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How We Create a Seamless Client Experience

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Our team at Minc Law is dedicated to providing a seamless and exceptional experience for every client.

From Intake Specialists to Attorneys, our team prioritizes the client experience. We communicate clearly and create tailored solutions for each client. Our cutting-edge practice management software, content management tools, and operational processes help us deliver outstanding services to victims of internet defamation, sextortion, and online harassment.

This article provides information on how Minc Law works to create a smooth client experience in both client-facing and internal areas of our practice.

Front-End: Building Trust & Communication Through Our Website

We work to have clear communication that creates the foundation for effective and efficient legal representation. Below, we explore how Minc Law promotes trust with a user-friendly website that educates and empowers our clients.

User-Friendly Website Navigation

Before you contact us about your specific matter, we strive to provide helpful resources. Our user-friendly website is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Intuitive Navigation & Design

Our goal is to make it easy to find the information you need by guiding you through:

Our website’s user-centric design lets you navigate and engage with our offerings effortlessly. Whether coming to the site for information or help resolving your matter, it should be easy to find what you need.

Clear Actions Potential Clients Can Take

Potential clients have various options that they can take to initiate contact with our firm. Our website makes it very easy to either chat with an agent or fill out our contact form.

For example, as soon as a visitor lands on our website, they find a prominent “Contact Us” button. Our chat representatives are also quickly available if visitors want to learn more about Minc Law services and how we can help.

Educating Clients Throughout the Process

At Minc Law, we believe everyone—whether they are a client or someone just interested in Internet Defamation law—should have access to expert, actionable information on protecting themselves from internet-related issues and online threats.

Understanding Legal Options & Risks

At Minc Law, every article is written with our team’s firsthand knowledge and input. Our Legal Resource Center’s articles are all written by our legal experts and put through an exhaustive editorial review process.

Our attorneys, paralegals, and admin team all work together to educate our website visitors about defamation law, content removal, and extortion and sextortion relief.

We hope to inform readers of their potential options, risks, and outcomes. By explaining complex legal concepts, we ensure that clients can make informed decisions that align with their goals and preferences.

Empowering Clients to Make Informed Decisions

We equip clients with the necessary knowledge to participate in their cases as we believe that informed clients are better positioned to cultivate an effective partnership with us. Our website also provides practical information on what it is like to work with us, including:

  • An estimate of the cost of resolving your matter,
  • The types of payment structures we use,
  • An estimated timeline of various case types,
  • What our team can and cannot do as we work to resolve your matter.

Even if you cannot hire us, we want to leave you with useful knowledge and an idea of your next steps. Our legal resource center contains several self-help resources such as guides like this: “I Can’t Afford an Attorney: What Are My Options?

Internet Defamation lawyer Checklist

Front-End: Our Client-Centric Approach

When you contact Minc Law for help with an internet-related matter, your first interaction is with one of our intake specialists. Our intake team ensures Minc Law is the right fit, onboards new clients, and sets expectations for your experience with us.

Multiple Communication Channels

Minc Law offers a range of ways to reach out to us, including:

Every communication channel is completely confidential. We respond to every inquiry promptly and compassionately, giving confidential support in whatever channel is most convenient to you.

Seamless Onboarding & Intake

Our user-friendly online forms expedite the onboarding process. They not only save you valuable time but also help us understand the details of the case including website links, etc. Our intake team offers exploratory calls for potential clients. While these staff members cannot provide legal advice, they can give you information about:

  • Our firm’s services,
  • Minc Law’s costs and retainer fees,
  • Potential next steps available to you, and
  • Whether our firm may be a good fit for your matter.

After your initial contact, our intake specialists will help you arrange an attorney consultation and retain our firm’s services.

Prompt, Confidential, & Helpful Responses

Our team prioritizes replying promptly to client inquiries. All information you share with an intake specialist is confidential and subject to attorney-client privilege. Intake Specialists only share your information with the attorney(s) who will consult on your matter.

All potential clients require help with highly sensitive issues, so every Minc Law team member considers client privacy to be paramount. This confidentiality is required both ethically and legally by our profession.

Clear Expectations & Timelines

Our firm also prioritizes providing you with a clear roadmap for your case. Clarity about the legal process and anticipated timelines empowers clients with a sense of control and helps manage expectations effectively.

We maintain open lines of communication with all clients. You can expect regular updates on the progress of your case and know that we are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Back-End: The Attorney-Client Relationship

After completing the intake process and engaging our firm, we begin working with you to resolve your matter as quickly and discreetly as possible. During your engagement with us, we are committed to open and transparent communication, tailored solutions, and dedicated case management.

Open & Transparent Communication

Communication is key for any successful relationship—and legal representation is no exception. Minc Law prioritizes regular updates and discussions with each client about their matter, critical timelines, and important information.

Regular Status Updates & Strategy Adjustments

Our attorneys and administrative staff will regularly update you on key case milestones, keeping you informed about the progress of your legal matter.

The legal field of internet defamation is constantly evolving, along with the best practices and strategies to combat it. As aspects of your case change, our team believes in fostering a collaborative atmosphere by involving you in strategic decisions. We also do our best to be upfront and transparent about evolving anticipated costs throughout the process.

