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    In this all-encompassing article, we’re going to walk you through how to secure a guaranteed review removal from, why a good percentage of consumer advocacy forums and bulletin boards have morphed into hot zones for online defamation, three steps to protect your business’s online presence and reputation, and more!

    1. At Minc Law, we can guarantee the removal of defamatory, libelous, false posts from, all you need to do is reach out today to schedule your free, initial no-obligation online defamation consultation. Furthermore, we guarantee post and content removals from numerous sites, which you can find listed under our Guaranteed Removals page. And, we do it all for a flat, reasonable fee.
    1. False and libelous complaints on could have serious effects on your business. Specifically, it could lead to a loss of loyal customers, increased public scrutiny and media attention, severed sponsorship and advertising, denial of potential business opportunities and partnerships, and having to shut down for good!


    Defamation Removal Tip: It’s important to understand the differences between the two fundamental types of defamation before bringing an online defamation lawsuit. Specifically, libel refers to a false written (or published) statement of fact, which subsequently harms another person’s reputation, while slander refers to a false spoken statement. Do note that because videos constituting YouTube defamation and other media are preserved in tangible form, they are generally considered libel rather than slander.

    Have you been the victim of libelous and negative posts and content on Reach out to the online defamation removal attorneys of Minc Law today to discuss your guaranteed removal. That’s right, guaranteed removal. And, we do it all for a flat, reasonable fee.

    If you are unfamiliar with our Guaranteed Removal Services and why we can only guarantee removals on certain websites, check out the video below by our Intake & Paralegal Manager, Darcy Buxton. In this video, we will walk you through what Guaranteed Content Removal Services are, and how you can utilize guaranteed removal services to stop online abuse on sites like, take back your online reputation, and put your best digital footprint forward.

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    In our tenure as nationally recognized Internet defamation attorneys, we’ve secured the effective and seamless removal of over 25,000 pieces of libelous and false online content/websites, litigated in over 22 states and 3 countries, and support a nearly 100% online takedown rate.

    Furthermore, we know the ins and outs of U.S. defamation and libel law, so rest assured you’re in good hands when working with us.

    Reach out today to schedule your free, initial no-obligation consultation by calling us at (216) 373-7706 or by filling out our contact form online.


    Let’s put an end to the online abuse today!


    The Brass Tacks: What is

    The Brass Tacks: What is is a popular consumer complaints, rip-off, scam, and corruption reporting website for users to “name and shame” fraudulent businesses and services. Specifically,’s ‘About Us’ page reads, “NameAndShame represents everyone who has ever felt angry and helpless after being subjected to fraud, scams, crimes, inhumane behavior, or unethical practices.” While their initial message seems to be a noble one, and in furtherance of true transparency and consumer protection, it’s unfortunately evolved into a hotbed for baseless accusations and malicious consumer reports.

    Upon landing on’s homepage, users are greeted with countless reviews of scams, fraudulent behavior, and other unsavory practices. The layout is straightforward and easy to navigate, enabling users to conduct an “advanced search” or sort through complaints and reports by company or category.

    What’s interesting about is that it is a not-for-profit company, a stark contrast to the other user-generated content platforms and bulletin boards frequently at the forefront of online defamation and false accusations. According to NameAndShame, no one at the company benefits in any way from the platform that was created, and was solely created to hold companies accountable for their actions.

    Furthermore, NameAndShame is owned by an offshore trust, whose Board of Directors are switched out every 12 months, making for holding the website accountable for libelous posts extremely difficult (on top of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.)

    Online Complaints Removal Tip: In order to give your complaints removal the best chance of succeeding, we strongly recommend screenshotting all defamatory and false complaints. Doing so is important for preserving evidence, and refuting any claims by the opposing party that you may have tampered with the evidence.


    Guaranteed Removal of Negative & Libelous Complaints From

    Guaranteed Removal of Negative & Libelous Complaints From

    At Minc Law, we can guarantee the removal of negative, false, and libelous posts from, all you need to do is contact us to schedule your free, initial no-obligation defamation consultation. To get started, you can call us at (216) 373-7706 or fill out our contact form online. And, we conduct removals from all for a flat, reasonable fee.

