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Five Years in Defamation Law

Revolutions in the world of law are paramount to shaping the way we live. In the twenties and thirties, it was about the role of the government in our lives. In the fifties and sixties, it was about civil rights, and the next two decades are going to be about privacy. This means the internet, what’s said on it, and what type of protection you and your reputation should be afforded, and in a country founded on freedom, what could be a more fundamental cause than that?



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Defending Your Rights

Defending your rights when it comes to online defamation has been the watchword of Aaron Minc for the past five years. Aaron tried his first internet defamation case in 2011 under the banner of and since then he has successfully litigated more than 100 internet defamation lawsuits in 19 different states and three countries, successfully removing defamatory content in nearly every case.





Aaron is viewed as one of the foremost authorities when it comes to internet defamation law throughout the entire world. He has often been requested to speak about online privacy issues to many news media outlets, while also teaching strategies and tactics to deal with defamatory cyberattacks to those affected and even other attorneys. He has been featured in well-known publications such as Time Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, The Huffington Post, and The Guardian.

With hundreds of thousands of visits to the website over the years, Minc Law (previously has become a major online resource for users to understand their rights within an ever-changing legal landscape. From how-to articles like how to remove a news article from Google to specifics like removing revenge porn content from sites like or, Aaron Minc has become an internet defamation removal authority for his online services including:





Aaron’s success over the last half-decade in the courtroom hasn’t gone unnoticed by those inside the law industry either. He has been designated as a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers from 2014 to present, he is also rated a “Superb” 10/10 on, was recognized by Marquis Who’s Who 2017 for Professional Excellence, and was a Martindale-Hubbell Gold Client Champion award winner which fewer than one percent of attorneys have achieved.




Landmark Cases

In the last five years, Aaron has presided over some landmark decisions in the world of internet defamation. Once getting one of the world’s largest book publishers to change a memoir of a celebrity author, pay the legal fees of his client, and issue a public apology. In another case, he helped a young woman whose friend had published defamatory content of her including fraudulent nude photographs in different online locations. Her friend was also using the dark web to hack into the client’s social media accounts to help spread false information. Aaron obtained an injunction and settlement due to his investigation. These are just a couple of examples of the exemplary work that has been done in the five years Aaron has been dedicated to internet defamation.





Minc Law

In January of 2018 Aaron launched Minc Law which is now the nation’s number one Internet Defamation law firm. Minc Law is powered by a team consisting of four of the best defamation lawyers in the country. Joining Aaron Minc (Founder and Chair of Minc Law) is:

  • Daniel A. Powell who has a vast background of internet defamation defenses in jury trials, bench trials, arbitration, mediation, administrative hearings, and appellate proceedings. He has obtained six and seven-figure trial settlements in his client’s favor.
  • Dorrian H. Horsey a graduate of Duke Law, gravitated towards internet defamation because of her interest in technology and being an advocate of clients victimized by online defamation. Dorrian has also completed additional training in the field of software engineering so as to understand more about how websites operate from a technical and legal perspective, making her an invaluable member of the Minc team.

Pioneering an Industry

Pioneering an industry is never easy. This is especially true when it comes to law. Many times, common sense is ahead of the written law, requiring vision and aggression from well educated, motivated attorneys. That is exactly what Aaron Minc, and the entire Minc Law team, has provided over the past five years, and it is their mission to continue to offer their unique, world-class services to everyone from everyday individuals to Fortune 500 companies in the years to come.

Five years has encompassed an incredible amount of progress and success, but it is just the beginning for Minc Law, and they look forward to advocating for their clients for years and years to come.



“Unbelievable! I am a C Suite executive who has dealt with the top law firms and Aaron, Daniel, and Kaelynn and team are superior in the quality and execution of matters than most of these firms. When I had an urgent issue arise related to defamatory content online, Aaron and his team jumped on the matter immediately and within a few days had the content down and deleted. Moreover, we have not stopped there and have initiated litigation to ensure that these are repercussions for such comments. I am writing this out of my own volition and at my urging because I would like others to know that if you have any issues with content online about yourself, you don’t have to feel helpless and can proactively identify and hold those responsible accountable. Thank you Minc Law firm. From bottom of my heart.”

Anonymous, December 11, 2020

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