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Aaron Minc Named as Featured Crisp Client for Law Firms

Aaron Minc, Attorney and Founder of Minc Law, was named Crisp’s March 2023 Featured Client. Over the years, Aaron, in his role as CEO and Minc Law, have grown both personally and professionally, carving out a significant niche in internet defamation and online harassment law. At the heart of this flourishing firm are four core values that drive every aspect of our operations and future: loyalty, empathy, professionalism, and results.

A Little Bit About Crisp Video Group

Crisp is recognized as the number one law firm growth company in America, and they are driven by a mission to help over 1,000 law firm owners grow their revenues by $1 million by 2024 – a projected $1 billion impact. Crisp also publishes their monthly Game Changer’s Journal, which features innovative lawyers and law firms to showcase the success of its growth strategies and the excellent results that its group members have obtained working with the company.

The Game-Changers Journal Write-Up

Download the "Game Changers Journal" Issue 49, March 2023
Download Crisps “Game Changers Journal, Issue 49, Mar. 2023

Crisp’s Game-Changers Journal feature on Aaron explored the dynamic partnership between him and his business partner, Anna, who serves as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer. While Aaron works tirelessly on the front lines with clients and on marketing, Anna manages both the strategic and daily operations of the firm behind the scenes.

The write-up touched on how the firm’s current success did not come easily. There was a time when Minc Law faced significant challenges that could not be conquered alone. The primary issue was team growth, culture, and scaling as an organization. The firm needed assistance cultivating a shared vision within the team and solidifying critical aspects of the business.

Being named Crisp’s Featured Client is a testament to the firm’s incredible journey and commitment to excellence. It is a clear acknowledgment of a mission focused on exceptional growth, dedication to core values and culture, and increasing prominence in the national spotlight.

With Aaron and Anna at the helm, Minc Law continues to set new standards for what a law firm can achieve.

The Crisp & Minc Law Partnership

Crisps’s programs are designed to help law firm owners expand their networks, think like market leaders, and generate exceptional results for their practices. These programs emphasize the importance of a strong hiring process to ensure the right individuals are contributing to the firm’s vision. This resonated with Minc Law, aligning perfectly with a well-defined growth strategy and mission statement.

A Strong Hiring Process & Culture of Accountability

As one example of the benefits that Minc Law has gained working with Crisp, before the firm’s engagement with Crisp, Minc Law did not have a formalized hiring process in place. However, after attending Crisp’s workshops, we developed a robust process with elements such as voice messages for applicants, test assignments, and assessments to learn more about applicants’ inherent strengths and motivators.

We also upgraded our Careers Center, providing comprehensive information about the firm, our culture, and the hiring process. The objective was clear: to attract and recruit the best candidates – not just the best available – to ensure a shared vision and alignment toward common goals.

Minc Law further solidified and nurtured a culture of constant improvement and exceptional results, embodying a shared vision of accountability, rolling out a new compensation structure and ‘drivers wanted’ ethos.

What’s Next For Minc Law?

The journey does not stop here for Minc Law. We plan to continue growing, living, and breathing our core values. Our primary goal is to protect 15,000 reputations by 2035, a mission that drives our commitment to excellence. We are also preparing to expand our digital risk protection service with added protection plans to help people improve, defend, and protect their online reputation.

Minc Law’s vision for the next five years involves sustained growth and a continued commitment to our core values. The future for Minc Law is a promising upward trajectory, living up to our core values and refining our processes and services to continue delivering the best possible results for our clients.

Aaron reflected on the past five years and what the future holds for Minc Law:

“From our humble beginnings to becoming a leading force in the fight against defamation and online harassment, this is all a testament to the dedication and expertise of our exceptional team. We celebrate the collaborative spirit that has driven our success as our attorneys and staff work tirelessly to protect the reputations of our clients. As we look to the future, we remain committed to expanding our reach, leveraging innovative strategies, and achieving even greater victories in our ongoing mission to combat online abuse for individuals and businesses.”

Whether you are looking to join our dedicated team or if you are dealing with internet defamation, online harassment, or any other privacy issues on the web, we are here for you. Discover more about our ethos, culture, and available roles at our Careers Center, or get in touch with us directly.

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