Prompt Responses & Accessibility

From administrative staff to attorneys, our team prioritizes responding promptly to inquiries and maintaining accessibility throughout your case. We believe a legal team cannot be truly dedicated to its clients without a commitment to quick communication.

Tailored Solutions For Individual Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for defamation, online harassment, and other internet-related matters. Minc Law tailors our services for your individual situation using in-depth case assessments, customized legal strategies, and emergency procedures for high-risk cases.

In-depth Case Assessments

We take the time to fully understand your unique situation and goals. Our team thoroughly assesses each case, delving into nuances to form effective legal strategies.

Our meticulous case evaluations let us craft a personalized approach accounting for the intricate details of your situation.

Customized Legal Strategies

We also tailor personalized legal approaches to your unique circumstances and goals. For example, some online defamation cases are not the right fit for a defamation lawsuit. These matters might be resolved by using online reputation management (ORM) services to suppress content.

Our client-centric legal strategies ensure you receive the most relevant and effective solutions for your specific needs.

Emergency Cases 

We also offer emergency consultations for certain cases that need prompt assistance in the matter. For example, if you are the victim of online sextortion or extortion, you are likely to experience constant harassment and threats.

Because your case requires urgent attention, we offer a paid emergency consult with a Minc Law attorney the same day you contact us. Our team can then address your situation quickly, usually resolving such matters quickly.

Dedicated Case Management

As your case progresses with Minc Law, rest assured that the best attorney for the job is working on your case—and that you will have secure access to updated case information.

Experienced Attorneys

We strive to pair each client with the attorney(s) best suited to handle their case.

For example, some of our attorneys are extremely well-versed in revenge porn cases. Others focus on consumer review removals or defamation litigation. Our seasoned attorneys bring in-depth expertise to each case, ensuring clients benefit from our team’s deep knowledge and skill.

Access to Case Information

Minc Law uses secure online portals to give clients access to essential case documents and updates. Our user-friendly portal is a central hub for communication and accessing critical information about your case.

Post-Case Monitoring

Minc Law also provides a Digital Risk Protection (DRP) service to help monitor your reputation after your case is over. So if we detect any new online threats against you or your business, our team may contact you after your matter officially ends.  Our DRP service can detect and eliminate threats to your digital footprint, including:

  • Impersonation accounts,
  • Social media account threats, and
  • Targeted attacks on your digital assets.

It is helpful to think of DRP as a home security system. Our services are no different—but instead of your house, we protect your digital profile. With Minc Law’s DRP service, we construct a robust digital profile for you or your business. Then using that profile, we begin monitoring the wider internet for digital risk on your behalf.

Back-End: Cutting Edge Technology & Systems

Beyond communicating with you about your matter, our team uses internal processes and tools to manage your case effectively and efficiently. In this section, we explain how our case management tools, finance solutions, and operations streamline every Minc Law client’s experience.

Advanced Case Management Software

We use advanced case management software called Actionstep and a document management system called NetDocuments, to keep all client information, documents, and communications organized, retained, and accurate.

This software allows Minc Law to be able to keep all client information organized, set alerts for critical deadlines, and keep track of accurate billables, and expenses for each matter.

Finance Solutions for Transparency

Our commitment to transparency extends to our billing practices. We provide detailed and transparent invoices, ensuring you understand the services rendered and associated costs.

Minc Law uses several fee structures to accommodate our clients’ diverse needs. But no matter your payment structure, you will receive clear and transparent invoices. Minc Law’s invoices are designed to provide all the details you need to understand your case’s progress and costs.

Streamlined Operational Strategies

Minc Law is committed to clear and consistent processes throughout our firm. Our efficient workflow management across each department ensures accuracy, uniformity, and quality of work.

We also prioritize internal collaboration to ensure clients receive comprehensive and well-coordinated legal services. In our weekly team meetings, staff members share information on updates in the legal industry, request help as needed, and stay updated on news and developments. We also hold more team-specific meetings where each department works through problems and prioritizes goals.

Our internal systems help us solve problems related to the client matter quickly and efficiently, regardless of the complexity of a client’s case. Our team works together to make sure that the client is informed and that the case is handled appropriately.

Get Started With Your Internet Defamation or Sextortion Matter Today

At Minc Law, we understand how stressful and overwhelming it can be to find the right law firm or attorney to resolve your internet defamation or sextortion issue. We pride ourselves on open communication, transparency, and trust, and strive to make every step of the process as painless as possible. This is why we explain what reaching out to and engaging Minc Law looks like.

“I feel so relieved and grateful to Minc Law. And in particular, to the help of Nathan Woodward and his staff. I had requested repeatedly and unsuccessfully removal of a comment on an organization’s website that I had not wanted used publicly for marketing purposes. I could not for the life of me reach the owner of the site despite varied attempts. Mr. Woodward was able to reach and solicit response from the owner, so that the content was taken down SWIFTLY and my problem resolved. Mr. Woodward and the Minc Law team handled my case professionally and efficiently, with a very fair fee structure as well.”


May 4, 2023

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