“Remove My Name and Information from DeadbeatDirectory.com, Now!” 


DeadbeatDirectory.com is a website whose malicious posters can pose a serious threat to the reputation and livelihood of those whom they attack. DeadbeatDirectory.com’s goal is to expose “deadbeat” parents who fail to pay child support payments. To do this,DeadbeatDirectory.com relies on user reports.Unfortunately, rather than report facts, these user reports sometimes serve to spread false and defamatory information. To make matters worse, posters earn points every time they post; and every time they post a report, their star-rating increases.

Deadbeat Directory

Despite the fact that the site serves as a helpful resource to educate parents how to electronically file child support payments,DeadbeatDirectory.com arguably promotes a climate that encourages posters to destroy the good name of others. If this person is you, the next employer, friend, or loved one who Googles your name will have this information at his or her disposal to read, re-post, tweet, or otherwise share with whomever they please.Don’t let someone’s personal vendetta destroy your personal and professional life!

If DeadbeatDirectory.com contains content that you would like removed immediately, call or email The Reputation Lawyers™ today.  Our team leaves no stone unturned when we take your case. We use all available tactics to remove information from the Internet, including confronting malicious posters and working with or negotiating removals from website administrators and content managers. If necessary, we will seek court-ordered removal. We work with Google and other search engines to remove any links to negative content.

Call the DRL today! We will get your content removed from DeadbeatDirectory.com.

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