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Attorney Aaron Minc Featured in Oxygen’s Show “The Dark Web Exposed”

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    Get a first look at Oxygen’s, chilling new six-part series The Dark Web Exposed.

    Attorney Aaron Minc is featured in this first episode all about deepfakes, videos that look like a celebrity is saying or doing something they never did.

    In the episode, Aaron Minc explains, “There are laws that are being broken, but it’s hard. I mean, the criminal justice system has taken some steps to catch up with this problem, but it’s happened so quickly, there are not enough laws in place to address every situation that occurs. A lot of states now have passed revenge porn laws, but something like this, where you could just take an image off someone’s Facebook profile and then turn it into pornography, doesn’t really address a situation like that.”

    Watch the full episode here:

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    K, March 15, 2021

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