    Curious about the other websites and online forums which we offer guaranteed removals for? Head on over to our Guaranteed Removals page to have a look. We’ve removed content from a variety of websites, including cheater shaming websites, scam reporting websites (like PissedConsumer and DirtyScam), defamatory public shaming on social media, homewrecker exposing sites, gossip bulletin boards, and more!

    In our tenure as nationally recognized Internet defamation removal attorneys, we’ve established an effective arsenal of removal tactics which enables us to guarantee online defamation and libel takedowns from certain websites and forums. Furthermore, we’ve worked tirelessly with countless website administrators, online content managers, and third-party arbitration firms to secure quick and effective libel and defamation removals.

    We have the results to prove it as well, having removed over 25,000 pieces of false content and websites and litigated in over 22 states and 3 countries. We also boast a nearly 100% online defamation removal rate, so rest assured you’re in good hands when working with the Cleveland-based attorneys of Minc Law.

    We know the ins and outs of U.S. defamation and libel law, and will pull out all the stops in order to remove negative and false online content (in some cases, we’ve even secured court ordered removals and search engine de-indexing).

    We strongly recommend cleaning up your internet presence and reputation, as online libel and defamation both stand to affect not only your personal life/reputation, but your professional one as well. Let’s put this defamation wildfire out before it has time to spread.


    The online abuse stops now!

    Online Reputation Monitoring Tip: Any company, business, or service looking to secure their online reputation and stay on top of false, negative, and defamatory reviews/comments should establish an online reputation monitoring budget. Doing so is a great way to both identify intellectual property infringers and gauge the general public’s perception of your product or service.


    Three Steps to Protect Your Business From False & Defamatory Online Posts

    Three Steps to Protect Your Business From False & Defamatory Online Posts

    In this section, we’re going to walk you through three effective methods and steps to protect your online business/company from false and defamatory posts online.

    With the rise of technology and user-generated content platforms (ex. Facebook, Yelp, Myspace, Instagram, etc…), online defamation has risen to unprecedented levels in the U.S. Now, instead of drafting up a libelous report and submitting it to one’s local newspaper, only to be read by persons in the immediate area, users are able to publish a post/comment/review on the Internet and have it be viewed from the other side of the world. Oftentimes, malicious online attacks and libelous posts are published by someone who has never met/utilized the person, business, or service they’re writing about. The accusations are completely unfounded.

    Let’s take a look at three tips to keep in mind to protect your business or company’s online reputation.


    Learn to Identify False Online Posts & Profiles

    If you head on over to any popular review or rating website, there’s countless clues which give away a review’s authenticity/inauthenticity, however; most people tend to overlook it and instead take the review or comment as creed. The following are some of the most common giveaways that a post or profile on a review or rating site is not genuine.

    • Lack of post history: If you head on over to Yelp, Amazon, Gripeo, or other popular review websites, there’s a good chance you stumble upon a profile with only 1 review under their belt. Accounts and profiles with a lack of posting history generally indicate the poster is either a malicious troll/online defamer, or a bot created and utilized by one of the many online review botting farms.
    • Exaggerated language: Typically, the average person’s writing doesn’t contain hyperbole and other extreme exaggerations. Fake accounts and profiles often incorporate “over the top” language to try and hammer home their often false and libelous point. The average consumer and poster is much more direct and “calm” with their review.
    • No photograph: Due to the recent creation of most bot and fake accounts, they likely don’t have a photograph for their avatar or profile picture. If you do encounter a fishy sounding review or online complaint where the poster has a photograph, we recommend reverse image searching it to see if it was taken from another online profile.
    • Minimal details: If the post in question is unable to accurately describe (or go into detail) about a product, person, or service, there’s a high likelihood it is false. Truthful reviews are much more likely to reference specific details about the service, business, or person they encountered, such as the building interior, specific dish they ate, or product. Most reviewers like to “set a proper scene” for future readers to have a good understanding of what they can expect when engaging with a person, service, or company.


