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Business Services: Online Reputation Management

Do you want to improve your business’s online presence, identify and eliminate digital threats, manage and remove damaging business reviews, and suppress negative information and content that is scaring off customers, clients, advertising, and partnerships? The reality of today’s digital landscape is that the world’s best marketing plan can be severely undercut by even just a single negative news article or write-up and consumers frequently formulate their first (and sometimes only) opinion about your business or service based on what the internet tells them.

Minc Law not only provides first class internet defamation, online extortion, and content removal services, but we also provide SEO and online reputation management (ORM) services for businesses of all types that want to:

  • Clean up their digital footprint,
  • Suppress and de-index negative content from internet search results,
  • Replace negative and damaging content with positive content,
  • Remove defamatory and negative online reviews, media, and content at the source,
  • Identify and eliminate intellectual property infringement and defamatory cyberattacks, and
  • Improve their online brand.

It’s time to start controlling what shows up about your business in the search results.

How We Approach Business Reputation Management

Our practice is one of the first law firms to focus 100% on internet defamation, content removal, and internet-related attacks, so we are highly versed in identifying digital threats as they occur, eliminating and suppressing them, and building a positive internet presence for your business and brand.

Your business will benefit from the experience we have gained from representing businesses in thousands of internet-related cases and attacks from across the country and around the world. This experience helps us know exactly which solutions are the most effective and appropriate for putting your business’s best foot forward online.

Our team of experienced internet attorneys and online marketing and public relations experts offer clients a full range of online reputation management services, including search engine optimization, content suppression, and removal, purchasing and creation of premium content, content de-indexing from search engines, intellectual property infringement identification, and other SEO services.

When your business hires us, you not only put into motion a strategy to control online content connected to your business and brand, you put into motion a strategy to create, build, and improve your business’s digital footprint.

Business & Professional Reputation Repair

Depending on your business’s industry and situation, our experienced team of internet lawyers will work closely with public relations, crisis communications, and other online marketing experts to rebuild and repair your reputation.

By using the web, search engines, and social media-oriented methodologies, our team can work with you and your business to develop a brand engagement strategy, create positive content, suppress negative content and reviews, and de-index damaging content from the internet search results.

Damage Recovery

When defamatory consumer reviews and complaints are published, security breaches occur, or intellectual property rights are infringed, identifying, removing, and stopping the unlawful behavior isn’t always enough.

Your business may incur reputational harm or monetary damages. We can pursue the source of the internet attacks, obtain court-ordered judgments, and secure monetary verdicts to vindicate businesses that are attacked online.

Business Reputation Protection

Utilizing deep web search tools, real-time notification applications and platforms, and website forensics, we can identify and locate internet attacks at the source. We identify online issues and address them before they become problems.

We also work with online marketing experts, public relations agencies, and internet search engines to prevent and remove unwanted and unlawful online content (reviews, consumer complaints, news articles, blog posts, and more) and attacks.

Because of our depth of experience in combating thousands of internet-related attacks, we understand the complex navigation involved in protecting, cleaning up, and improving your business’s digital footprint.

Managing Your Business’s Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management may be a better option for your business rather than legal content removal in cases where:

Content is Too New & Newsworthy

If your business is the subject of online content that is considered “too new” or “newsworthy,” such as a news article describing illegal acts, unethical behavior, or a lawsuit, then utilizing online reputation management services may be a better option for resolving your business’s issue than legal content removal.

However, once your business’s legal action is over, expunged, or sealed, then your business may have a chance to remove the news article(s).

Content Becomes Viral

If your business is the subject of online content that has gone viral, such as a news article, blog photograph, video, or even recording of your business, utilizing online reputation management services may be a better option than legal content removal.

While some content may be able to be removed, it is unlikely that all of the content will come down.

Content is Related to a Serious Crime

If your business is the subject of online content detailing unlawful activity, then online reputation management may be your business’s best option for restoring its reputation. Even if your business was not the perpetrator of the unlawful activity, it is possible that your business’s name may be included in the article detailing the crime.

Think of celebrities such as Ariana Grande and the Manchester Arena Bombing, or Jason Aldean and the Las Vegas mass shooting. In both cases, high profile celebrities were forever linked with deadly terrorist attacks.

Legal Action Will Take Too Long

For example, if your business is the subject of an online article accusing it of committing a serious crime or highly unethical behavior, which did not in fact happen (and you know that your business will be cleared once your case goes before a judge), then online reputation management is likely your best option for protecting your business’s reputation.

When negative content like this appears online, it can be devastating. Often, news media jumps on criminal allegations long before a case goes to trial. Chances are, your business won’t want to wait until the end of trial to start reputation damage control. It’s important to start online reputation management as soon as possible, while you are waiting for a final outcome.

Why Choose Minc Law?

We not only identify digital threats as they appear, we help businesses eliminate those threats and create a positive online presence that is set to stand the test of time.


Defamatory, negative, and unwanted webpages and content removed


Satisfied clients!


Cases in 22 states and 3 countries litigated


Defamatory, negative, and unwanted webpages and content removed


Satisfied clients!


Cases in 22 states and 3 countries litigated

What Our Clients Say…


Honestly, your Firm has really uplifted my/our faith in this industry. I interviewed 8x law firms in this field before choosing Minc Law as our Law Firm and we have never doubted that decision for a second. You are all that you claimed to be via my initial consultation. Your client communication is outstanding. We also find you all to be very clever, emotionally intelligent, compassionate, empathetic, efficient, and extremely transparent. Nadeen, Darcy, yourself Aaron – everyone has been wonderful! THANK YOU!

