How Expensive is Brand & Reputation Monitoring?

How Expensive is Brand & Reputation Monitoring?

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Your Brand & Reputation Matters – Take It Seriously

If you’re a small business owner, or the CEO of a large corporation, you probably understand the multitude of challenges you need to stay on top of in order to keep your brand and reputation afloat.

Angry customers, regardless of whether they are justified (or not), pose a serious threat to your business’s online reputation and bottom line. And today, all it takes is one angry or well-thought out and placed Twitter, Facebook, or other social media post.

In other cases, unfair and unjustified negative press coverage may threaten to undermine the months, years, and decades you spent building your business into the successful entity it is today. With the amount of review platforms, bulletin boards, and forums out there, you need to stay on top of your digital footprint and online reputation, otherwise, you could be left no other option but to close your business for good.

Don’t let negative reviews and ratings on sites such as Yelp!, Angie’s List, or Glassdoor become the straw that breaks your business’s metaphorical back. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to effectively manage and monitor your business’s online reputation and digital footprint.

Know that you’re business doesn’t have to remain idle and passive while others drag your company’s hard-earned brand and reputation through the mud.

But where should I start? Should I be working with an attorney or signing up for a reputation and brand monitoring service?

You can find out everything you need to know on reputation and brand monitoring below, and more!


Reputation Management Tip: There are several techniques you can use to boost your rankings in search results while suppressing negative content. Google and other search engines recognize quality and well thought out content, so it’s important to overhaul your social media accounts, make them public, start a blog and update it frequently, comment publicly on news articles and posts, and avoid getting into petty online arguments.


It’s time to take back your business’s online reputation and remove all disparaging, false, and libelous reviews and comments posted. If your business has been the victim of online defamation and libel, contact the reputation management lawyers of Minc Law today.

At Minc Law, we boast a nearly 100% removal rate, and all for a flat, reasonable fee. Reclaim your business’s online presence! Call the lawyers of Minc Law today to explore your available options and tailor a strategic takedown game-plan.

We can be reached at (216) 373-7706, or via online contact form.

Let us fight for your business’s reputation.


What is Brand & Reputation Management?

First, let’s define what exactly is brand and reputation management.

Brand and reputation management is the process and act of setting up a business analytics mechanism to monitor various Internet discussion channels to better understand public perception of your brand or business. A thorough brand and reputation monitoring service will not only monitor keywords and discussions about your business, but also related discussions, perceptions, and other keywords associated with your company.

Simply put, brand and reputation management allows business owners to do two things:

  • Address & identify infringers,
  • Address, identify, & remedy consumer reactions.


For example, Google Alerts is a popular and free way to monitor the web for new, interesting, and relevant content. All can be used to better understand your customer and critic.


Defamation Law Tip: If you’ve been defamed online, it’s important to take proactive steps in order to make sure it doesn’t spread. Take screenshots of any malicious posts, reviews, or pictures. Doing so will strengthen your libel claim and help establish irrebuttable evidence you haven’t tampered with anything.


So, what makes for effective brand and reputation management? One that provides actionable information to protect your proprietary, financial, and social interests, and protects a business against a wide variety of threats, including:

  • Counterfeiting – For companies producing consumer goods, the concern of counterfeit goods and products is paramount. Take for instance all the counterfeit goods manufactured in China each year and sold as novelty or passed off as “real” in the United States. Each year bargain hunters are tricked by shady resellers who claim products are authentic, when in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Large companies can lose millions of dollars in revenue per year due to fake goods and knock-offs, however they have a much heftier budget then a mom and pop shop or small business. Imagine the catastrophic effects it could have on your smaller business if your products and services were being undercut and passed off as authentic.
  • Intellectual property monitoring – As a business, your intellectual property in valuable. Although intangible, it stands at the crux of your business model and revenue. Whether it’s a company logo, trademark, or other valuable information, unauthorized use of these marks, symbols, or other intellectual property can lead to consumer confusion and significant damage to a brand. Also, imagine a company is passing off poor quality products as yours. Not only does this damage your brand, it damages your overall reputation.
  • Discussion monitoring – The way in which people discuss your brand in public and on social media channels can have a significant impact on your business’ bottom-line. For example, a 2017 small business study found that 72% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. People take online discussions seriously, and so should you. Effective brand and reputation monitoring will bring to light any negative discussions, perceptions, reviews, or ratings your business has received. When dealing with such negative reviews and ratings, it’s important to take a rational approach and respond in a professional manner. Reach out directly and see how you can remedy the situation in exchange for them removing or editing their post.
  • Competitor monitoring & analysis – If someone else is getting more traffic, more customers, and is highly revered in the community, take a page out of their book and figure out what is making them such a powerhouse. Conducting a competitor analysis is imperative for seeing how you stack up to others in your field or market. Is someone offering lower prices, better customer service, or an overall better product? That’s for you to find out. Understanding what your competitors are doing can give your business a tactical advantage, and while not every brand monitoring package will include this service, it is often useful.


