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In this all-encompassing blog post, we’re going to walk you through what exactly ExposeCheaters.Online is, why it poses a serious threat to your personal and professional reputation, several important cheater shaming legal cases, and how to remove yourself and online libel from ExposeCheaters.Online!

  1. To remove yourself and libelous posts from ExposeCheaters.Online, all you need to do is reach out to the experienced online defamation removal lawyers of Minc Law! At Minc Law, we can guarantee removal of false and libelous content from ExposeCheaters.Online. What are you waiting for?
  2. Libel per se refers to specific types of defamatory statements made in written or published form, which are so inherently inflammatory and libelous that a defamation plaintiff need not prove damages. Libel per se may also be commonly referred to as ‘defamation per se,’ or ‘slander per se’ when the statement is of a spoken nature.
  3. While cheater reporting and infidelity shaming websites might have started off with an honest and transparent motive in mind, they’ve unfortunately morphed into some of the biggest platforms for online defamation and libel due to their lack of registration and content safeguards.


Defamation Law Fact: Defamation per se, also known as libel per se and slander per se, refers to certain types of statements which are so inherently defamatory and inflammatory, that a defamation plaintiff need not prove damages. Most states consider four types of statements as defamatory per se; (1) statements charging a person with having committed a crime, (2) statements imputing a person is unchaste, (3) statements imputing a loathsome disease (STD or leprosy) on a person, and (4) statements which adversely affect a person in his/her work, trade, or profession.

If you’ve been defamed or falsely posted about on ExposeCheaters.Online and want a guaranteed removal from this website, reach out to the online defamation removal attorneys of Minc Law now! At Minc Law, we can guarantee the removal of online defamation and libelous posts from certain websites, simply head on over to our Guaranteed Removals page to see which sites we are able to provide guaranteed removals for.

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In our tenure as nationally recognized and experienced Internet defamation attorneys, we’ve removed over 25,000 pieces of libelous and false content, litigated in over 22 states and 3 countries, and boast a nearly 100% online defamation takedown rate. Online libel and false posts ultimately stand to severely affect not only your personal reputation, but your professional one as well, so keep in mind that time is of the essence when confronting online defamation!

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The Facts: What is ExposeCheaters.Online?

The Facts What is ExposeCheaters.Online?

ExposeCheaters.Online is a popular website and online platform for persons to lodge anonymous allegations against post boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, spouses, and other persons who have been unfaithful. ExposeCheaters started making waves in late 2018, along with countless other cheating and infidelity shaming websites, which have become popular hotspots for online defamation and libel. While most user-generated content platforms don’t play host to malicious and false accusations being hurled daily, it’s unfortunately become the norm with cheater reporting and scam exposing websites over the past decade.

When landing on ExposeCheaters.Online, users are prompted to report “homewreckers, cheaters and scammers.” When filling out ExposeCheaters.Online’s ‘Report Cheater’ form, users need only come up with an appropriate title, input their name and email address, choose a location, and enter their thoughts/post. Additionally, they may upload a featured image along with additional images.

Note that the email requirement enforced by ExposeChaters.Online may be easily circumvented by posting a throwaway email. It’s merely an illusory safeguard.

The front page is littered with photographs of alleged cheaters, scammers, and other persons, with countless posts being published per day. For a website that only gained traction back in late-2018, it has taken off, and at date of writing (March 2019) boasts between 100-200 organic users per month (according to marketing and keyword analytics tool SEMRush). It also ranks highly for numerous individuals’ names.

Think about it, would you want false allegations of having committed adultery or other cheating offenses appearing on the first page of Google’s search results when someone types in your name?

U.S. Defamation Law Fact: Curious about your state’s respective defamation laws and the legal requirements and procedures for bringing a claim? Make sure to head on over to our interactive United States and libel laws defamation map to brush up on your state’s libel and slander laws. Doing so could ultimately be the difference between filing a successful claim (and in time), or being denied altogether!


How ExposeCheaters.Online Poses a Serious Threat to Your Reputation

How ExposeCheaters.Online Poses a Serious Threat to Your Reputation

ExposeCheaters.Online has a comprehensive FAQ, which walks through the defamation removal process and likelihood of having it removed. While ExposeCheaters does approach the removal process in a much more rational and less threatening way than other user-generated content platforms, still having personal information and malicious attacks posted online poses a serious threat to both your personal and professional reputation.

Let’s take a look at several fundamental reasons why ExposeCheaters.Online (and other cheater/homewrecker shaming websites) open the door for rampant online defamation and false attacks.

