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Who is Not a Good Fit For Minc Law

When building or joining a team, it is critical to find those whose values and goals are in sync with yours. Minc Law is an internet defamation, content removal, and online harassment law firm that exists at the forefront of an evolving area of law. Our primary goal is to give individuals and businesses peace of mind in a digital world by protecting and improving 15,000 reputations by 2035.

We do so through adherence to our guiding values: professionalism, results, empathy and compassion, and loyalty.

This article will give you insight into our culture and help give you an idea of whether our team might be a good fit for you.

You are likely not a good fit for Minc Law if:

You Do Not Have a Growth & Professionalism Mindset

With the internet always changing, every day at Minc Law is unique and comes with varying types of clients, cases, and challenges. Employees at Minc Law must stay updated on websites, social media, and internet law changes.

Our team is constantly updating our processes and communication methods. Because internet defamation and extortion are complicated issues, our team has to think outside the box to tackle them effectively. Not only must we be innovative, but we also collaborate constantly. Our team members are always ready to help each other and offer ideas or advice.

As a whole, Minc Law’s culture is very goal-oriented. We keep firm-wide goals in mind—but we also encourage every employee to create or update their own professional goals quarterly. And our partnership with a legal marketing and coaching company has allowed the entire firm to advance our professional goals with client engagement coaching, onboarding training, and leadership seminars.

Our leaders know that when employees grow professionally and personally, the entire company’s tangible and intangible impact grows, too.

You Do Not Like Autonomy

At Minc Law, the right candidate (and team member) knows how to balance initiative with collaboration. Our team members are given the reins to run their own matters early and know how to proactively take charge of their workload. But they also know when to ask others for help.

Each employee is trusted to pursue their own professional path with support and guidance from the team. New staff members at Minc Law receive extensive training overseen by seasoned employees. We aim to provide all the tools needed for a new hire to settle in as smoothly as possible. But you will not be micromanaged at Minc Law; our staff and managers aim to give new recruits the professional skills they need to work independently and on their own terms.

We do not ‘gatekeep’ knowledge at Minc Law. Instead, we prioritize educating team members and clients alike. Employees learn about the intricacies of defamation law, and we also strive to provide online resources so that current and potential clients can make informed decisions.

You Are Not OK With Transparency & Accountability

At Minc Law, we are transparent to a T. We are an open-book law firm, meaning that our leadership strives to provide the utmost transparency with everything we do and the same is expected back by team members.

Everyone’s goals are shared and tracked on a weekly and quarterly basis. Our team members set their own quarterly goals, milestones, and objectives, which they add to a collaborative workbook, while our leadership team provides insights into the firm’s financial performance, number of leads, website traffic, and more.

We are also candid and proactive about sharing feedback with one another and fill out quarterly feedback forms to tackle any glaring firm-wise or individual issues head-on. This transparency surrounding our successes and failures empowers us to identify where improvements must be made, refine our core processes, and stay on track for achieving our quarterly (and yearly) goals.

While many law firms enforce a strict hierarchy, with attorneys at the top and support staff at the bottom, our team works differently. We may recognize a difference in responsibilities, but we also see each other as valued equals. Staff members are not too intimidated to ask another for help or advice. This is crucial for holding one another accountable.

Our culture is one of open communication and friendly collaboration.

In fact, Minc Law values communication so much that we work with leadership coaches and consultants in the legal industry to learn more about our individual communication and working styles. Each employee at Minc Law takes tests to better understand their:

  • “Best Self” behaviors,
  • Shadow behaviors, and
  • Unconscious motivators.

From these results, each employee is given a major and minor number that identifies the best ways to communicate with each person to maximize efficiency, time, and respect.

You Are Not Ready to Show Compassion to Individuals & Businesses in Their Worst Moments

Online defamation and internet extortion is a delicate and, at times, heart-wrenching area of legal practice. Almost all of our team members interact personally with clients and see the very real consequences of online harassment on a daily basis.

Our experience representing hundreds of clients around the world in internet-related cases helps us understand not just the legal twists and turns of such cases, but the private and intense nature of each victim’s distress.

We often hear from individuals on what is possibly the worst day of their lives (or the most devastating day for their business). We strive to exercise respect, empathy, and meticulous attention to every client’s case to help them resolve their internet-related issues effectively and efficiently.

It is our goal to provide both aggressive representation and compassionate counsel to each client who walks through our doors.

You Are Not Comfortable With Looking at NSFW Materials

At Minc Law, we help clients who are being sextorted or are victims of revenge porn. As such, many of the materials that our team members view, preserve, and remove from the internet are “not safe for work.” Our attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff must be able to deal with images, documents, and recordings that may be explicit or sexual in nature.

Some of our new employees go through an adjustment period when they first start working with us since we help clients remove content from the internet that usually relates to some kind of “taboo” topic. For example, a client may be embroiled in a bitter affair or dealing with an ex-partner who is threatening to post nude images of them online. Some of our clients are underage sextortion victims, which can be understandably uncomfortable and disturbing to our staff.

But whatever the case, Minc Law employees must be able to put personal feelings or judgment aside and advocate on behalf of each client. After all, everyone deserves fair legal representation, no matter the issue. You must be compassionate and empathetic, a person who can put the client’s needs first.

You Are Not Ready to Tackle Real-Time Social, Political, & Cultural Issues Head-On

Minc Law exists at the forefront of technology and law. With the rise of the digital age, many reputations can be made or broken within seconds. Many current social and cultural issues fall within our area of study and practice, like:

  • The Depp-Heard defamation case,
  • Increased sextortion due to the shift to webcam interaction during the Covid-19 pandemic,
  • Increased fake and negative consumer reviews due to more people being at home and isolated,
  • Articles and content “going viral” on social media,
  • Social media-induced political polarization and misinformation, and
  • Businesses and individuals that become targets of smear campaigns.

Our office receives inquiries related to the current social, political, and cultural landscape in real-time. Given the very relevant nature of the issues we tackle, our staff must be comfortable addressing current (and sometimes controversial) topics.

If You Think You Are a Good Fit For Minc Law…

Reach out!

Our team at Minc Law strives to maintain a culture of authenticity and compassion, both in how we treat clients and each other. Our experienced team of attorneys, administrative staff, and paralegals are at the forefront of internet defamation, harassment, and online privacy.

We strive to be an exceptional kind of legal team, where we challenge team members and want them to challenge us in return. Our values include stepping outside of our comfort zone and creating a progressive, dynamic, and innovative work environment that benefits our clients and our own growth as a team.

If you think you are a good fit for Minc Law, we invite you to join us as we empower targets of online defamation, harassment, and other internet-related privacy issues. Explore open positions and apply through our firm’s Careers page today.



“Minc Law is a great environment to work in. It is a comfortable environment to learn and grow in. I enjoy communicating with each person and have learned a lot from each individual. “

AnnMarie Kepchar, Client Intake Specialist at Minc Law


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