Now that we’ve gone through the definition of reputation and brand monitoring, let’s take a look at some specifics, such as how much you can expect to pay for comprehensive brand management.


Defamation Law Fact: As of March, 2018, 23 states and one U.S. territory have criminal law statutes codified in their books. However, Ohio is not one of them.


How Much Can I Expect to Pay for Brand & Reputation Management?

As with any product or service, you get what you pay for. If you engage and solicit a cut-rate service of an individual from a site like Fiverr, you probably shouldn’t expect the monitoring to be as thorough as you’d like. While the cost of pinching pennies is minimal, the return on your actual investment and image is likely, at best, minimal – that’s being generous, as you may receive no benefit or return at all.


Why you should steer clear of low-cost brand monitoring

If you hand over the keys to the kingdom of your brand and reputation, allowing a low-cost vendor to dictate your online future and presence, there’s a high likelihood they’ll engage in quick-fixes, which may appear beneficial in the short-term, but end up doing more harm than good in the long run.

On the flip-side, engaging with a more reputable full-scale brand monitoring service, costs can escalate rapidly. As a small business, or corporation with a low budget for brand and reputation management, this is probably out of the question. Some full-service brand-monitoring solutions can run a mid-size company up to $5,000 per month…or more. And, in larger cities, like New York or Los Angeles, prices are likely to be significantly greater.

Libel Removal Tip: Sending a cease and desist letter to the website or blog that has posted defamatory content is often an effective and cheap alternative to litigation. Doing so let’s the defaming party know that you’re serious, and will take further action if needed.


Five Solutions to Effective Brand Management & Monitoring

There’s several ways to cut costs, ensure quality, and protect your brand.

  • Set up a Google Alerts account: This will notify you anytime your name, business, or other various keywords are mentioned online.
  • Keep active social media channels: Social media profiles are usually the first glimpse customers and clients get of your overall company, so make it a good one. Constantly updating your social media channels will allow you to rank higher in search results, while staying connected to your customers.
  • Establish a frequent blog: A frequent blog is an effective way to push negative search results down, by replacing it with high quality and regular content.
  • Link between your various websites and profiles: Doing so will indicate to the search results that you are producing quality content.
  • Hire an attorney who specializes in brand and reputation management: Working with an experienced attorney who handles intellectual property infringement, removal of false and defamatory postings, and provides online reputation management services is not only an effective way to save money, but ensure overall quality. Working closely with a reputation management attorney will allow for you to receive real-time updates, all for the fraction of the cost of your typical brand-monitoring service. Reach out to experienced our reputation and brand management attorneys, and get started on securing your business’s digital online footprint and public perception.


Work With a Brand & Reputation Management Lawyer Today!

If your small business or corporation have been defamed online or the victim of false, defamatory, and disparaging posts, or intellectual property infringement, the reputation management lawyers of Minc Law want to fight for you.

At Minc Law, we’ve litigated in over 19 states and 3 countries, and have secured hundreds of online defamation removals – boasting a near 100% success rate. Our team of Cleveland-based lawyers know who to contact, and how to contact them, and will explore all available options to secure a swift and permanent removal.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • We will treat you with respect & courtesy: At Minc Law, we know that online defamation and the removal process can be both stressful and overwhelming. Therefore, we treat all of our clients with the utmost respect and courtesy. After all, your goals are our goals.
  • We get results: As mentioned above, our team of reputation management lawyers have a near 100% removal rate. At Minc Law, we work with website administrators, content managers, and third-party arbitration services in order to secure an effective defamation takedown.
  • We’re here to work WITH you: Once the removal process begins, we will stay in constant contact with you, to make sure you’re informed and updated about the details of the removal. At the initial, no-obligation consultation, we will evaluate all available options and tailor a strategic game-plan to suit your individual situation.


To schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation, call us at (216) 373-7706, or contact us online by filling out our online contact form.

Reputation Management Tip: If your brand has taken a major hit and traditional methods of suppressing negative search results aren’t working as planned, think outside the box. Start encouraging customers to make videos or take pictures of how they’re using their product. Videos tend to rank very well on Google and in other search results.


Don’t let the false and defamatory posts ruin your business and it’s future.

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