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5 Things Minc Law Applicants Should Know Before Applying

We pride ourselves on transparency and trust at Minc Law—not just with our clients, but with our current and potential team members as well. Building an effective legal team to fervently serve our clients means finding applicants who are excited to work with us and whose values align with ours.

From our dedication to providing exemplary legal services to our focus on creating an inclusive and collaborative work culture, our four core values; professionalism, results, empathy and compassion, and loyalty, drive our approach in everything we do.

In this article, we provide five aspects of Minc Law’s culture and work style to help you decide if our legal team is the right fit for you.

Minc Law Has a Growth Mindset

Our primary mission is to protect and improve 15,000 reputations by 2035. This requires a dedicated and steadfast mindset for growth. Our firm does not stay stagnant; we are not content with coasting or treading water. In just five years, our firm has expanded to sixteen-plus team members, rolled out an innovative digital risk protection service that serves as an ongoing revenue source, and served more than 2,500 clients.

Our firm is constantly rethinking our procedures and how we interact with one another. For example, over the last several quarters, our firm has revamped our entire intake procedure. We have added positions, created processes for following up with leads, and adjusted to a new allocation of responsibilities. And we will continue to refine our procedures to maximize efficiency and practicality for our team and our clients.

What does this mean for interested applicants?

While adherence and dedication to our core values is resolute, our firm is a malleable one in approach and practice, so our team members must be ready to adapt to new procedures. This also means that incoming team members should come in with an open mind and a mindset that allows these changes to take place.

Change is difficult—and it can be hard to implement in an office setting, especially if team members remain skeptical and unwilling to move with the firm. But if you have a flexible attitude and are willing to adapt to change in the pursuit of extraordinary growth, then Minc Law may be the place for you.

Minc Law is All About the Team

At Minc Law, we focus on the big picture and hold the team, and its success, as paramount. Our team mindset is exemplified in many ways. The success of the firm never rests on one or a few team members’ shoulders; instead, we prioritize and emphasize goals based on the team’s ability to contribute to them.

For example, one previous goal was to close a high number of litigation sales within a quarter. Sales is truly a team effort, from the marketing and SEO team who create educational and qualifying content to get leads in the door, to the intake coordinator informing the potential client of our services, to the attorney selling the client on their ability to resolve their matter and the paralegal assisting with client questions.

Another previous goal was to publish a high number of new pieces of content on our website by the end of a quarter. Again, each team member was expected to contribute to this goal, whether it was through YouTube videos, service-oriented articles, or information for our future candidates (like this piece)! Our dynamic profit-sharing program for all firm employees echoes our prioritization of the big picture, rewarding each position and role for their impact on the firm’s success.

Although we are all about the team, our firm also values each team member’s autonomy and independence at work. While we are a team, we also acknowledge that we all have different roles, strengths, and weaknesses. By combining each employee’s independent work, Minc Law has been able to meet extraordinary goals and obtain effective results for clients.

Finally, we strive to foster an environment of comradery, which strengthens communication and allows our firm to work more cohesively. We aim to host a social gathering at least once per quarter. A few examples of fun outings we have hosted in the past include:

  • A team happy hour at Saucy Brewery down the street from our office,
  • Attending Browns or Cavs games together after reaching our team quarterly goal,
  • An office holiday party for the team and their families, and
  • A team cookout at our founder’s home.

Minc Law Values Feedback

At Minc Law, we believe that without feedback, there would be a lack of accountability, transparency, and progress. So we have implemented numerous policies that allow every team member to provide candid and constructive feedback to one another.

Our quarterly check-ins, for example, are one-on-one meetings over lunch between a team member and their manager. Each employee provides a self-evaluation of their performance, receives feedback from their manager, and pinpoints elements of their role or the firm that may need improvement. These are not performance reviews, but rather a chance for team members to self-reflect on if they are accomplishing their goals and need further development or help.

These evaluations are also an opportunity to provide feedback to your manager and the firm about how they can provide better support and empower you to be your best.

We also distribute a quarterly survey—via a brief Google form—as another opportunity for feedback. Using this form, the entire team can give their honest opinion of what is going well, what should be improved, and what is simply not working at the firm.

For interested applicants, this means that you should be comfortable with receiving feedback from (and giving feedback to) all of your colleagues and the firm directly. While this may be challenging, its purpose is to allow the firm to grow past inefficiencies and into an environment that is productive and safe for all employees.

We do not use feedback simply as a way for superiors to critique employees’ performance. Instead, we see feedback as a way to hold all team members accountable for their behavior, performance, and actions at work, and further our goals as a firm.

Minc Law’s Work is Innovative & Challenging

Our firm takes pride in being one of the first law firms to dedicate its focus to internet defamation. While the internet has become such an intrinsic part of most people’s lives, it is important to remember that the laws and regulations surrounding the internet are still fairly new. Consequently, the remedies and necessary services to effectively combat privacy, harassment, and defamation issues are still developing.

When you work at Minc Law, you are paving as a trailblazer in the fight to help individuals and businesses from all walks of life control their online reputation and images. This practice requires creativity, ingenuity, and the willingness to learn something new.

For example, our litigation team was able to unmask the creator of heinous defamatory content on Facebook that was targeting a well-respected client. Once the perpetrator had been identified, Minc Law’s attorneys negotiated with the creator and convinced them to redact their statements, apologize, and make things right with the client.

To work well with our team, interested candidates should be comfortable in ambiguous circumstances. Team members are expected to achieve results for their clients and must be creative in their work. If you are not comfortable with thinking outside of the box and working independently as part of a bigger team, then Minc Law may not be for you.

Minc Law Values Transparency & Accountability

Being transparent and holding ourselves accountable amongst firm team members and clients is integral to furthering our mission. We are an open-book law firm that is committed to cultivating a transparent culture about our successes and failures. Both Minc Law leadership and team members show unwavering candor and dedication to holding one another accountable.

At the beginning of each quarter, each team member sets out their individual “rocks” (goals) for the quarter. They are tracked in a collaborative workbook and shared on a weekly and quarterly basis. Our leadership team shares firm financial performance details, important growth metrics such as website traffic and weekly leads, and other important information in that same scorecard.

Doing so enables our firm to effectively refine core processes, identify potential issues before they become a serious problem, focus on what is working, and stay on track to achieve our weekly, quarterly, and yearly goals.

Further, all team members complete assessments that shed light on their specific ‘Best Self’, ‘Shadow’ behaviors, and “Unconscious Motivators.” By understanding what drives each team member and how they individually communicate, we more effectively create open and honest dialogue in the pursuit of accountability.

Ready to Join Us?

Our team at Minc Law is more than a law firm. We are pioneers in the field of internet privacy and online defamation, yes—but we are also a different kind of workplace culture. Our experienced attorneys, paralegals, and administrative assistants prioritize authenticity, collaboration, and compassion in how we treat both clients and each other.

Our goal is to protect and improve at least 15,000 reputations by 2035. If our culture’s characteristics listed above sound like a good fit for you, we invite you to join us as we work to empower victims of online extortion, defamation, and harassment. Explore open positions and apply through our firm’s Careers page today.



“I truly enjoy my job and the work that I do for the firm. The team that I work with are always wonderful to me and one of the best teams I’ve ever been a part of at work. “

Ava Miller, Digital Services Administrator at Minc Law

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