  • Anonymous Registration: Most cheater shaming websites, including ExposeCheaters.Online, have extremely lackluster registration processes. Some cheater shaming and infidelity exposing websites don’t even have a registration process at all. ExposeCheaters.Online’s registration process merely requires a user provide their email address and phone number. Both are very lax safeguards which can be easily circumvented with throwaway email addresses and phone numbers. The general rule of thumb is that the less chance there is of identifying an online poster or malicious troll, the more likely they are to post fabricated and false content/accusations.
  • Copyright Infringement: ExposeCheaters.Online (and a good portion of other cheater shaming websites) enable users to post photographs of the cheaters they are seeking to shame. What most don’t realize is that the malicious poster or online troll who is posting such photograph, likely does not have the official copyright to the picture – and, is in fact infringing upon the subject’s intellectual property rights. Generally, a copyright to a photograph will vest with the person who took it. And, as most malicious online trolls likely aren’t the person who snapped the photograph or obtained explicit permission to use the photo, there’s potential for a copyright infringement claim.
  • Lack of Content Vetting Procedures: As ExposeCheaters.Online and other user-generated content platforms are protected under a landmark piece of legislation, known as the Communications Decency Act, their obligations to properly screen and censor content is at a minimum. User-generated content platforms and infidelity shaming websites often take a hands off approach to the content posted – after all, it’s a user-generated content platform (meaning the users create the bulk of the content). Due to a thorough safeguard for screening content, it’s no surprise that online libel and false accusations slip through the cracks.
  • Nudity: While ExposeCheaters.Online explicitly prohibits nudity in their FAQ, when logging on to write the article, we were confronted with a topless picture of a female. ExposeCheaters.Online’s content and screening process is minimal, otherwise such picture should have never been posted. Such photographs are also likely in violation of the subject’s copyright, as we would hazard a guess that they weren’t legally obtained or permissioned.
  • Systemic Posting Schedule: While posts on ExposeCheaters.Online do not appear in real-time, this isn’t always a great thing. When posts appear in real-time, there’s generally a greater likelihood for them to be suppressed – should there be a large amount of content posted at the time. ExposeCheater.Online’s FAQ explicitly states, “We don’t want to blast out too much content (i.e., 500 new posts each hour) because this would cause new submissions to quickly bury and obscure old ones.” That’s right, such systemic posting schedule has potential to lead to a higher likelihood of having a defamatory post about you seen by its users.


When all of the above features (or lack thereof) manifest themselves in one central platform, it greatly opens the door for libelous attacks and false accusations online. Beware of websites which fail to implement at least several safeguards into their user registration and content screening processes.

Libel Removal Tip: If you’ve been the victim of online defamation and libel, make sure you document everything. We recommend screenshotting all offensive and libelous material, as it will help strengthen your removal claim. Furthermore, it may help refute any claims by the defendant that you tampered with the evidence. We also recommend having a family member or friend take accompanying screenshots to further solidify your claim.


Guaranteed Removal From ExposeCheaters.Online

Guaranteed Removal From ExposeCheaters.Online

At Minc Law, we can guarantee removal of libelous and false content from ExposeCheaters.Online, all you need to do is reach out to us and schedule a free, initial no-obligation defamation consultation. And, we conduct removals from ExposeCheaters.Online all for a flat, reasonable fee. We also provide guaranteed defamation removals for countless other websites and bulletin boards, which you can find over under our Guaranteed Removals page.

We know the ins and outs of online defamation law, and support a full arsenal of legal tactics to completely remove libelous, unwanted, and negative content from the Internet. Furthermore, we can help prevent the future publication of malicious online attacks and libel. In our tenure as experienced online defamation removal attorneys, we’ve pioneered the removal of content from nearly every type of website out there, including; cheater reporting websites, complaint forums and websites, discussion boards, popular news websites, blogs, social media accounts and platforms, and gossip forums.

Not only do we remove libelous and false content from the Internet, but we do it in a cost-effective manner. At Minc Law, we belief that no online defamation victim should be stuck incurring unreasonable and exorbitant legal expenses just to remove content. We’re here to make the process as seamless and smooth as possible for you.

Here’s just a few of the ways we can help take back your online reputation and narrative:

  • By removing unwanted and embarrassing photographs, videos, and other media from popular websites (including pornography and mugshot websites),
  • Eliminating posts and comments from infidelity shaming websites (including ExposeCheaters.Online),
  • Removing false and malicious accusations and information from blogs, message boards, comment sections, bulletin boards, and other popular online forums,
  • Cleansing gossip and smear websites of damaging accusations and posts,
  • Removing fake profiles on both social media and professional networking websites,
  • Removing illegal content from websites and search engines.


If you’ve been defamed on a popular website or online platform which is not listed under our guaranteed removals, don’t worry. We boast a nearly 100% online defamation removal and takedown rate, and have removed over 25,000 pieces of content/websites in our tenure as Internet defamation attorneys. Furthermore, we also support high success rates with procuring court ordered removals and search engine de-indexing.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to schedule your free, initial no-obligation defamation consultation by calling us at (216) 373-7706, or by scheduling a meeting online.

Every case is different, and online defamation law is ever changing, so we strongly recommend reaching out to an experienced legal professional before commencing with a libel takedown.

Online Defamation Law Fact: Online defamation will oftentimes affect persons outside of the state where it was published, leaving some to wonder whether they have any legal recourse. Most states have their own respective jurisdictional requirements for determining whether out-of-state defendants may be held liable in their courts. We recommend brushing up on your state’s jurisdictional requirements or reaching out to an experienced defamation removal attorney to explore your options.


