes employee autonomy, diversity, work-life balance, and personal growth.

Come Shape the Future of Minc Law

Do you enjoy putting your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to use in navigating a quickly evolving field? Are you a results-oriented professional who is eager to provide aggressive representation—and compassionate counsel—to clients?

Come shape the future of Minc Law and help empower victims of online defamation, extortion, harassment, and digital privacy matters. Minc Law’s experienced team of litigators are pioneering the fields of internet defamation, online harassment, and internet privacy.

Minc Law undertakes an authentic, compassionate, and cutting-edge approach to both client representation and company culture. Explore open positions and apply through the firm’s Careers Page today.



“I enjoy what I do for the firm and my position overall. I also really enjoy working with my team and how well we are able to work together as a collective.”

Ava Miller, Digital Services Administrator at Minc Law