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What to Do If You Are the Target of Grindr Sextortion

Grindr sextortion, a concerning trend in online dating fraud, involves the threat of exposing sensitive material to extort money from users. Typically, the scam starts with the victim sharing personal photos or videos, only to be met with demands for payment under the threat of public disclosure or “outing.”

If you’ve fallen prey to such an ordeal and are wondering, “What now?”, know that you’re not in this alone. As an experienced Internet attorney who has helped countless individuals in your situation, I intimately understand the violation, fear, and desperation you are feeling right now.

Take heart in knowing that there is a pathway out of this distressing scenario. Following the strategies outlined in this guide, our firm is equipped to assist you in reclaiming your peace of mind, thwarting the perpetrator’s efforts, and limiting the impact of their threats.

Continue reading for actionable steps to take immediately, advice on securing vital evidence, and reassurance that you are not to blame. We’re here to support you through recovery.

What Are the Immediate Steps I Need to Take After Being Blackmailed on Grindr?

When you’re being threatened by a Grindr sextortionist, it’s normal to feel powerless and frozen in panic. But now is the time to act swiftly and strategically. You have far more power in this situation than you may realize.

Do NOT Pay the Blackmailer or Engage Further

Your first instinct may be to comply with the scammer’s demands in hopes they will go away and not follow through on publishing your personal content. Resist this urge. Paying the ransom or continuing communication will only signal that you are a profitable target and open the door to more extortion.


I can’t emphasize this enough – document and preserve all communications you’ve had with the perpetrator. This evidence will be crucial for reporting the blackmail and any legal actions. Be sure to capture:

  • Their Grindr profile name, photo, and bio
  • All chat messages, especially the extortion threats
  • Any personal photos/videos they are holding against you
  • Money transfer receipts if you already sent payment

Preserve Evidence By:

  1. Using a tool like Page Vault to save webpage archives
  2. Emailing the screenshots and files to yourself
  3. Making a backup on an external storage device
  4. Writing a detailed timeline of your interactions with the scammer
  5. Printing out hardcopies of everything

How to Lock Down Your Social Media

Sextortionists often try to increase pressure by finding and contacting a victim’s friends, family or employer on social media. Beat them to the punch by immediately maximizing your privacy settings:


  • Go to “Settings & Privacy” > “Privacy Checkup”
  • Enable “Limit Past Posts”
  • Edit “Who can see your future posts?” to “Only me”


  • Go to your profile and tap the 3 lines in the top right corner
  • Tap “Settings” > “Privacy”
  • Under “Interactions” turn off “Allow others to reshare your posts”
  • Under “Connections” set all options to “No One”


  • Click “More” in the left sidebar > “Settings & Support” > “Settings & Privacy”
  • Go to “Privacy & Safety” and turn on “Protect your Tweets”
  • Under “Audience and Tagging” set “Protect your Tweets” to on
  • Turn off all options under “Discoverability”


  • Click your profile pic > “Settings & Privacy”
  • Under “Visibility” set “Profile viewing options” to Private
  • Edit your public profile to hide personal info
  • Turn off “Share job changes, education changes, and work anniversaries”

Report the User to Grindr Following These Steps

  1. Go to the scammer’s profile and tap the 3-dot menu icon
  2. Select “Report”
  3. Choose the “Harassment” category
  4. Include details about the sextortion attempt
  5. Attach screenshot evidence

In one case, our client was able to provide Grindr with the perpetrator’s IP address captured in an email header. Their security team used it to identify and ban 30+ scam accounts operated by the same person. Never underestimate the power of preserving evidence.

Are you being defamed online? We will get it removed. Contact Minc Law today!

When And How to Loop In Law Enforcement

Grindr sextortion is a serious crime that should be reported to authorities. Contact your local FBI field office or file an online report with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Provide them with:

  • All documentation of the sextortion
  • The scammer’s contact/profile information
  • Any details about money you transferred
  • Your timeline of events

Emphasize the scammer’s extortion tactics and threats to publish your private content. The more evidence you provide, the better chance law enforcement can trace the perpetrator and prevent them from victimizing others.

What Are My Legal Rights In a Grindr Sextortion Case?

It may feel like the scammer has all the power, but you have strict legal protections as a victim of sexual extortion that you can start enforcing right now.

