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    This page has been peer-reviewed, fact-checked, and edited by multiple qualified attorneys and legal professionals to ensure substantive accuracy and coverage. Our publication process is robust, following a 16-step content creation and review process. is a user-generated content website that covers a broad range of content. In theory, the website is intended to address consumer complaints concerning an array of industries including consumer advertising, cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, car dealerships, clothing and footwear stores and products, electronics stores and products, furniture and furniture stores, phone companies, construction and contractor work and a number of other industries and products. In reality, the site takes an even broader approach to complaints regarding perceived and actual problems with companies and products. Aside from the products and services focus, there is also an array of complaints about an individual’s behaviors and actions. In some cases, the accuser characterizes individuals of being scam artists, cheats, or liars in business dealings. However in other complaints, the allegations are personal in nature and claimed that the individual has engaged in inappropriate behavior such as sexual abuse, child abuse and other criminal behaviors.

    While it is important for people to feel like they can speak their mind and that their speech is not being unjustifiably suppressed, they must also be responsible when speaking in a public forum. It may be true that some reports are measured, reasonably accurate and provide evidence. However, many other reports resemble unfounded gossip or unsupported rants of frustration. The simple fact is untrue and defamatory attacks can cause serious damage to a business or to a person.

    If you or your business has been unfairly or unjustifiably attacked on you are probably looking for a way to remove the untrue and defamatory report. The Internet defamation attorneys of Minc Law can fight to have the attack taken down from the website. We are confident in our ability to remove defamatory content and will refund your fee if we cannot secure a removal. To schedule a free and confidential defamation removal consultation with an intake specialist, call 216-373-7706 or schedule a meeting online by filling out our online contact form.

    The Damage that Online Defamation can Cause

    Unfortunately, people have a way of believing even unsubstantiated attacks and rumors that they may read online. While on some sites it may be easier to dismiss these attacks due to the appearance of the site, this is not the case on sets forth a reasonably respectable homepage and site policies. Furthermore. the site does require account registration in order to post complaints. While these factors are only limited in their effectiveness in stopping false and defamatory attacks, they do have the effect of increasing the apparent trustworthiness of the site. Unfortunately, malicious users can cloak themselves in the trust signals and then post false reports that can damage an individual’s or a business’ reputation. For an individual, a damaged reputation and online footprint can lead to an array of problems ranging from social issues to school and work problems. Defamed businesses may suffer a drop in business since clients and potential customers may believe the attacks.

    What Types of Content May Remove?

    While it is true that malicious users of user complaint sites (like can easily subvert the purpose and intent of and similar websites to serve their own ends, at least makes a good faith effort of describing the type of content that is prohibited on their site. While this information is a good starting point for a user who wants to get to them for a content removed, in most cases simply citing a rule will be insufficient to secure a removal. Rather, the user must also submit sufficient evidence showing that the request is well supported and that the content is indeed defamatory.

    In any case, content prohibited from includes:

    • Any calls for physical violence or encouragement to abuse other individuals
    • Personal attacks
    • The use of rude or obscene language
    • The use of clone accounts or multiple accounts to attack or defame other users
    • The posting of unverified information
    • The defamation of other users when the poster has no relevant evidence
    • Blanket accusations that individuals or businesses are cheaters, liars, or that they are stealing.

    Unfortunately, a brief glance at the front page shows that many users to not respect these rules. Furthermore, does not make the best way to pursue a removal request immediately clear. Therefore, defamed individuals may be better served by working with an experienced Internet Defamation Lawyer who can pursue all potential methods of removal.

    Work with Dedicated and Strategic Internet Defamation Lawyers

    Internet defamation on any website can cause significant personal or business consequences. When the defamation appears on a website, like, that sends certain trust signals to users and viewers the damage can be even more significant. If you or your business is looking to remove false and defamatory posts from the user review site like call the Internet defamation removal attorneys of Minc Law at 216-373-7706 today.

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