How to Get Yourself Removed from

How to Get Yourself Removed from

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    What to Expect When Entering’s Homepage

    The Internet can be a dangerous place. Not only does it connect individuals and businesses from across the globe, bettering the free-flow dissemination of information, but it serves as a platform for users to share their ideas, hopes, and viewpoints on every issue imaginable. Unfortunately, such transparency and global access poses a serious threat for some.

    Some Internet users treat the Internet as their personal forum for exposing perceived wrongdoings and immoral behavior. In theory, this concept is good and just, but practice and reality often differs, leading to many former spouses or scorned lovers using it as a tool to expose cheaters, seek revenge, cyberbully, and even slut-shame. and HesAHomewrecker are two popular online platforms for shaming, exposing, or posting about infidelity, unsavory trysts, and other extra-marital affairs. Both are easily accessed through the main site; Upon entering the site, visitors are confronted with a “thought provoking” answer and “solution.”

    “Did you think she’d never find out?”

    Followed by their call to action…

    “Discover and expose the world’s homewreckers.”

    And just like that, users enter an online portal where unregulated and unverified infidelity witch-hunts run rampant.

    Defamation Law Fact: Remember, once a post is up, it stays up! Think long and hard before submitting or posting a malicious or false story, as it could haunt you, a friend, loved one, or someone else…forever.


    The Facts: What is

    Love triangle or being third wheel. Having affair, infidelity or cheating concept. Board game pawns and paper heart on table. poses a serious threat to the reputation, character, and livelihood of innocent parties accused of infidelity and other indiscretions. Such a site is a free-for-all for persons to post as they please, allowing users to bypass traditional verification procedures of other honest and truthful review websites, and post pictures and libelous write-ups of cheating partners.

    From legitimate to illegitimate rants, honest to defamatory posts, and various other issues, ShesaHomeWrecker is a one-stop shop for jilted and malicious lovers to revenge by exposing the “homewreckers” and cheaters of the world. It’s also a popular forum for slut-shaming and cyberbullying. No proof required.

    Information posted on the site is just a click away and for the whole world to see, appearing at the forefront of Google and other Internet search results. Defamatory and malicious attacks to your reputation are at the fingertips of your wife, husband, friend, or even next employer. Such posts can be further spread: copied and posted on other homewrecker websites, tweeted jokingly to a friend, or emailed to a current or prospective employer.

    Defamation Law Fact: Missouri, Arizona, and Tennessee are the only three states not to acknowledge “defamation per se,” a legal doctrine recognizing that some false statements are so inherently malicious and harmful that they constitute defamation. Such statements include; false statements made about one’s profession, allegations of having a loathsome disease, imputations of sexual promiscuity and “unchastity,” and accusations of criminal behavior and activity.

    Like most user-generated online bulletins, where users sign up with little-to-none formal verification and are able to post false, embarrassing, and defamatory content without worry of repercussion, ShesAHomeWrecker poses a serious threat to your reputation. The Ohio-based Internet defamation removal lawyers of Minc, LLC will fight to remove false and defamatory content posted.

    At Minc, LLC, we have high takedown rates and permanent removal of defamatory materials and posts. To schedule a free confidential defamation removal consultation, call us at (216) 373-7706, or contact us online today to schedule an appointment.

    Defamation Law Fact: With such rampant libelous and malicious postings on the Internet, you might be wondering, is there anything to curb and silence such false content? “Libel chill” is a popular term used when there is a general uneasiness or unwillingness to speak or post about certain content, due to fear or threat of a potential libel action.


    Three Key Issues with Exposing a Homewrecker on’s submission policy encourages users to “Expose a Homewrecker” by clicking the “submitting” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the website. The submission instructions require users to:

    • Fill out their name,
    • Include identifying information of the party being exposed,
    • Be detailed,
    • Include photos (if applicable),
    • Expose one homewrecker per a submission,
    • Stay on topic and avoid posting about third-party encounters,
    • Refrain from typing in all caps and using other unnecessary grammatical syntax.

    Outside of the general guidelines for users looking to submit “dirt” and post about the latest gossip, there are several issues that plague the site’s submission policies and procedures. ShesAHomewrecker’s inadequate protective measures open up innocent parties to abuse, tarnishment of one’s name, and other severe consequences.

    Defamation Law Fact: Persons who defame another are commonly referred to as “defamers,” “libelers,” and “slanderers.” Keep in mind that in order for a defamation claim to exist, there needs to be “publication” to a third-party.


    Three Key Issues with

    • Fact Checking does not fact check any text, documents, comments, images, or graphics. They explicitly state they do not verify any of the above for accuracy, and the site may contain “rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions, and other unverified information.” Lack of proper vetting and verification procedures creates a higher likelihood of bias, libelous and malicious posts, and other falsified content.

    Also, ShesAHomewrecker fails to fact check and verify identities, requiring users only provide their email address when submitting information. Requiring only a bare email allows savvy Internet users and trolls to protect their anonymity through the creation of temporary throwaway email accounts.

