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How to Permanently Remove Posts From

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If you have been posted to the website, the internet defamation attorneys of Minc Law are pleased to announce that we now offer a solution to completely and permanently remove posts on from the Internet.

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BadBoyReport.Kr is a cheater website that is used by people to report a cheating husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or, in cases of prostitutes and escorts, a client that did them wrong. These malicious posters can pose a serious threat to the reputation and livelihood of those whom they attack. Posters may accuse anyone of of infidelity, unfaithfulness, or—as the website describes—being a “bad date.” Upon posting a report, prompts posters to disclose information about the accused including height, weight, tattoos, photos, Zodiac signs, education, profession, and geographic location. displays this information alongside descriptions of whatever indiscretions the poster cares to divulge—regardless of its accuracy. This malicious information is just a click away for the entire world to see through Google and other Internet search engines. The next employer, friend, or loved one who Googles your name will have this information at his or her disposal to read, re-post, tweet, or otherwise share with whomever they please.

How can you get content removed from

Although there are dozens of cheater sites across the Internet, BadboyReport has gained more infamy than most as being particularly harmful to the reputations of people posted to the site.

Unlike other cheater websites, like or, posts to BadBoyReport are often made by prostitutes and escorts, who publish a person’s private phone number and e-mail address along with other derogatory and damaging information.

Additionally, because of the website’s overseas location, it is harder to contact, challenge, and remove false posts than on other cheater websites. For most individuals, trying to contact the website directly to get a removal is near impossible without legal assistance. In fact, BadBoyReport explicitly states on its website that it does not remove reports, comments, posts and/or topics if asked directly.

In 2013, the operators of, a rival cheater website, filed a $40 million copyright infringement lawsuit against The lawsuit alleged that Badboy Report scraped data and other content from Cheaterville and copied it on to its own site. The suit also alleged that BadBoyReport operated another website/service called “Slander911,” which removed posts from BadBoyReport if paid $499.00 through PayPal. Late in 2013 the BadboyReport and Slander911 websites shut down, likely because of the lawsuit. Soon after, BadBoyReport.Kr began operating.

Don’t let someone’s personal vendetta destroy your personal and professional life! Post Removal Service

Earlier this year, the people who I believe are the operators of contacted me via e-mail and requested that I be a third-party independent liaison to the website, with the ability to communicate with and secure removals of posts from the site for my clients.

Apparently, despite its infamous reputation, the site does not wish to host content that is false and defamatory. And, if a post is requested to be removed by someone who they’ve selected to deal with, like myself, and a removal fee is paid, the post will come down.

Therefore, Minc Law is now offering the ability to permanently remove posts from The service is being offered at a flat fee and we guarantee that content will be removed or you get your money back.

Again, I need to stress this point. I am an independent third party who was contacted by Bad Boy Report likely because of my reputation and the fact that I am a lawyer. I have no other connection or relationship with the site. The above is full disclosure as to the extent of any involvement that I have with the site and why I can offer a service to remove posts from it.

I have chosen to offer this service because my legal practice focuses on helping people and businesses remove damaging content from the Internet, and I strive to offer my clients the most cost effective and efficient solutions to the problems they confront. If I did not make this service available, the only other option would be to engage in litigation and obtain a court order to remove content. A lengthy and expensive procedure that the majority of people afflicted by the site would not be able to afford. Therefore, I am happy to offer this service and option to my clients. I can also assist clients in going after and getting restraining order and damage awards against the individuals who posted the damaging content in the first place.

Unlike third-party reputation companies, I am a legal professional. All communications with my clients are privileged and confidential. All money paid is deposited into a state monitored trust account until posts are removed and my fee is earned. I have a fiduciary duty of loyalty and honesty to my clients. I also have the ability to pursue the individuals who published the defamatory content for an injunction and damages. These are services and advantages that only an attorney and a law firm can offer. Who do you trust to fight for you?

If you or someone you know has had their name or information posted on, call the internet defamation attorneys at Minc Law. The law firm of Minc Law has the ability to completely remove content from and, if necessary, obtain a court order for an injunction and damages against the individual who posted it. To schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation with an intake specialist, call (216) 373-7706 or schedule a meeting by filling out our online contact form.



“Melanie was absolutely fantastic. Six years ago, someone wrote something terrible about me online and it followed me wherever I went! Jobs, relationships, etc. I finally got in touch with Minc, and Melanie was so courteous, professional, and diligent about getting the post removed. Thank God for Minc Law because I’m getting married next year, and I finally feel comfortable using my full name on my wedding announcements! Thank you, Minc!!!”

HCP, September 28, 2020

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