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Judge: “Congress, by enacting… it’s a strange named statute of the a… ah…whatsit, Computer Decency Act?”

Attorney:  “Communications Decency Act.”

Judge:  “yea… to allow indecent communications under the decency act..” 

–  Judge Richard Allen Griffin, United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and Chris Roach, lawyer for Sarah Jones, former Bengals cheerleader and high school teacher who won a $338,000 judgment after being defamed on website ““, speaking about the intentions of Congress’s inaptly named law at oral argument during the case’s long awaited appeal. 

(After suing for posts that claimed she slept with the entire Cincinnati Bengals Football team and had STDs, Jones was later convicted on sexual misconduct charges for sleeping with an underage student. She now plans to marry him)


Sarah Jones v. Nik Riche: Oral Argument Before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals


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