Minc Law Civil Case Victory Leads to Federal Indictment & Charges in Cyberstalking & Identify Theft Case Featured Image

Minc Law Civil Case Victory Leads to Federal Indictment & Charges in Cyberstalking & Identify Theft Case

Cyberstalking and Identity Theft Investigation

Minc Law is pleased to announce their role in the civil litigation and eventual criminal indictment by a federal grand jury in the District of Columbia following the investigation of a Tennessee man who had created and circulated doctored images, related postings, and the personal information of the victim.

Aaron Minc, Principal & Founder of Minc Law, represented a young woman in 2015 who was victimized, harassed, defamed, cyberstalked, and terrorized by someone who was supposedly her “good” friend. Identifying the individual responsible was extremely challenging since the offender used the dark web to mask his activity. Minc applied his years of technical and investigative experience handling such matters to identify and locate the culprit. Based on the firm’s findings, the parties reached a settlement in 2015 against the man responsible who acknowledged he had authored the postings and content, stated he would remove the content, and agreed that he would refrain from engaging in further defamatory postings of the victim.


The defamation continues and the FBI steps in

Despite the settlement, he continued similar behavior in 2017 and was arrested and indicted in July 2018 on federal charges of cyberstalking and identity theft. The Minc Law team provided their earlier results to the FBI, including a signed confession by the man admitting that he engaged in the behavior, which facilitated the swift identification and pursuant indictment charges being filed.

“We are thrilled that our client has finally gotten the justice she deserves,” said Aaron Minc, Principal & Founder of Minc Law. “Given the recent passage of the Cyberstalking Law, it was great to see law enforcement taking action to provide more stringent remedies for both civil and criminal prosecutions for this type of case. And hopefully, that will help them prosecute more similar cases in the future and deter such criminals.”

Minc Law has represented clients in hundreds of Internet defamation-related cases around the world. This experience translates into the firm’s team of attorneys and paralegals understanding not just the legal nuances of each case, but also the private and intimate nature of their clients’ distress. As such, clients are provided with both aggressive representation as well as respectful and compassionate counsel.


Work with the Defamation Lawyers of Minc Law Today!

If you’re a victim of online defamation, online stalking, Identity Theft or other defamatory attacks, reach out to the internet defamation removal lawyers of Minc Law today!

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Here’s what you can expect when working with the defamation lawyers of Minc Law:

  • Respect & Courtesy: We understand how overwhelming and invasive online defamation is, therefore we’re here to support you every step of the way. Take solace in knowing that we are always on your side and working towards your best interests. After all, your goals are our goals.
  • Open Dialogue & Communication: Some lawyers go missing once the removal process has commenced. At Minc Law, we will stay in constant contact with you concerning the details of your removal and case.
  • We Get Results: Just know that when employing the defamation lawyers of Minc Law, we get results. Businesses and websites respond to us, and we have a proven track record of securing defamation removals.


To schedule your free, initial no-obligation consultation with an intake specialist, you can call us at (216) 373-7706, or fill out our contact form online.


At Minc Law, we’re here to fight for your reputation.



“Great organization. Assisted me greatly in my time of need.”

Neil Smith, September 1, 2021

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