Employee Spotlight 2023: Meet Intake Specialist Annaliese Nunes Featured Image

Employee Spotlight 2023: Meet Intake Specialist Annaliese Nunes

We sat down with Intake Specialist Annaliese Nunes, a key Minc Law team member who has achieved stellar results for the firm and embodied the firm’s core values (loyalty, results, professionalism, and compassion and empathy) in her year-plus here.

Annaliese is bound for law school this fall with aspirations of becoming a criminal defense attorney and assisting victims of revenge porn. We spoke to Annaliese to learn more about what drew her to Minc Law, what her every day looks like at the firm, and what she would like her impact to be as a legal professional.

Meet Annaliese: A Thoughtful Intake Professional Bound for Law School

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Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Annaliese came to the firm having graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice Studies. Annaliese’s strong background in legal studies provides her with the insight, curiosity, and general legal knowledge to empower clients to better understand their legal options and next steps.

Annaliese is often the first point of contact that potential clients speak to after calling the firm, where she provides initial counsel to them on the processes involved in removing defamatory and damaging online content, addressing revenge porn and sextortion matters, and protecting their reputations. Her empathetic and compassionate communication skills, meticulousness, and time management

Annaliese is bound for law school this fall and plans to apply her practical legal experience gained at Minc Law to qualify as an attorney and, ultimately, advocate on behalf of revenge porn victims in their fight for justice.

In her free time, Annaliese enjoys spending time with her dog and cat, reading, and keeping a wide array of plants.

What Team Members Have to Say About Annaliese

“Annaliese brings a joy to her work that is contagious. She is dedicated and engaged, but also humorous and able to put things into perspective. She is a valuable resource in dealing with anxious clients and problematic leads with professionalism, compassion and ultimately results. She will be missed when she leaves for law school.”

“Anna Nunes always seems to be working very hard to qualify leads and multiple times has gone above and beyond to make sure she understands the nature of a potential client’s issues and anticipates most legal issues, and is willing to ask questions if she’s not sure whether we can help someone.”

“Annaliese Nunes – really just a fantastic person to work with who goes above and beyond with content, is extremely thorough and thoughtful with how she approaches it, and creates powerful/impactful content. This is someone you want on your side at all levels of the client/business funnel as she is the definition of “results.”

Get to Know Annaliese

What Do You Do Here at Minc Law?

As an Intake Specialist, I’m the first point of contact for prospective clients. I help gather information about their situation and goals and help explain their potential options with our firm.

I educate prospective clients on the processes we utilize at the firm for resolving their issues and provide practical guidance on their realistic options before going into an attorney consult. This makes their consult more productive, as they now have more information about what they can expect and what is needed from them, and ultimately maximizes their legal representation.

What Motivates You to Excel at Your Job?

I’m someone who is motivated by achieving results for clients, listening attentively to their situations, and helping them find a solution through our firm.

When I speak with a client that feels helpless, unsure of what they can do, or feels as if there is no hope for their issue, I make it a priority to help them find a realistic solution. This is incredibly rewarding and a key motivator for me at Minc Law.

What is Your All-Time Favorite Memory?

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My all-time favorite memory is studying abroad in London for two weeks during my senior year of university. I went there to study comparative U.K. and U.S. politics and was able to sit in on a hearing at the Supreme Court.

I enjoyed visiting the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace and especially treasured the fantastic people I met and spent time with there.

What Else Would You Do For a Career If You Weren’t Pursuing Law?

I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t working in a law firm or going to law school. I’ve always known that I wanted to be an attorney. As a kid, I loved to argue and my mother always told me I should be an attorney.

My motivation to attend law school stems from wanting to help people who aren’t receiving fair treatment from today’s justice system. I started my journey in Criminal Justice Studies and have wanted to be a criminal defense attorney.

After working at Minc Law and gaining exposure and insight into how local law enforcement handles non-consensual pornography cases, I learned this was severely flawed and learned that I want to be an advocate for victims who feel as if they aren’t being heard or taken seriously.

What Do You Want Your Impact to Be as an Intake Specialist at Minc Law & Future Attorney?

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As an Intake Specialist for the firm, I want my impact to be someone who takes the time to truly listen to potential clients and their issues and provide actionable guidance on their next steps (even if we are not the right fit for their matter). This is especially important with sextortion matters, as oftentimes callers just need someone to talk to.

Our firm sees a lot of high-stress and emotional situations with clients. When a client calls in extremely panicked or overwhelmed, and by the end of the call they feel calmer and like they have a better handle on their situation, this is an impact that I’m most proud of and want to continue solidifying.

When I become an attorney, my main goal will be to affect people’s lives in a positive manner. I would love to assist victims of revenge porn who are not receiving the appropriate help from law enforcement. I would like to use my connections within the legal field to raise awareness for this issue and advance legislation that protects victims of non-consensual pornography.

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“Minc law firm is the premier site for anyone looking for help in combating SEXTORTION blackmail. Annaliese Nunes was extremely helpful in guiding me on how to deal with this very delicate subject as most people are simply not aware that this occurs online until it happens to them. Feel free to contact Annalise if the need should arise.”

Nov 9, 2022

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