Minc Law Attorneys Educate St. Ignatius High School Students on Critical Online Threats & Safe Digital Citizenship Featured Image

Minc Law Attorneys Educate St. Ignatius High School Students on Critical Online Threats & Safe Digital Citizenship

Attorneys from the Cleveland-based internet defamation law firm, Minc Law, recently dedicated a day to educate students from St. Ignatius High School’s sophomore class on the dangers of sextortion, revenge porn, and social media defamation.

Sextortion: A Growing Danger in Digital Landscape

Minc Law Attorney Dorrian Horsey speaking to St. Ignatius High School students

Addressing the burgeoning issue of sextortion was Dorrian Horsey, an experienced attorney with a focus on online harassment and privacy issues. Sextortion, especially pertinent for teens in today’s digital landscape, is a form of online exploitation where an individual threatens to share intimate images or information about a victim unless a ransom is paid. This form of online harassment can lead to severe emotional distress, financial loss, and even suicide. Horsey emphasized the importance of being cautious when sharing personal information online and how to effectively report instances of sextortion to the appropriate authorities.

Revenge Porn: The Non-Consensual Sharing of Intimate Content

Minc Law Attorney Caroline Ford speaking to St. Ignatius High School students

The conversation then turned to the serious topic of revenge porn. Caroline Ford, an attorney well-versed in privacy law and content removal issues, led this discussion. Revenge porn involves the non-consensual sharing of intimate images or videos, often resulting in emotional trauma and social isolation. Ford urged students to think carefully before sharing intimate content, reminding them that distributing explicit material without consent is unlawful and can result in severe criminal and civil penalties.

Social Media Defamation: A Pressing Issue for Digitally Savvy Teens

Minc Law Attorney Michael Pelagalli speaking to St. Ignatius High School students

Michael Pelagalli took the lead in discussing the pressing issue of social media defamation, where false statements aimed at damaging reputations are posted on popular online platforms. This issue is of growing importance among today’s digitally savvy teens. Pelagalli highlighted the legal implications of publishing or distributing defamatory statements and harmful content online. He stressed the importance of being responsible digital citizens, encouraging students to verify information before sharing it, and considering the potential harm that could result from spreading false information online.

Minc Law Attorneys standing together after presentation at St. Ignatius High School

“Today’s youth face unprecedented challenges and threats as they interact with others online,” said Aaron Minc, Founder & Principal of Minc Law. “We are committed to empowering and educating the youth, including the students at St. Ignatius High School, on the serious consequences of sextortion, revenge porn, and social media defamation. By providing these resources, we aim to help create a safer online environment for all.”

About Minc Law

Minc Law is a nationally recognized law firm dedicated solely to internet defamation and online harassment matters. The firm provides a comprehensive range of services to assist businesses of all sizes and individuals from all walks of life in managing their online reputation and image. Minc Law’s commitment to focused representation, coupled with its dedication to educating and empowering communities, ensures that clients receive the best possible legal guidance and support in facing today’s complex digital landscape.

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If your organization or school is interested in learning more about online safety and wants to host a presentation, Minc Law is ready to assist. For more information, please visit www.minclaw.com, reach out to us by contact form, or call (216) 373-7706.

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