Libel Per Se & How It Relates to Cheater Shaming Websites

Libel Per Se & How It Relates to Cheater Shaming Websites

Libel per se, also known as defamation per se, is a popular legal doctrine which classifies specific statements as so inherently inflammatory and defamatory, that a libel plaintiff need not prove they suffered any damage to their reputation. Most U.S. states recognize four types of statements which are considered libel per se, or defamatory per se.

In this section, we’re going to take a look at those four types of statements, and how two in particular generally apply to a good portion of online defamation claims arising from posts on cheater and homewrecker exposing websites.


Statement 1: Statements Accusing a Person of a Crime

Statements which charge a person with having committed a serious crime or crime of moral turpitude are generally considered libelous per se in the United States.

For example, should one party falsely accuse another of having committed assault, battery, or kidnapping, this could give rise to the legal doctrine of libel per se. As the statements impute such a serious crime on a person, plaintiffs need not prove their reputation was damage or emotional distress was suffered.

And, if you’re confused at what a “crime of moral turpitude” is, it’s simply a fancy name for an action or crime that so gravely violates an accepted societal standard.

Ohio takes things one step further and includes statements charging a person with “infamous punishment” as defamatory per se, which relates to a felony, rather than just a misdemeanor.


Statement 2: Statements Adversely Affecting a Person’s Profession

Statements which adversely affect a person’s fitness to engage in their profession, trade, or business are also staples of the legal principle of defamation per se.

For example, in a popular Alaskan case which made its way to the Supreme court, one doctor brought a defamation claim against another doctor for a distributed letter accusing the doctor of being untruthful. However; the court ultimately held that the statement/letter did not constitute libel per se, as it didn’t expressly affect the doctor in his profession.

Now, let’s turn to the last two types of statements which commonly relate to libelous and false posts made on cheater and homewrecker exposing websites.


Statement 3 & 4: Statements Imputing Sexual Misconduct & Loathsome Disease

On cheater reporting and infidelity shaming websites, it’s quite common for two types of statements to appear – statements imputing sexual misconduct on a person, or imputing a sexual transmitted disease (also known as a loathsome disease).

Cheating accusations and allegations are often heated, and give rise to the exposure of intimate details (even if false). After all, the nature of these forums and websites is to expose unfaithful persons. As such, we commonly see these two types of accusations being hurled at innocent persons on cheater reporting websites.

Specifically, statements imputing a loathsome disease on a person has been held to include sexually transmitted diseases, leprosy, and some mental illnesses on a person. It also generally encompasses diseases which are contagious and may be passed on.

After reading this, you might be wondering if HIV is classified as a loathsome or contagious disease in the United States. Unfortunately, several past legal rulings have acknowledged statements charging a person with having HIV as defamation and libel per se, as “our society is not so advanced” to not possess certain prejudice towards those who have contracted it.

One New York Court stated, “[n]ot just sexually transmitted diseases fall under the loathsome disease category, but any disease that arouses some intense disgust in society, in part because it is viewed as incurable or chronic.” They further continued, “[i]t would be hoped that an indication that someone … has been diagnosed as HIV positive would not be viewed as indicative of some failure of moral fiber, or of some communicable danger…” This however could be soon to change with the taboo nature surrounding HIV lessening.

U.S. Defamation Law Tip: When confronting online defamation, it’s important to understand that you’ll need to bring your claim within the requisite statute of limitations. For example, most states impose different statute of limitations depending on the nature of the claim, meaning slander claims usually have a shorter statute of limitations, while libel claims have a longer time-frame. Should you fail to initiate your claim within the requisite time, you may be barred altogether from bringing it!



Work With Experienced Internet Defamation Removal Attorneys Now!

Have you been the victim of online defamation and malicious accusations on or another similar cheater exposing/reporting website? Reach out to the Cleveland-based online defamation removal lawyers of Minc Law today! At Minc Law, we can guarantee your removal from ExposeCheaters.Online, along with a list of other cheater, scam, and predator reporting websites. You can find the complete list of all websites we offer guaranteed removals for by heading on over to our Guaranteed Removals page.

Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee removals for websites not listed on our ‘Services’ page.

At Minc Law, we know who to work with and how to work with them in order to secure seamless and quick online defamation removals. In our tenure, we’ve worked extensively with countless website administrators, third-party arbitration firms, and online content managers to secure cost-effective and permanent takedowns. And, we have proven results.

Here’s what you can expect when working with the Ohio-based Internet defamation removal attorneys of Minc Law:

  • Open Dialogue & Communication: We know how frustrating it can be to work with an attorney who goes missing once the libel takedown and removal process has begun. Not Minc Law. We’re here to keep you in the loop and always informed about the latest updates and details concerning your case.
  • Respect & Courtesy: At Minc Law, we know just how stressful and invasive online defamation can be, so know that we treat all of our clients with the utmost respect and courtesy. After all, your goals are our goals, so know that we’re always on your side and actively striving to secure your online reputation.
  • Proven Results: As we noted above, we’ve secured the seamless removal of over 25,000 pieces of defamatory content, litigated in over 3 countries and 22 states, and support a nearly 100% online libel takedown rate. Know that when you’re working with the defamation lawyers of Minc Law, you’re in good hands. Websites and businesses respond to us.


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