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Why Minc Law is Successful in What We Do

If you are being harassed, defamed, or sextorted online, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Choosing a legal representative to help you fight back against internet attacks is a decision that you should not take lightly.

At Minc Law, we understand how hard your choice can be. After helping over 2500 clients, removing over 50,000 pieces of content from the internet, and litigating over 350 cases in 26 states and 3 countries, we know what victims of internet attacks want from their attorney – results.

We are highly successful in what we do thanks to our extensive experience, innovative culture, company values, and dedication to the highest possible performance across our entire team. In this article, we discuss what makes our team the right choice to handle your internet-related matter.

We Are a Highly Specialized Law Firm

One of the main reasons that we are great at what we do is that we focus exclusively on our very niche area of law – providing legal services to help combat internet defamation, online harassment, online content removal, and other internet privacy issues. This enables the firm to dedicate all of our resources to helping our clients as best with the problems they face and allows our attorneys to gain the best experience and knowledge in our niche and understand not only the legal nuances of each issue but also the private nature of our clients’ distress.

We have helped thousands of clients handle their unique internet-related issues ranging from defamation and content removal to revenge porn and sextortion matters. Our decade-plus of experience combating internet-related issues for thousands of clients, across thousands of websites and platforms, gives us an edge.

We handle this daily and know the best practices and strategies to resolve these issues. Further, we possess a wide range of contacts within various platforms, websites, news publications, and other law firms to resolve clients’ issues quickly and efficiently.

We frequently attend and speak at professional seminars across the U.S., provide commentary to news publications and media on internet-related privacy issues, and pursue continuing legal education opportunities to refine our skills and innovate.

We Have a Clear Mission That is Reflected in Our Company Culture that Systemizes Better Outcomes and Experiences for Our Clients

Our mission is to protect and improve 15,000 reputations by 2035. To achieve this, we adhere to a value-based company culture that combines compassion, loyalty, and professionalism to obtain stellar results for our clients.

From the moment a client calls our firm, they are treated with the utmost compassion and humanity. We meet many of our clients when they are going through one of the most vulnerable and embarrassing moments of their lives—so our intake team demonstrates empathy, no matter the issue at hand.

We strive to uphold the utmost transparency and professionalism with both clients and one another. We do our best to communicate timely updates, respond effectively to all client inquiries and questions, ensure that clients know exactly who they are engaging with, and empower clients to find the right fit for their legal matter (even if it is not us).

Not only do we strive to uphold our values with our clients, but also in our internal office culture. We understand that communication within our firm is essential to achieving our mission. Our entire company holds weekly team and firm huddles where we share not only announcements but concerns that anyone may need help with from the rest of the team. If a team member is ever struggling to handle their workload or a matter that they are working on, our team members do not hesitate to step in and assist.

Our clearly defined firm mission, and the values that we use to answer that call and accomplish it, empowers us to serve our clients fervently, hold one another accountable, innovate, and obtain stellar results.

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Our Team Undergoes Rigorous Training That Empowers Team Members to Help Clients Right Away

From our intake team up to our senior attorneys, our team is knowledgeable about your specific issues. We undergo continuous training on new trends in the law and our industry, so our team is always up to date to best serve our clients’ pressing needs and issues.

Our experienced team members train new team members and provide them with the resources they need to advise on your case. We are committed to developing core processes that make excellence the standard for delivering services to our clients. This baseline guides new team members and allows them to jump in and begin helping clients right away at a very high level so that clients receive a high level of service regardless of who they are working with.

Each new team member has a 30, 60, and 90-day check-in with their supervisors to ensure they meet training goals. We ask all team members to complete assessments of their goals, personal communication styles, and motivators. Understanding each employee’s progress and work style helps keep our team functioning smoothly, both internally and for our clients.

Finally, we strive to address and train our team on whatever the pressing issues of the day are, such as helping clients who are facing mental health issues and team members be better stewards of their own mental health. Even calling in experts in the field to provide training and advice on handling these delicate matters with the utmost respect and dignity. This became an especially prominent issue as a result of the pandemic.

We Achieve Stellar Results for Our Clients

Our vast understanding of internet defamation and online harassment laws allows us to achieve results where other businesses fail. We use our knowledge of internet law to our advantage in approaching your internet privacy-related matters.

For example, we have proven experience removing damaging and negative news articles from online publications and media outlets in situations where removals appeared futile. We have also removed thousands of negative consumer and client reviews from prominent review sites such as Google, Yelp, and Healthgrades—and we have even been successful in removing negative reviews on particularly difficult platforms like Glassdoor.

Our attorneys are extremely experienced in helping victims of online extortion, sextortion, and revenge porn. We have helped hundreds of victims put an end to online harassment and threats, and remove intimate content posted to the internet – all without drawing unwanted attention to the matter.

We also offer guaranteed removal services for specific websites where we are experienced in removing content. Regardless of the site, we have consistently been able to remove unwanted content from the internet, providing our clients with peace of mind that their reputation is not being harmed by their digital footprint.

We Empower Clients By Educating Them About Their Legal Rights

We believe that everyone—not just paying clients—deserves to be empowered with knowledge about fighting back against internet harassment and defamation.

Our team provides a vast number of legal resources on our website intended to inform potential clients of their legal options. Our free legal content is an especially excellent resource for victims of extortion or sextortion who may not be able to afford legal assistance.

Our comprehensive Legal Resource Center contains detailed articles and guides related to matters such as:

  • Internet defamation,
  • Sextortion,
  • Online extortion,
  • Negative reviews and news articles removals,
  • Social media defamation,
  • Revenge porn,
  • Identifying anonymous online defamers, and
  • Online content removal.

We strive to provide potential clients with free content to empower them to understand their unique legal matters. After all, understanding the issue you are facing is particularly beneficial in choosing the right firm for your case.

Our website also offers several articles informing potential clients about what it is like to work with Minc Law in particular. For instance, some articles discuss our retainer fees and the costs of our firm’s legal services. We intend to be transparent about the cost of working with our attorneys so that you can decide if we are the right fit to handle your legal matter.

We Provide Innovative Solutions For Your Online Reputation Concerns

At Minc Law, we continually strive to innovate. Doing so allows us to provide more comprehensive solutions to help our clients combat online reputation and privacy issues.

For example, we understand the importance of monitoring your online presence once your matter has passed. Identifying negative online content quickly is essential for removing it with as little harm to your reputation as possible.

To assist with this, we offer a Digital Risk Protection (DRP) service for individuals and businesses who want to monitor their online presence and alert them to suspicious activity or attacks. DRP uses specific keywords related to you and/or your business to alert you of related activity. This service can be especially beneficial to business owners or individuals who were recently the target of a malicious internet attack and want to monitor the internet for subsequent attacks.

If there is a great deal of negative content online that is associated with your name—or if it is particularly difficult to remove, like certain news articles—you may need additional support.

We also provide online reputation management (ORM) services for individuals and businesses who want to improve their digital footprint. Our ORM team is extremely experienced in helping take control of your online presence by using a variety of techniques to suppress (and potentially remove) negative content from appearing on a search of your name.

Minc Law’s Experienced Team Can Help You

At Minc Law, we know just how overwhelming it can be to find the right legal representation to handle your internet-related matter. We pride ourselves on transparency and trust and strive to make this process as smooth as possible – so that you can find the right fit for your legal issue.

If you are the target of internet defamation or online harassment and want to explore your legal options, we can help. You can schedule your initial, no-obligation consultation with an intake specialist by calling us at (216) 373-7706, speaking with a Chat representative, or filling out our online contact form.

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