is a user-generated content site with the tagline “Accountability is everything.” The site seeks consumers who have “been scammed”, willing to “expose bad behavior”, and individuals who wish to “voice your opinion.” While does not offer much direction for users of the site, the list of a broad array of product categories and services in the site footer would make one believe that the site was designed and intended for use rating and reviewing the same.

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How People Use the Scamboard Review removal

It appears that the users of the site seem to use it for distinctly different purposes. A brief overview of’s current pages shows that most consumers are not using the site to post reviews of products or services. Rather, what appears under the site’s “RECENT POSTS” and “RECENT COMMENTS” heading are an array of questionable attacks against individuals. There are posts between neighbors calling each other “clowns.” Many other postings make accusations regarding the sexual orientation of former partners, accusations of failing to show up for “escort sessions”, and other allegations of a sexual nature. Most posts contain the victim’s contact information such as phone number and e-mail address and many postings contain photos of the targeted individual.

Online Defamation is Prevalent on Many User-Generated Content and Review Sites claims that “accountability is everything.” Unfortunately,’s bare-bones approach to reviewing submitted material to their site leaves many questions regarding accountability open and unaddressed. To start with, the website does not appear to have a removal policy regarding either malicious and defamatory materials or copyrighted materials that are improperly posted to the site. While there is a form to contact the site owners, it is not clear that the site answers requests or has any process to review and remove improperly posted content and materials.

Also at question is the site’s lack of any verifiable sign-up process. Users of the site are not required to create an account or provide any personally identifiable information before submitting a complaint or report to the site. The log-in button seems to take a user to the WordPress backend for the site’s administration and the “connect with” buttons that should allow you to log-in through trusted portals like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn are non-functional. Instead, users who click the “Submit complaint” button are free to type their complaint into a simple web form and submit it for publishing without ever establishing a verifiable identity on the site.

Such an arrangement where users perceive a sense of anonymity may encourage users to make posts which are exaggerated or false. Furthermore, knowledge of the fact that this site operates in such a fashion is likely to attract the wrong type of Internet user who is seeking merely to exploit the platform to humiliate and embarrass the target of the abuse.


The Personal and Professional Damage that Can Be Caused by Defamatory Online Postingsscamboard logo

Most people and business owners have come to realize that the general public places tremendous amounts of stock in things that they read online. While you may know better than to take the ravings of someone yelling on a street corner seriously, the nature of Internet review and opinion platforms can conceal many of the red flags and social cues that may cause one to consider the source of the message. In a hyper-competitive world where businesses are rated on every facet of their operations, even a single one-star review can push an average rating down or cause others to dismiss a business without further consideration.

In other circumstances colleagues, friends, and family members may believe the accusation they find online. In other cases, even if they don’t believe the accusations, those accusations may change how they think about you. Some may fail to consider that the poster’s intent may be to harass and humiliate and thus, hold the belief that the mere fact that someone would make these allegations reflects poorly on your character. In any case, online defamation can narrow your circle of contacts and lead to lost business and social opportunities.

Rely on Our Internet Defamation Removal Experience does not verify the content that is posted to its site or the identity of the poster. As such, it may be difficult to pursue the individual poster despite liability existing for the individual poster. If this is the case, we can pursue additional options including working with the site directly and with search providers who will voluntarily remove defamatory postings with a court order. While the topics of complaints on the site can vary, the damage caused by false and baseless posts is never acceptable.

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