Minc Law Returns to St. Ignatius to Educate on Digital Safety & Responsible Online Conduct Featured Image

Minc Law Returns to St. Ignatius to Educate on Digital Safety & Responsible Online Conduct

Following a successful 2023 seminar, Minc Law attorneys returned to Cleveland’s St. Ignatius High School to deliver a presentation to educate high school students on how to navigate the complexities of burgeoning digital threats like sextortion, non-consensual intimate content sharing, and defamation on social media platforms.

Sextortion: Navigating the Digital Realm’s Hidden Dangers

Dorrian Horsey speaking to students at St. Ignatius School

Leading the charge in addressing the critical issue of sextortion was Dorrian Horsey, an experienced attorney with a deep focus on internet privacy, cybersecurity, and online harassment issues.

In today’s internet-centric world, sextortion poses a significant risk, particularly to younger demographics. It involves threatening to release private images or information unless a payment is made, often causing profound emotional, financial, and even life-threatening consequences.

Horsey underscored the vital need for cautious online personal information sharing and the proper channels for reporting sextortion incidents.

The Rising Concern of Non-Consensual Intimate Image Sharing

Attorney Michelle Simonelli speaking to students at St. Ignatius School

Michele Simonelli, a seasoned privacy law and content removal attorney, introduced the sensitive topic of non-consensual intimate image sharing, commonly known as revenge porn. This malicious act involves distributing private images or videos without consent, often leading to deep psychological harm and societal withdrawal.

Simonelli highlighted the gravity of sharing explicit material without permission, emphasizing its illegality and potential for severe legal repercussions.

The Impact of Social Media Defamation on Today’s Tech-Savvy Youth

Attorney Michael Pelagalli speaking to students at St. Ignatius School

The conversation then shifted to social media defamation, a topic of increasing relevance among tech-savvy teenagers. Spearheaded by Attorney Michael Pelagalli, the discussion delved into the repercussions of posting false, reputation-damaging statements on social networks.

Pelagalli emphasized the legal ramifications of spreading defamatory content and urged students to be conscientious digital citizens, validate information before dissemination, and consider the potential damage caused by circulating falsehoods.

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Partner With Minc Law for Enhanced Online Safety

Minc Law invites schools and organizations eager to deepen their understanding of online safety to engage in its educational presentations. For more details or to arrange a presentation, please visit www.minclaw.com, fill out our contact form, or call (216) 373-7706.