– Elke O.


Aaron Minc has established himself as the world’s foremost eraser of fake news. In the virtual world of the Internet, where truth can be impossible to discern from fiction, Minc is the leading go-to lawyer who effortlessly wipes away the fiction. Thank you, Aaron, for making the world a better place.

– Scott T.


I had an amazing experience and couldn’t be happier with the service. Every thing was done as promised and agreed. Very professional, I highly recommend it.

– D.M.


When I started my defamation case with Aaron, I had no idea what was going on or how to fix it. Fast forward to today, and the defamation has been removed and the culprit has been identified. I feel like he is proficient at identifying applicable laws and managing the complex issues involved with defamation.

– John H. 


I worked with Melanie Hughs who assisted me in removing things from the internet that were spitefully put up. I was a little hesitant at first but well worth the money to have a peace of mind. I am so glad I used MINC. She was professional and courteous. She kept me informed, and was easy to get in contact with when I had questions. Thank You MINC

– Joey D.


Absolutely solved my problem, quick and just as promised. Some have mentioned the cost but I thought it was very fair and a much better result than using a service that claims to drive search results down on Google only to have it inch back to the top in 6 months. With Minc it is removed not driven down. These guys took it off the internet for less $. Completely satisfied.

– I.C. 

Ready to Get Started

Talk to a member of our legal team to see if we can provide the expert services you need.

How It Works

Step 1

After submitting your information on our Contact Us page, messaging us via our chatbox, or calling our office, your inquiry and information will be reviewed by Minc Law paralegals to determine whether our firm is the right fit for your business’s ORM issue. Once our paralegals have reviewed your business’s ORM issue and determined we are the right fit for your matter, we will contact you within 24 to 48 business hours to schedule your free, initial no-obligation online reputation management consultation.

Step 2

During your free attorney consult, you will be able to confidentially discuss your business’s online reputation management-related issue and learn how we can be of assistance to your case. If you then hire our firm and become a client, we will generally start working on your matter immediately.

Step 3

Our attorneys draw on their specialized legal expertise, along with an experienced team of public relations and online marketing professionals, to rebuild and repair your business’s reputation. We understand all forms of internet privacy, attacks, and threats that pose a serious threat to your reputation which enables us to effectively identify and eliminate them as they appear.​

Costs for Online Reputation Management Services

Purchasing online reputation management services is not like purchasing a house or a car, as every situation is unique. The average online reputation management campaign typically costs $3,0005,000 and lasts between 3 and 6 months.

However, we offer custom packages for clients at every price point, and more robust or limited online reputation management campaigns depending on your business’s needs.

Key factors that will influence your custom online reputation management pricing are:

  • Keyword and reputation research
  • Social media monitoring
  • Web tracing and meta-analysis
  • Image analysis
  • Reputation monitoring and repair strategy
  • Content creation and SEO
  • Damage repair
  • Backlink building
  • Web page and content removals

As with any sensitive internet-related matter, if you are interested in obtaining more specific advice or information regarding the costs and expenses related to your business’s online reputation management case or issue, you will need to speak directly with a legal expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should We Hire an Attorney For Online Reputation Management Instead of an SEO Expert or Web-Marketing Company?
When hiring online reputation management companies, you never know what you are going to get. There are numerous ORM scams and snake oil salesmen that overpromise and underdeliver, and cannot be held accountable for their conduct due to either being located abroad or an outright scam altogether.

We at Minc Law know online reputation management, and know what works to effectively suppress negative and damaging online content, bolster your business’s reputation, and remove defamatory content (if needed). We are also ethically and professionally governed by the American Bar Association, so you can rest assured that we are always acting with your best interests in mind.

There is a distinct level of conduct and behavior one can expect when working with a licensed professional, like an attorney, who is subject to a professional code and owes certain duties to a client. Rather than sell a one-size-fits-all solution, we customize tailored online reputation management strategies for your business and can recommend the most effective steps, including legal measures, that are likely to resolve your business’s ORM or defamation issue.


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Can a Minc Law Provide Online Reputation Management Services For My Business Even If I’m Located in a Different State?
Of course!

For online reputation management services, your location will not be an issue at all. After all, we are helping you take back and improve your ONLINE presence. Not being located in your state is no way a hurdle or impediment to Minc Law being able to suppress and remove negative online content, clean up your business’s digital footprint, and improve your business’s online presence.

At Minc Law, we provide online reputation management services for businesses and individuals from across the United States AND the globe.

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What Can I Do to Maintain My Business’s Digital Footprint?

Your business can use these ten tips and tricks to keep track of its digital footprint and ensure that it is putting its best “digital” foot forward for not only future customers and clients, but partners, employees, and the whole world.

      1. Google your business
      2. Delete unprofessional content
      3. Create a professional website or blog
      4. Share relevant industry news and articles via social media
      5. Keep all online posts and comments positive
      6. Use proper grammar and punctuation
      7. Review your business’s online profile privacy settings
      8. Stop and think before you post
      9. Create a Google Alert for your business’s name and associated keywords
      10. De-index dead links and outdated content from search results

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Schedule a Free Consultation

Receive a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case.