    • Undefined discretionary adjudication has a strict removal policy, favoring malicious posters and users, and jeopardizing innocent parties’ livelihood and reputation. Although their Terms of Use states they “will remove any content from this site that we determine, in our sole editorial discretion, to be unlawful, obscene, inappropriate, or unduly offensive,” such a statement fails to provide readers with tangible and actual guidelines for removal. Removal subject to one’s discretion is dangerous, as it is subject to bias, personal beliefs, or other unfounded reasoning.

    • Falsity

    Section 3 of their Terms of Use reads, “Unless you have obtained a valid court order proving that something in a post is false, please do NOT ask us to remove contents on the ground that it is false.” ShesAHomewrecker makes it clear they aren’t the “truth police,” and encourage users to resolve such issues in court, making sure to abstain from naming them as a party to the case.

    Sites that fail to provide innocent victims with efficient and affordable takedown methods further an increasing disparity between the financial and legal “haves” and “have-nots.” Users are left with little recourse, and not everyone has the financial resources to take a party to court over a malicious post. Additionally, they cite a popular defamation and libel case Barnes v. Yahoo!, Inc, disclaiming any promises made in their TOU or outside of that are not legally binding promises.

    Defamation Law Fact: Barnes v. Yahoo!, Inc, a popular Internet libel case, affirmed immunity for Internet service providers (ISPs) in cases where where objectionable content is posted and published by third-parties. Ultimately, ISPs cannot be held liable or responsible for their failure to remove and police such content.

    The above three issues greatly endanger you, or a loved one’s reputation and livelihood, as perpetrators and malicious posters are more likely to seek out sites that don’t have a proper verification and removal frameworks in place. When dealing with libelous and defamatory statements, every minute counts. Slow response and removal times exacerbate the situation at hand, and greatly jeopardize your professional and personal life.

    Sites like ShesAHomewrecker and HesAHomewrecker beg the question, are such sites for shaming cheaters, lovers, and mistresses even legal?


    Are Cheater and Infidelity Shaming Sites Even Legal?

    ShesAHomewrecker, and other user-generated content platforms enjoy broad immunity and protection under the Communications and Decency Act (CDA). Section 230 of the CDA provides, “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”

    Simply put, ShesAHomewrecker and other user-generated content websites are not the true or original publishers of objectionable content, such as slut-shaming or cyberbullying.

    So, who are injured and defamed parties able to hold liable?

    Individual and malicious posters. Injured parties are left very few channels of recourse. Such channels are further narrowed or closed off by the fact that ShesAHomewrecker and other user-generated content platforms often fail to verify user identities. Failing to require users to link their post or identity to a Facebook, Google, or other social media profile, can make it extremely hard to track them down. However, in cases where users do provide enough information to be identified, victims of online defamation can bring a lawsuit against them to recover damages.

    Consulting an experienced defamation removal attorney is an effective way to learn of your options and chances of identifying a perpetrator or malicious poster.

    Defamation Law Fact: Libel and slander are usually considered as civil wrongs, giving rise to a private lawsuit. Although some states do have criminal libel laws, they aren’t usually enforced.


    Don’t Let Someone’s Personal Vendetta Destroy Your Personal and Professional Life!

    If you find malicious or false posts about you on and would like the content removed as quickly as possible, the reputation lawyers of Minc, LLC will work swiftly and effectively to remove it. Aaron Minc, and his team, are seasoned defamation removal attorneys with high takedown rates, all for a flat fee.

    At Minc, LLC, we will work directly with the offending website’s content managers, administrators, or even third-party arbitrators in order to determine and find the quickest and easiest path for removal. It’s time to put an end to the anonymous users who hide behind the veil and anonymity of the Internet by holding them accountable.

    By working closely with the website’s representatives, we have the ability to discover the identity of anonymous posters, allowing you to confront your accuser, hold them accountable, and have the content removed permanently.

    Defamation Law Fact: Although ShesAHomeWrecker and other slut-shaming and cyberbullying websites are crass and immoral, it doesn’t necessary mean they are illegal. Referring to someone as a “skank,” “slut,” or “manwhore” is offensive, but also a matter of opinion, and likely protected under free speech.


    Contact Experienced Internet Defamation Removal Lawyers to Remove Malicious Posts

    When confronting and removing libelous or defamatory posts, you’re probably wondering what to expect.

    • Websites Respond to Aaron Minc and his team of Cleveland-based lawyers: At Minc, LLC, we know who to contact and how to contact them and will work swiftly to get results and removal.
    • You Will Be Treated with Courtesy and Respect: Our goals are your goals. Your free consultation is confidential and we are always on your side.
    • We Will Work With You: Sometimes, the removal process can take longer than expected. Aaron and his team will stay in constant contact with you concerning the details of your case via phone, text, email, or whatever medium is most convenient for you.

    Although may have started with a noble cause in mind, to serve as a platform of boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, and other lovers, looking to expose someone as a “homewrecker” or as unfaithful, it has unfortunately evolved in a toxic slut-shaming and cyberbullying board for anonymous users and disgruntled lovers. Don’t let your life be dictated and controlled by false and malicious online posts. Do what’s best for your reputation and peace of mind, and contact us today.

    To discuss your removal options with experienced Internet defamation removal attorneys, call us at (216) 373-7706, or contact us online to schedule a free confidential consultation. We want to fight for your reputation.