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We Give People Peace of Mind in Today’s Digital World

Minc Law provides a full range of legal services to empower individuals from all walks of life to fight back against malicious internet attacks and privacy violations, remove damaging and defamatory online content, file lawsuits to hold perpetrators liable for their actions, and control their online reputation and image.

Damaging online content, internet attacks and harassment, and privacy violations can have devastating effects on your life. Not only can they cause financial damage and ruin, but they can cause strained or severe relationships with family and friends, and even physical symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and stress.


Providing the Highest Level of Professionalism, Compassion & Service

Our practice is dedicated to combating online attacks and privacy violations in all forms. All Minc Law clients will receive the specialized and highly experienced representation of a team of legal professionals who stay up-to-date with the latest laws and trends, while providing the highest level of representation.

The experience we have gained from representing businesses in thousands of internet-related cases across the country and globe helps us to understand not only the legal nuances of each case, but also the financial, social, and personal nature of our clients’ distress. We know exactly which solutions are the most effective and appropriate for removing defamatory and damaging online content, stopping internet abuse and harassment, and protecting your business’s online reputation.

When faced with internet defamation, online harassment and abuse, and other internet issues, our primary goal is to make it stop as quickly as possible. We do this by removing and suppressing defamatory and damaging online content, filing both criminal and civil lawsuits, identifying anonymous perpetrators, and obtaining injunctive relief and compensation for damages and emotional distress (when applicable). Our experienced team of litigators has an extremely high success rate winning motions, appeals, and temporary, preliminary and permanent restraining orders. We have a proven success rate securing favorable verdicts in jury and bench trials.

We also work closely with our network of reputation management companies and public relations services to enable you to monitor and protect your online reputation against future attacks.

At Minc Law, we provide each client with both aggressive representation and respectful and compassionate counsel, and leave no stone unturned when it comes to fully serving the goals of representation.

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Every individual’s situation is unique and there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution, so it is critical to reach out as soon as possible to obtain specific legal advice about your matter.

Call us today at  (216) 373-7706, speak with a Chat representative, or fill out our contact form to schedule your free, initial no-obligation consultation.

Let’s take control of your online reputation and narrative together.

Aaron Minc is your Internet Defamation Lawyer.