Under federal law, 18 U.S.C. ยง 2251 makes it illegal for anyone to produce or distribute private sexual content without the depicted person’s consent. Many states also have statutes penalizing acts of sexual coercion and revenge porn. If the perpetrator obtained money from you under duress, they may also be charged with theft and wire fraud.

You have legal options to:

  • Petition for a restraining order against the scammer
  • File a criminal complaint to press charges
  • Pursue a civil suit to recover damages

At Minc Law we’ve successfully represented hundreds of sextortion victims, including many LGBTQ+ individuals, and know how to leverage US and state laws to bring perpetrators to justice while shielding your privacy. Schedule a confidential consultation with a member of my team to discuss your case specifics and legal remedies.

Frequently Asked Questions By Victims of Grindr Sextortion

Can I Stay Anonymous In a Sextortion Criminal Case?

Yes, as an alleged sexual assault victim, you have the right to keep your name and identifying details private in public court records. Our attorneys will fight to seal any sensitive documents and evidence throughout the process.

What If the Perpetrator Is In Another Country?

Sextortionists often operate across borders, but US authorities have long-arm jurisdiction to prosecute these crimes with the cooperation of foreign law enforcement. We’ve traced scammers from Nigeria to the Philippines and work with a global network of investigators to bring them to justice.

What If the Scammer Has Already Shared My Photos or Videos?

Act quickly to file DMCA takedown notices with any websites or social media platforms hosting your content without consent. Our team can also help you obtain court orders to de-index the material from Google search results. The sooner you move to scrub the content, the less likely it is to spread.

How Long Will It Take to Resolve my Grindr Sextortion Case?

Every case is unique, but most sextortion situations can be significantly contained within days to weeks with proper legal intervention. The perpetrator will usually move on once they realize you won’t comply with their demands. While related criminal investigations may take longer, our priority is to immediately shield you from further harassment and prevent sensitive content from being published.

Do I Have to Reveal My Name or Sexual Orientation to Take Legal Action Against a Sextortionist?

No – your privacy is our utmost priority. All consultations with Minc Law are completely confidential and covered by Attorney-Client Privilege. We take extensive measures to file court documents under seal and redact any identifying details. You can even remain anonymous to our own support staff. Coming forward about sextortion takes immense courage, and we’ll handle your case with the discretion you deserve.

How Can I Get Support & Start Recovering From Grindr Sextortion Trauma?

I want to be extremely clear: You did absolutely nothing to cause or deserve this despicable violation. The shame and self-blame you may be feeling are valid emotions, but the full responsibility lies with the perpetrator alone. You are not “stupid” or “reckless” for sharing intimate content with someone you thought you could trust. The scammer is the only one who committed a heinous crime.

As you process this traumatic experience, be kind and patient with yourself. Healing is not a linear process. Some steps you can take:

  • Reach out to a trusted friend or family member for support
  • Talk to an LGBTQ-affirming therapist or counselor
  • Join an online support group for sextortion survivors
  • Channel your energy into hobbies and self-care activities

Remember, your sexual orientation, practices, and unclothed body are nothing to be ashamed of – even if they aren’t public knowledge. It’s your right to consensually share yourself and build connections online. You are worthy of love, respect, and freedom from fear.


You’re Not Alone – We’re Here For You

You did not choose to be victimized by a sextortionist, but you are making the brave choice to fight back, reclaim your power, and not let this monster win. Our legal team sees you, hears you, and is ready to stand by your side on an all-fronts battle against your blackmailer.

At Minc Law, we understand the painful and unique fears LGBTQ+ Grindr users face when targeted for sextortion. But you don’t have to suffer in silence a moment longer or navigate this crisis alone. Contact us today for a confidential, judgement-free consultation, and let’s start shutting down your perpetrator for good. Together we will get through this – there is hope.

Michele Simonelli recently helped me with an sextortion case. Due to the escalating nature of the situation, she promptly moved a previously scheduled meeting forward, and took immediate action to help mitigate the threat. As anyone facing these type situations knows, it’s extraordinarily agonizing, and one cannot even think logically. Michele was reassuring, and extremely responsive to my texts and phone calls, and also appeared non-judgemental. There’s no way to know the outcome had I not used her services, however, the backing of her and the firm gave me enough confidence/hope to get through the situation, with what appears to be a successful outcome. Thank you Michele for your professionalism, responsiveness and kindness! I highly recommend this firm and particularly Michele.– R.H., sextortion survivor