    Establish an Online Reputation Monitoring Budget

    While this step may sound like a complicated and costly one, it’s far from it. Proactivity is extremely important when it comes to false posts and libelous online comments/reviews. As we’ve noted above, online defamation is similar to a wildfire, meaning once it ignites, sometimes there’s no stopping it. And, in some cases, there’s irreparable damage.

    Establishing an online reputation and brand monitoring budget is an effective way to not only combat online defamation and libelous reviews/comments, but also identify intellectual property infringers as well. Additionally, it’s a great way to truly understand how the general public/your customers perceive your business, service, or product.

    To start, we recommend setting up a Google Alerts account (which is free), which enables you to set alerts for your name, business, or company, and any specific keywords. Some other tools that are effective for combatting false and libelous online posts include:

    • BrandsEye: an opinion mining company and tool that is used to track data and advanced sentiment analytics.
    • BrandMentions: a brand monitoring and reputation management platform that enables users to “dig every corner of the Internet” to find all relevant mentions about anyone or anything.
    • Reputology: a popular review monitoring and feedback platform which monitors over 100 review websites and forums, including Google Business, Facebook, and more.
    • ReviewTrackers: an award winning customer review software which sanctions businesses and companies to “measure the customer” experience and gain true insights into what their customers are actually saying.


    Determine Whether A Claim is Legally Viable

    If you do encounter a genuine post, comment, or review about your product, business, or service, it’s essential that you understand whether there’s a legally viable claim behind it. First, if you’re unsure whether you have an actionable claim for online defamation and libel, it’s imperative you reach out to an experienced Internet defamation removal attorney for advice.

    Second, if you don’t want to reach out to an Internet defamation attorney right away, and want to make sure you aren’t wasting your time, we recommend brushing up on the definition of defamation and libel. For starters, libel refers to a false written or published (ex. Videos, photographs, and other media) statement of fact which is communicated to a third party, and subsequently harms another person’s reputation.

    For an actionable defamation claim, there’s several elements that must be met:

    1. The statement or publication is a false statement of fact (the key word here is ‘fact’),
    2. It was “of and concerning” you, your business, or product,
    3. The communication or publication was not privileged, and
    4. The publisher acted with at least ordinary negligence when publishing the false statement.


    Keep in mind, while a review or online comment may be hurtful, if it’s true, there’s no actionable claim for defamation or libel. The truth hurts, but that does not give rise to a legal claim. Also, there’s numerous defenses a defamation defendant may ultimately rely on when confronted with a defamation claim, so we recommend familiarizing yourself with the most common defenses.

    Four of the most common defenses to online libel and defamation include; opinion (the statement was not verifiable as fact or fiction), consent (you consented to the publication of a false and defamatory statement, privilege (the statement is protected under statute), and once again, truth.

    Ticking a few boxes to make sure you have a viable legal claim (or think you have one) could ultimately save you attorneys’ costs and time down the road, so we recommend brushing up on the respective elements of libel and defamation.

    U.S. Defamation Law Fact: There’s numerous defenses to the charge of libel or defamation, including; (1) Opinion, (2) Truth/Falsity, (3) Privilege, and (4) Consent. Keep in mind that defamation plaintiffs will typically be required to bring their libel or slander time within a requisite time period (statute of limitations), so make sure to acquaint yourself with your state’s respective statute of limitations laws.


    How False Online Reviews & Complaints Stand to Affect Your Business

    How False Online Reviews and Complaints Stand to Affect Your Business

    Unfortunately, online defamation stands to carry grave consequences for businesses and companies, as most of today’s research about a person, product, service, or business is conducted online. And, a high percentage of online consumers and potential clients fail to ever make it past the first page of Google’s search results – they also fail to verify the veracity of statements online, often taking them as doctrine.

    Let’s take a look at just several of the ways how false online reviews and complaints can affect your business and company.

