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How Do I Get a False Post Removed from

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    United States Consumer Complaints and Reviews,, is a user-generated content site that focuses on consumer complaints about businesses. Businesses and industries that are listed in its featured categories include advertising, beauty and cosmetics services, bars and cafes, restaurants, construction and contracting work, lawyers, real-estate, electronics stores, computer repair services as well as many other categories. The site also offers categories for reviews and complaints regarding people.

    Thus, potential issues can arise in both the business and personal context. For business reviews, people seem to leave unfounded accusatory allegations regarding business practices. The personal reviews and complaints are simply personal attacks, name calling, accusations of criminality and other regrettable aspects of human nature. While the founders of the site may have set out with noble intentions, users of the site unfortunately seem to manipulate it to their own ends.

    If you or your business has been attacked or defamed on, getting the false and defamatory review down is probably a priority for you. The Internet defamation attorneys of Minc Law can fight to get damaging defamatory allegations removed. We guarantee the removal of the content or we will refund your fee. To schedule a free no-obligation consultation call us at call 216-373-7706 or arrange for a meeting online by filling out our online contact form.

    The Damage Online Defamation Can Cause

    In today’s world, people increasingly rely on online sources to obtain information before making important decisions. Whether they are looking to do business with a particular company, for information about a potential new hire, or simply Googling a new friend or acquaintance, the Internet is a frequently consulted resource. Therefore, it is no surprise that false and damaging attacks online can have serious consequences. Online attacks can result in lost friends, contacts and narrowed social circles. It can also create difficulty when looking for new job or applying to a college or graduate program. For businesses, even seemingly outlandish negative reviews can make potential customers reconsider doing business with your company. is a site that has a respectable and reasonably well constructed appearance. The header of the site is adorned with the icons of popular and trusted social media websites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Even the name of the site — – evokes some level of trust by invoking the name of the United States. Individuals could be fooled into thinking that the site is official or in some way related to the government because the only statement disclaiming this is buried in the general rules of the site. A site that appears trustworthy may be able to cause more damage than one might expect.

    What Content Can I Remove from how to remove a false review on

    The site rules list an array of content that is explicitly forbidden. While this list is a good starting point, it is probably does not cover all types of posts and reports that can be removed. The site prohibits any activity that calls for violence and abuse or personal attacks. Also, any behavior that is illegal in the United States is also forbidden from the site. The site also bans users from creating multiple accounts or clone counts to attack businesses. Lastly, the site bans the posting of unverified information or information that is unsupported that attacks people or businesses.

    Unfortunately, is quite clear that many users of the site do not abide by these or other policies. Posts on the home page make blanket accusations of individuals and business owners as being thieves, liars and crooks. There are posts which accuse individuals of engaging in prostitution and other illegal activities. While there are posts which are simply personal attacks. USAConsumerComplaints (Like does not make it particularly clear how to remove a post. Therefore, is often prudent to work with Aaron Minc, an Internet defamation attorney who can pursue all potential removal avenues to expedite the process.

    Work with a Defamation Removal Lawyer if You or Your Business is Attacked on

    Online attacks can cause significant damage to an individual’s or company’s reputation. Waiting to see exactly how much damage a post can cause is never a wise course of action. In a worst-case scenario, the poster may even be encouraged an emboldened to make further defamatory attacks. To schedule a free no-obligation consultation with the Internet Defamation Lawyers of Minc Law, call us at 216-373-7706 or arrange for a meeting online by filling out our contact form.


    “We were under pressure to resolve an unfavorable Yelp review. Our Minc team was empathetic, efficient and got the job done quickly. We now have a lifeline when an on-line review becomes problematic. Many thanks to our wonderful team!”

    Ellen Adams, Director of Compliance, July 13, 2021

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