Defamatory, negative, and unwanted webpages and content removed


Cases in 22 states and 3 countries litigated


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Client Testimonials

Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
This service was amazing. Melanie was excellent and answered all questions and was very quick with responses and letting me know when the case was done. They were able to remove comments on a negative site that I requested as well as remove a complete post from another site. I am very pleased with the service I received.
, Jan 30, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Thanks a lot for the help. Very professional team. Very punctual in their service. They were able to assist me in a very quick manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire their services.
, Jan 23, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Aaron is the best!!
, Mar 25, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
5 star all the way! Very professional and highly recommended. Dayra Lomba was there every minute of my issue and took care of my problem fast. Very grateful
, Apr 7, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Very thorough work and excellent communication. I would highly recommend this firm. Can't say enough about Darcy one of their paralegals who was tremendously helpful
, May 8, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Quick and efficient of handling my issue
, Aug 15, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I could not be happier with my decision to retain Aaron. I came to Aaron with a very sensitive issue that had plagued me for years. I wasn't sure that anything could be done about it, but after countless anxiety filled sleepless nights I decided I had to at least try. During our first consultation, it became clear to me that Aaron was the right lawyer for my case. He was very easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable, sharp, and immediately understood the sensitivities and complexities of my part...
, May 11, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Ali was sensitive to my situation while also being proactive, professional, and extremely timely. It was clear how invested she was in her work and in helping me and she was able to give me results that I didn't believe were possible. Ali made me feel comfortable and supported through a really uncomfortable and demoralizing time. She responded to emails after hours on Friday nights, and acted just as excited as I did when she had good news to share. Ali, along with the rest of her team at Min...
, Nov 22, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I had such an amazing experience, they are easy to communicate with, they stayed on top of my issue and resolved it very fast. Thank you!
, Nov 29, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Attorney Nadeen Hayden did a great job in dealing with an individual that was extorting/blackmailing me. From the initial onboarding and early actions taken, to handling a couple of curveballs encountered along the way, she addressed the matter with both timeliness and professionalism resulting in the individual ceasing the activity and not releasing any potentially embarrassing or damaging information.
, Nov 9, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Excellent work!!! Completely pleased!!
, Apr 8, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Melanie was a pleasure to work with. She was extremely patient and understanding in addressing my concerns. I was delighted to learn that defamatory information had been removed from a website in less than two days. I am also pleased to see that links to the information have been deleted from Google search. Thanks for your prompt and professional service.
, Apr 18, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I was extremely happy with the Minc law firm. They were courteous and efficient.I had a false claim that was online and they had it removed in less than one week.I appreciated their Professionalism and results.
, Feb 7, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Darcy is great! She was very helpful and positive through the entire experience, and made sure my issue was resolved efficiently. I'm so thankful Minc exists and will definitely refer you to anyone who needs it.
, Mar 26, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I am very happy with the work that Victoriya Sheyfer did..she is professional and fast. Very polite also when dealing with her. I would recommend getting in touch with her when you need a good law firm. Thank you so much.
, Nov 19, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Victoriya was excellent. She was very attentive, listened and was very kind. Her service was professional, and swift. She kept me informed every step of the way! Excellent customer service. I will definitely be referring family and friends to this business.
, Mar 24, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Hello. I just want to say thank you for your quick response in removing the derogatory information. It is true appreciated. Your customer service is amzing and felt non-judgmental.
, May 24, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Darcy was an absolute joy to work with! She produced results in a very timely manner having a couple dishonest websites and internet searches removed that were posted by a former, very disgruntled employee. She has restored a little peace in our home. Worth every cent! We can’t thank Darcy and Minc, LLC enough.
, Oct 19, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I have received great service from your firm regarding false information being circulated on a handful of websites. It was taken care of last fall very well. I worked with Darcy Bruxton mostly on this and she handled the situation very well, keeping me well informed throughout the process. Her and your firm were lifesavers thank you so much!
, Mar 19, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
I hired attorney Arko Alexandra (Ali) to reach out to a local newspaper that had published a damaging article and photo . Editorial policies of newspapers would not allow for removal or deindexing of published material . However, attorney Arko was able to accomplish the task . Her perseverance , her good communication style and understanding of the law are but some of her excellent traits that enabled a successful resolution of this case. Attorney Arko was accessible , explained all the availabl...
, Jul 15, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
If you are doubting this place for your situation DO NOT ANYMORE!!! Minc Law and especially Dayra their Paralegal has brought peace back in to our lives!!! We had an issue that we tried to resolve with other agencies who would only drive it down the in to the search, and Minc Law was able to completely remove it from any search possible in less than a week!!! Thank you Minc Law and an extra special THANK YOU to Dayra!!! You guys are the best!!!!!!!
, Sep 8, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Melanie was a great help and was so supportive during these difficult times. She was available to answer all of my questions in a prompt and timely fashion.
, Mar 16, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Aaron and his team were wonderful to work with and they got the results I desired, very quickly. I highly recommend Aaron!
, Apr 9, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Minc Law firm helped resolve my legal needs promptly for a reasonable fee! Darcy was my main point of contact and she is most definitely the reason I chose Minc. She was friendly, professional, and compassionate and made me feel at ease. Darcy always answered my emails and calls promptly and addressed my questions and concerns. Thanks so much Minc Law!
, Jun 3, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Extremely helpful and fast service. I highly recommend using Minc.
, Oct 26, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Dayra did a great job on the project.
, Aug 19, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Working with Ms. Hayden was a wonderful experience for me. She responded to my inquiries swiftly and thoroughly and helped me feel secure in my decision making with a potential client. I am so grateful for her counsel!
, Jul 16, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Aaron Minc has established himself as the world's foremost eraser of fake news. In the virtual world of the Internet, where truth can be impossible to discern from fiction, Minc is the leading go-to lawyer who effortlessly wipes away the fiction. Thank you, Aaron, for making the world a better place.
, Apr 8, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Atty Horsey and the staff at Minc were extremely professional, have great communications skills and obtained excellent results. I nothing but the highest praise for their services.
, Jul 25, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
This business is the most professional organization I have ever worked with. They were extremely quick to get my services completed and I never had a doubt that they would be unable to complete them. After dealing with multiple false statements posted about me online, I am finally able to relax. I have used Mr. Minc multiple times when additional false statements were located about me online and will never hesitate to refer anyone to them. Thank you, Minc LLC!
, Mar 7, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Quick, efficient and professional. We appreciate Ms. Horsey and her abilities. Thank you!
, Jul 14, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
After trying unsuccessfully for over a year to have a post removed from The Dirty, the staff at Minc LLC were able to have the post removed within a week. These guys are the real deal. I highly recommend contacting them.
, Apr 1, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Minc law, and specifically Melanie, was a huge help during a very frustrating situation. They responded to my inquiry and handled my issue very quickly. They were easy to work with and attended to my issue without any judgement. I am very grateful for the work of Minc Law.
, Nov 28, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Brinton Resto, i owe you full profesional appreciation for understanding the nuances, and specifics of my case! You were trully the best listener and the perfect filter for this case and my views on how it should be tackeld! Thank you, Darcy, for the effortless interraction and for constantly keeping me up to date! Thank you all for your constant efforts, energy and attention that you put in and congratulations to mr Minc for puting together a great and integrated team!
, Jan 25, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
When I started my defamation case with Aaron, I had no idea what was going on or how to fix it. Fast forward to today, and the defamation has been removed and the culprit has been identified. I feel like he is proficient at identifying applicable laws and managing the complex issues involved with defamation.
, Mar 21, 2017
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Victoriya was wonderful to work with. She handled everything in a very professional manner and treated me with care and respect. Will work with Minc again.
, Oct 18, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Dorrian has been so accommodating and effective within a short time span. Minc has done more in four months than other firms we've hired have completed in three years. I highly recommend Minc's servies.
, Aug 8, 2019
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Great service!
, Apr 17, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
It is with confidence and delight that we highly recommend Daniel Powell/Minc LLC for any defamation removal needs. Daniel’s relentless and determined work ethic brought the results that we actually thought could not be achieved and the results were quick and complete. It is without reservation that we acclaim Daniel as one of the best in the industry who will fight for your rights and bring resolution for you.
, Aug 14, 2018
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.
Kaelynn was professional, communicative, and delivered as promised. I would recommend Minc LLC.
, Sep 3, 2020
Minc LLC. Minc LLC.