    • Loss of business and customers: After reading a bad review or online report, customers may be less likely to frequent your business or restaurant, or engage with your service/product.
    • Negative press and heightened media scrutiny: A damning review or report could mean the end for some businesses and companies, so it’s extremely important to stay vigilant about your online reputation. A negative review could also spur deeper inquiry by the media or other influential individuals, bringing to light certain things that otherwise should have been kept under wraps.
    • Severance of business partnerships, sponsorships, and advertising: Post-false and libelous review, a lucrative business partner or sponsorship could ultimately decide that your image isn’t compatible with theirs, leading them to drop you completely.
    • Denial of future business opportunities: Not only can libelous and false online complaints/reviews lead to decreased business and customers, it can also lead to being denied future business opportunities. This could include a potential acquisition of another business, or something as simple as being denied employment due to your associations with such a negative service.
    • Closing your doors for good: Last but not least, all of the combined effects from online defamation and libelous reviews could lead to having to close down your company or business for good.


    Do note that the above consequences of online defamation and false posts are only just a few of the potential ways your business/company can suffer. It is not an exhaustive list, as online defamation takes many forms and can result in countless unfortunate results.

    For further reading on removing fake online reviews, we recommend checking out our article on how to remove Google reviews!

    Ohio Defamation Law Fact: All U.S. states recognize certain statements which are deemed to inherently inflammatory and defamatory, that a libel/defamation plaintiff need not prove damage to their reputation. Such concept is referred to as ‘defamation per se’. Ohio recognizes four fundamental types of statements as ‘defamation per se’; including (1) words that import a charge of an indictable offense or infamous punishment, (2) statements which impute a contagious or offensive disease on the plaintiff, (3) statements which tend to injure a person in his/her trade or occupation, and (4) statements which tend to subject a person to public ridicule, hatred, or contempt.


    Work With the Experienced Defamation Removal Lawyers of Minc Law today!

    If you or your business has been the victim of false complaints and defamation on, reach out to the online defamation removal lawyers of Minc Law today! At Minc Law, we can guarantee you and your business’s removal from, all you need to do is contact us to schedule your free, initial no-obligation defamation consultation. And, we do it all for a flat, reasonable fee.

    Curious about the other websites and online platforms that we offer guaranteed removals for? Head on over to our ‘Services’ page for the complete list.

    Online defamation is like a wildfire, meaning the longer you let it sit and spread, the more damage it’s going to do to your business and reputation. It’s time to take your reputation back into your own hands.

    Rest assured when working with the nationally recognized defamation removal attorneys of Minc Law that you and your company are in good hands. In our tenure, we’ve secured the effective removal of over 25,000 pieces of libelous and false content/websites, litigated in over 22 states and 3 countries, and boast a nearly 100% online defamation takedown rate.

    Here’s what you can expect when working with the Cleveland-based Internet defamation attorneys of Minc Law:

    • Utmost Respect & Courtesy: At Minc Law, we understand how invasive, overwhelming, and stressful online defamation can be, so rest assured we’re here to make the removal process as smooth as possible. Always know that we treat our clients with the utmost respect and courtesy. After all, your goals are our goals.
    • Open Dialogue & Communication: Some Internet defamation removal attorneys will go missing once the online libel takedown process has begun, not us. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients up to date with the latest details concerning their case and removal.
    • Websites & Businesses Respond to Minc Law: We are extremely confident in our abilities to remove libelous and negative online content, and have the results to prove it. Over the years, we’ve worked tirelessly with countless website administrators, online content managers, and third-party arbitration firms to secure swift and seamless removals. Websites and businesses respond to us!


    What are you waiting for? Let’s get started today!

    Contact us to schedule your free, initial no-obligation consultation by calling us at (216) 373-7706 or by scheduling a meeting by filling out our online contact form.


    “Content was removed in under 5 days. Honestly I was prepared to get my money back as some of these websites state it is impossible to move the data. However, I was happy to get the information removed. A little expensive but money well spent for peace of mind…”

    TS, February 28, 2020

    We’re here to fight for your reputation!

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