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Brinton is personally invested in his clients’ success and thinks about how he can help his clients remove damaging content from the Internet from the moment he wakes up in the morning. He is a passionate advocate for individuals and businesses that are harmed as a result of someone intentionally abusing the Internet to cause them significant harm. He combines specialized technical knowledge of the Internet, digital investigative techniques and cutting-edge litigation skills to provide cost-effective solutions custom tailored to each client’s specific needs. Brinton works tirelessly to obtain successful results both in and out of the courtroom so that his clients can move on with their lives and forward with their businesses as quickly as possible.

Brinton’s business clients include both large and small organizations, as well as corporate officers, managers and executives who are defamed by customers, competitors or disgruntled former employees. His individual clients range from doctors, educators and social workers to coaches, plastic surgeons, and adult-film stars who need help removing disparaging customer reviews, news articles, copyrighted pornographic material and other embarrassing, private and negative information. In moments of crisis, he vindicates his clients by restoring their businesses, careers, lives and reputations.

Brinton regularly wins judgments and court orders for his clients to completely remove defamatory and other harmful content from thousands of websites and from search engine results, and he has successfully represented clients in cases that have resulted in six-figure settlements. His experience includes conducting depositions, drafting motions, appearing and arguing cases in court, including on appeal, and winning court ordered injunctions, judgments, and other rulings. Brinton also has subpoenaed websites, Internet service providers and multiple other entities to obtain the information needed to identify individuals and organizations responsible for anonymous defamation and other cyberattacks both in the United States and around the world.

When he is not at work, Brinton enjoys exploring the world of wine, seeking out new restaurants, cooking, jogging and playing guitar.

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Brinton’s Client Testimonials

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Representative Matters

  • Identified person who was leaving dozens of fake, negative Google reviews every week about a business by subpoenaing Google and an Internet service provider for the digital footprint of the reviewer. Identified the poster as the client’s competitor and immediately forced him to stop posting fake reviews and enter settlement discussions.
  • Obtained temporary restraining order to immediately take down website that was being used to extort client to get him to give up his property and legal rights by falsely accusing him of beating a woman through use of a fake photo posted on website that was copied from another website.
  • Overcame pseudonymous reviewer’s attempt to remain anonymous by defeating reviewer’s motion to quash allegedly premised on reviewer’s doctor-patient privilege and claim that review reflected genuine experience. Identified the poster of fake reviews as a former-patient that was leaving several fake reviews of doctor, posing as several people of the opposite sex and describing treatments/outcomes that never occurred to lower doctor’s review ratings.
  • Protected dozens of clients from falling prey to sextortion attempts.
  • Removed news articles for dozens of clients with expunged criminal records
  • Compelled woman who fabricated allegation of sexual misconduct about client on shaming website to remove defamatory post by contacting poster, website and providing text messages that proved the poster was merely upset at being ‘ghosted’ by client in dating context and made up false allegation of sexual misconduct to harm client after being rejected romantically.
  • Sued former-patient that left Yelp review of doctor-client that falsely accused doctor-client of malpractice by disfiguring patient and causing nerve damage to former patient. Review removed.
  • Removed dozens of client’s leaked private photographs from pornographic website.
  • Compelled former patients of plastic surgeon to remove defamatory Google reviews left by friends of former patient to manipulate doctor’s ratings after reviews attempts to extort and obtain refund by threatening to leave bad reviews did not force doctor to issue refund.
  • Removed several extremely disparaging and false Glassdoor reviews for clients without a court order.
  • De-indexed article from a national publication about autistic client accused of sexual-assault and found not guilty so that it would not show up in client’s search results.
  • Removed salacious dating profile from over a decade ago containing client’s photograph in its entirety after client’s attempts to have website remove it left traces of profile on website that were showing up in search results.
  • Negotiated with a disgruntled former employee to prevent the posting of a damaging Glassdoor review of the client and his business.
  • Removed sexually explicit blog and fake Facebook page posted from a Romanian IP address about a Romanian legal professional by subpoenaing U.S. website and obtaining judgment against author.
  • Negotiated with a client’s estranged and vengeful husband for the removal of a website he authored to portray his ex-wife’s new partner as an unscrupulous cheater and seducer for the sole purpose of harming his reputation.
  • Removed leaked court documents containing client’s protected health information that were filed under sealed but picked up by court docket websites and publicized for years after clerk of court mistakenly made filing available to public.
  • Obtained court orders directing several anonymous Internet posters to remove defamatory content referring to a client’s humane, professional kennel as a “puppy mill.”
  • Persuaded a blogger to voluntarily remove a blog post about a former teacher that called attention to the teacher’s old criminal charges that had been sealed for more than 15 years.
  • Negotiated removal of several bad reviews posted by customers who left reviews premised on misconceptions about medication, prices.
  • Convinced several news organizations to remove an online article about a sports coach who had his criminal arrest record expunged by emphasizing journalism ethics and convincing the outlets to weigh public interest and news value of an old story about his arrest against the long term harm caused by continued publication of an outdated article.
  • Removed non-consensual sharing of client’s intimate photographs.
  • Unmasked anonymous author and obtained six-figure judgment in favor of medical professional and against ex-employee for the publication of fake consumer reviews on Google, Yelp and duplicate employer reviews on Indeed.
  • Unmasked anonymous author of fake Google reviews posted by former employee of medical-professional and removed reviews.
  • Identified client’s own regional manager as author of fake reviews posted for client’s other locations in attempt to boost his comparative performance and detract from others’ performance within company.
  • Removed false reviews accusing medical professional of malpractice.
  • Removed viral defamatory posts from major social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.
  • Removed client posted in unsubstantiated #metoo post on unofficial university Twitter account

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