After a failed relationship where one party is rejected by a former lover, the ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-husband, or ex-wife may lash out in a reactionary manner motivated by feelings of
betrayal and anger. In the past, these moments typically occurred in private or in the company of a close confidant who understood that the speaker was acting irrationally and did not actually mean what he or she said. In today’s world, this b
uffer between our private thoughts and making those thought public for all to hear has greatly receded. Now, from anywhere you have an internet connection and a computer or smart phone you can communicate thoughts, ideas, and accusations to an audience of thousands or potentially millions in seconds.


Problems with and Its Removal Policy

The rise of Internet platforms that not only encourage but also rely on user-generated and posted content, like, provides people with a platform to post information online. In the case of Reportmyex that information is typically accusations of unfaithfulness, cheating, abuse, theft and other questionable or illegal behavior. Reportmyex does not verify the content that is posted online meaning that an angry former lover can use the site to defame and harass his or her victim. Furthermore the site does not verify the identity of its posters. appears to operate exclusively as a user-generated content website getting 100% of its reports from users who freely publish them.

While the site itself may be able to claim protection from liability due to provisions contained within Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, the individual posters who write and make the reports cannot. That is, the posters who may submit false and defamatory reports to humiliate or embarrass their victim remain liable for their non-protected speech.

However, there are issues with the presentation of Reportmyex that seem to encourage users to exaggerate or to aim to embarrass their former partner or significant other. To start with, the website logo is emblazoned with the text:


This text encouraging posters to “get revenge” may cause posters to embellish or post things that are factually inaccurate. Furthermore, the direction to “get revenge” implies that the goal on this site is to do more than simply report the facts; the goal is embarrass or humiliate the other party for the pain and suffering he or she caused.

Also troubling is the site’s lack of a verifiable registration procedure. Users of the site who wish to submit a report may do so through a simple web form without ever signing up for an account. While users must provide a username and an email, the username can be anything the poster wishes and there are an array of disposable email services the individual could use to mask his or her true identity. This sense of anonymity coupled with a prominent tagline containing the words “get revenge” may make posters more likely to attack and defame another.Find out how to get removed from

Also at issue is the website’s removal policy. The site claims that it will not remove posts and encourages users to engage with their accuser or abuser.  In light of the site encouraging others to “get revenge” removal requests from people posted on the website are not taken seriously. In reality, such a request is confirmation that the abuse is having its intended effect and opens up the victim to additional harassment or defamation. In many cases, the discussion devolves to the point where both parties are hurling insults and baseless accusations at each other. If you are being abused online, arguing about it on the Internet is, typically, fruitless.

Make the Abuse Stop by Working with an Internet Defamation Lawyer

If you are being targeted for online attacks and defamation, the abuse and damage to your life does not have to continue indefinitely. As experienced Internet defamation lawyers we understand the damage baseless online insults can inflict on one’s social, family, and professional life. As such, the Internet Defamation Lawyers of Minc LLC guarantee the removal of the offending post from sites like or your money back. To schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation call (216) 373-7706 or schedule a meeting online.